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2015/06 - Arrêtez votre réunion et jouez aux Lego (pour booster votre créativité)

2015/06 - Arrêtez votre réunion et jouez aux Lego (pour booster votre créativité)

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Site officiel de LEGO® sur le Lego® Serious Play® Build your way to better business – a powerful tool designed to enhance innovation and business performance Tap into the hidden expertise of your organization Transform insight and awareness into commitment and shared goals Agile LEGO – Toyota Kata an alternative to Retrospectives My name is Håkan Forss and I’m a Lean/Agile Coach at Avega Group in Stockholm. In this short story I want to introduce Toyota Kata as an alternative or as a complement to agile retrospectives. But let me first introduce you to the team. This is a tightly knit, cross-functional and very experienced team. They have been working with agile for a few years, mostly using Scrum.

Customer Journey Mapping Software Tool Comparison With the rise and rise of interest in Customer Journey Mapping there has been a commensurate rise in software applications to document, manage and print the resulting maps. In this post I review a wide range of software based customer journey mapping tools that can be used to document the maps you create and make a suggestion on which to select for your needs. Note: If you notice any software that should be on this list but is not, please leave a comment to let me know and I’ll add it. I am not going to review the many marketing automation systems that provide a way to view the sales journey. This post is focused on User Experience (UX) and Customer Experience (CX) journey mapping tools. 50 Stunning & Inspirational Stop Motion Videos Sometimes we get wrapped up in our specific profession and lose the ability to find creative sparks in other areas of our lives. So, in the hunt for inspiration elsewhere than web design, I went searching on Vimeo and found 50 awesome stop motion videos that are sure to give you creative energy. I mean, watch some of these below and tell me you’re not inspired!

Usability Testing Of Mobile Applications: A Step-By-Step Guide The mobile market is huge and growing at a very fast rate. With an estimated 4.5 billion subscribers worldwide, it is forecasted that the number of mobile phones will surpass the world population. Before Begin … A Couple of Words About This Guide As the title of this article says, this is a step-by-step guide. The reason why I went for such a structure is to provide completeness. 2016/03 - Build to Lead - How Lego Bricks can make you a better Leader - FREE EBOOK How can the power of play inspire your teams and help you achieve creative and powerful business solutions in a rapidly changing world? In this report, you’ll explore Lego Serious Play, a proven tool for boosting both individual and team productivity. It may sound frivolous, but playing with Lego bricks is an incredibly fun, creative, and valuable way to develop a collective plan of action—whether it’s for problem solving, strategy development, ideation, relationship building, or goal-setting. Through several examples, authors Donna Denio and Dieter Reuther explain how Lego Serious Play can expand your leadership ability and deliver predictable and consistently productive results.

Artist Urges Urban Planning, With Legos It isn’t easy to build a skyscraper. Or, for that matter, to tear one down. But Olafur Eliasson thinks city dwellers and visitors should have a chance to do just that. Creating Personas Workshop Tool Personas are fictitious characters created to embody specific key characteristics of target user groups. Personas allows you to package user research data into sample users that can, in turn, be used to develop use cases for your learning space and to design services. Personas offer many benefits for those undertaking design projects, including: Making assumptions and knowledge about users explicit and thereby giving the team a common language with which to talk meaningfully about usersAllowing the project team to focus on and design for a small set of specific users who are different than the team membersBuilding empathy towards users in a way that reports of qualitative and quantitative data cannot accomplish (Adlin, T., & Pruitt, J. (2010).

Create stop-motion animation Those who’ve spent much time watching jittering Lego blocks on YouTube, Wallace and Gromit shorts on an iPod, or recent Tim Burton animated films in the theater know that stop-motion movie-making is a going concern. For those unfamiliar with the term, stop-motion animation is the painstaking process of capturing still images of a scene, moving objects within the scene ever so slightly after each still image capture, and stringing together the resulting images as video frames so that when played back they mimic movement. Unlike in the golden claymation days of Gumby and Pokey, creating stop-motion videos is well within the grasp and budget of the typical Mac user. Creative UI Design Examples for Great UX UX (User Experience) is all those elements and factors related to the user's interaction with a particular environment or device which generate a positive or negative perception of the product, brand or device. UX is subjective and focused on use. The standard definition of UX is "a person's perceptions and responses that result from the use or anticipated use of a product, system or service". These factors are related to design and usability, but also to the emotions and feelings generated in the user, accessibility, brand trust... In the case of the web, the user's experience with the device is not a matter of concern to web designers: big hardware companies do the job of building our machines and computers. However, web designers have much to say about the user experience that the interfaces and websites that we develop generate: it is a key element of our work!

article - What is Lego® Serious Play® ? LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® fosters creative thinking. Teams build metaphors while they play with LEGO® bricks. Watch the video introduction to LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® below. Anyone can just grab some LEGO® bricks and play with them! However, to ensure results of the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® session and to make sure that it provides tangible outputs – the only ones who provide you with consistent and warrantied SERIOUS PLAY sessions are experienced individuals – trained SERIOUS PLAY facilitators.