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The Importance of 432Hz Music Article By: Brian T Collins Can the current international concert pitch of music somehow be improved to create a more resonant and pleasant positive experience for both the musician and the listener? Can that change be more resonant based on observations of geometry and mathematical patterns found in nature? To answer these important questions we first must look at natural design and how we can apply that to music. Our inner ear for example works on the basis of Phi dampening. “An interesting consideration is the phenomenon of the octave. The natural Phi spiral shape of the cochlea can be found planet wide in a majority natural organic based life. According to the Scottish composer Stuart Mitchell DNA is a cosmic musical score operating triplets of rhythm at over 3000 beats per minute. Many ancient sites reflect the number 432 in their alignment to stars and planets and the earths path through space.

What Is Gehenna? Another Greek word that is translated hell is "Gehenna." This word is used twelve times in the New Testament with Jesus employing it eleven times. Gehenna is derived from the Hebrew ge hinnom or the "valley of Hinnom." Hinnom was probably the name of a person in ancient Israel. The whole valley where dead bodies and ashes are thrown, and all the terraces out to the Kidron Valley on the east as far as the corner of the Horse Gate, will be holy to the LORD. Place Of Child Sacrifices In Old Testament times this had been the scene of the practice of child-sacrifice under some of the godless kings of Israel. And they have built the high places of Tophet, which is the Valley of the Son of Hinnom, to burn their sons and their daughters in the fire, which I did not command, nor did it come into My heart (Jeremiah 7:31). To Molech The children were sacrificed to the false god Molech. Ahaz Speaking of the evil king Ahaz, the Bible says. Place Of Burning Refuse Outside The City

Vera Stanley Alder Vera Dorothea Stanley Alder (29 October 1898 - 26 May 1984) was a portrait painter and mystic. She wrote several books and pamphlets on self-help and spirituality. She founded the World Guardian Fellowship. Background and family life[edit] Vera Dorothea Stanley Alder was born 29 October 1898 at Eglingham, near Alnwick, Northumberland.[1] Her father David Julius Adler (born 3 April 1871) was Danish and her mother Sylvia Marie Stanley (born 12 December 1880) was English. Her first sister Karen, who later became a leading actress was born on 11 August 1901.[2] Her second sister Sonya Patricia who married Sir James Marjoribanks was born on 20 May 1910.[3] Vera was a fourth cousin of Niels Bohr, the Nobel Prize winner and atomic physicist. Vera first married Roland Hunt, a naval architect, on 12 June 1943[4] with whom she shared a common enthusiasm for esoteric subjects. Career and works[edit] Works[edit] References[edit]

Cryptoscatology Nassim Haramein - Tree of Life restoredtofreedom So many people around the world have no clue what a spirit of Leviathan is. I used to be one of them until February of 2015. Did you know that there are 15 verses in the Bible that talk about Leviathan and how fierce he is? When the Lord made me aware of the spirit of Leviathan He told me to read Job 41. How many of you have ever read Job 41? I will reprint Job 41 below so that you will not have to look it up on your own as I believe it is so important for people to understand this spirit as it is causing havoc in the majority of the lives of people around the world and they have no clue. Job Chapter 41 is printed below: 41 “Can you draw out Leviathan with a hook,Or snare his tongue with a line which you lower? 12 “I will not conceal his limbs,His mighty power, or his graceful proportions.13 Who can remove his outer coat? So how does Leviathan have a right to torment someone? So what is the solution? When you command the spirit of Leviathan to go you will usually feel it leave.

Walter Russell Walter Bowman Russell (May 19, 1871 – May 19, 1963) was an American polymath known[1] for his achievements as a painter, sculptor, author and builder and less well known as a natural philosopher and for his unified theory in physics and cosmogony.[2][3] He posited that the universe was founded on a unifying principle of rhythmic balanced interchange. This physical theory, laid out primarily in his books The Secret of Light (1947) and The Message of the Divine Iliad (1948–49), has not been accepted by mainstream scientists.[4] Russell asserted that this was mainly due to a difference in the assumptions made about the existence of mind and matter; Russell assumes the existence of mind as cause while he believes that scientists in general assume the existence of mind as effect.[5] Russell was also proficient in philosophy, music, ice skating, and was a professor at the institution he founded, the University of Science and Philosophy (USP). Biography[edit] Legacy[edit] Nuclear reactors[edit]

A Huge Anthology of Noise & Electronic Music (1920-2007) Featuring John Cage, Sun Ra, Captain Beefheart & More Image by Emily, via Wikimedia Commons If you've taken any introductory course or even read any introductory books on music, you'll almost certainly have heard it described as "organized sound." Fair enough, but then what do you call disorganized sound? Why, noise of course. And all this makes perfect sense until your first encounter with the seemingly paradoxical but robust and ever-expanding tradition of noise music. "Modern 'noise music' finds its roots in early electronic and industrial musics," says Static Signals, which used to review a lot of the stuff. The development of electronic musical instruments — and indeed, any kind of sound-manipulating electronic device — came as a great boon to this exploration of the borderlands between organized and disorganized sound. To the noise music-uninitiated — and probably even to a few of the initiated — some of the tracks here will sound like music, and some certainly won't. via Ubuweb Related Content: Mr.

Vector Equilibrium & Isotropic Vector Matrix | Cosmometry As has been stated throughout this website, the Vector Equilibrium (VE) is the most primary geometric energy array in the cosmos. According to Bucky Fuller, the VE is more appropriately referred to as a “system” than as a structure, due to it having square faces that are inherently unstable and therefore non-structural. Given its primary role in the vector-based forms of the cosmos, though, we include it in this section. The Vector Equilibrium, as its name describes, is the only geometric form wherein all of the vectors are of equal length. Special thanks to the Estate of R. Structure of the Unified Field — The VE and Isotropic Vector Matrix The most fundamental aspect of the VE to understand is that, being a geometry of absolute equilibrium wherein all fluctuation (and therefore differential) ceases, it is conceptually the geometry of what we call the zero-point or Unified Field — also called the "vacuum" of space. Other Primary Attributes of the Vector Equilibrium 12 Spheres Around 1