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Actu data & Journalisme de Données

Actu data & Journalisme de Données

A Week on Foursquare Friday, 12 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 1 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 2 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 3 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 4 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 5 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 6 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 7 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 8 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 9 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 10 p.m.1/21/2011 Friday, 11 p.m.1/21/2011 Saturday, 12 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 1 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 2 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 3 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 4 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 5 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 6 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 7 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 8 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 9 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 10 a.m.1/22/2011 Saturday, 11 a.m.1/22/2011 Blog Content alone does not make a great video; you need a great video design that make a visual statement combining design and data visualization to deliver a story. Designers often get a little excited and put too much fancy design to fill in the space. The best content marketing brands are the ones that know how use content to drive conversions and pushing the boundaries. Keep in mind, quality = attention span. “Bosch Envision 360 VR” – Bosch Auto Parts The new Bosch Envision windshield wiper blade sharpens night visibility and offers extreme weather safety. “Morton Salt Girl’s 100th Birthday” – Morton Salt For 100 years, we’ve celebrated life’s moments with the Morton Salt Girl — from birthdays to holidays to the everyday. “Autodesk Forge” – Autodesk Autodesk came to Visually to help translate the features of their new Forge platform into vignettes with fantasy machinery... keep reading

FlowingData | Data Visualization, Infographics, and Statistics OECD Better Life Initiative Average personal index for Germany, men, 15–24 How’s life? There is more to life than the cold numbers of GDP and economic statistics – This Index allows you to compare well-being across countries, based on 11 topics the OECD has identified as essential, in the areas of material living conditions and quality of life. Download executive summary Download the index data Learn more about the index Better Life BlogArchive Happiness pays For World Happiness Day our guest author suggests that money can't buy you happiness but happiness may get you more money. more ... Gender equality in the workplace Over the past twenty years, women have made huge gains in the workplace but full job equality is still far from reality. more ... Education for well-being: Online discussion We know education is an essential component of well-being, so what makes an education that promotes well-being? more ... Visit our blog Blog RSS feed Find Out MoreArchive Mar 19, 2014 Society at a Glance 2014: OECD Social Indicators

Data Pointed Behind the Scenes at the Guardian Datablog Behind the Scenes at the Guardian Datablog Figure 17. The Guardian Datablog production process visualized (The Guardian) When we launched the Datablog, we had no idea who would be interested in raw data, statistics and visualizations. As someone pretty senior in my office said: “why would anyone want that?”. The Guardian Datablog — which I edit — was to be a small blog offering the full datasets behind our news stories. As a news editor and journalist working with graphics, it was a logical extension of work I was already doing, accumulating new datasets and wrangling with them to try to make sense of the news stories of the day. The question I was asked has been answered for us. We’ve had the MPs expenses scandal — Britain’s most unexpected piece of data journalism — the resulting fallout has meant Westminster is now committed to releasing huge amounts of data every year. Gradually, the Datablog’s work has reflected and added to the stories we faced. It may seem new, but really it’s not.

Periodic Table of Storytelling by *ComputerSherpa on deviantART domas mituzas [Carte] Les collaborations scientifiques dans le monde Pour savoir comment se font les collaborations entre scientifiques à travers le monde, Olivier H. Beauchesne a réalisé une carte à partir de données bibliographiques accessibles à tous. Il nous explique comment. Article publié sur OWNISciences sous le titre, Carte des collaborations scientifiques à travers le monde J’ai été très impressionné par la “friendship map” réalisée par Paul Butler, stagiaire chez Facebook, et j’ai réalisé que j’avais accès à un jeu de données similaire. Mon employeur, Science-Metrix, est une entreprise d’évaluation biblométrique. Grâce à ces données, j’ai pu extraire et agréger les différentes collaborations scientifiques entre villes à travers le monde. Les étapes suivantes sont les mêmes que celles de la “friendship map” de Facebook. Une carte très haute résolution et zoomable est disponible à cette adresse : Article initialement publié sur “Stuff I Made“. Traduction par Pierre Ropert. Merci à Olivier Laffargue

UrbanMovements | Flows, Behaviour and Networks in the City La veille comme art de vivre du futur Ce qui est aujourd'hui un comportement d'ultra-connectés sera demain la norme si l'on souhaite avoir une vie sociale normale. Voici un article qui a été publié dans l’excellent ebook : Regards croisés sur la veille (sur le blog du modérateur), qui fait intervenir plein de spécialistes pros du digital (et moi-même). Un article prospectif qui m’a donné l’occasion de poser toutes les idées concernant l’évolution de la veille digitale. Vous excuserez la longueur, cet article est fait pour être lu sur papier ou tablette.« Touff de la tribu des Görzg grimpa sur une colline. Trois jours que sa tribu et lui n’avaient rien mangé. Tous les matins, les chasseurs partaient explorer la région avec de grands cris mais revenaient bredouilles chaque soir sous les lamentations des femmes et les pleurs des enfants. Information = survie Et cette leçon primordiale a accompagné l’être humain pendant des millénaires. L’homme veille sans le savoir, une question d’adaptation Veiller quoi ? Image CC Flickr

Ville Vivante The Joy of Stats About the video Hans Rosling says there’s nothing boring about stats, and then goes on to prove it. A one-hour long documentary produced by Wingspan Productions and broadcast by BBC, 2010. A DVD is available to order from Wingspan Productions. The change from large to small families reflects dramatic changes in peoples lives. Hans Rosling asks: Has the UN gone mad? Hans Rosling explains a very common misunderstanding about the world: That saving the poor children leads to overpopulation.