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Free Crochet Basketweave Bracelet Pattern

Free Crochet Basketweave Bracelet Pattern
Click on any photo to see it larger. Buttons sewn onto the first 8 rows of single crochets. Triple Crochets at the other end of the bracelet. Crochet Basketweave Bracelet My Basketweave Bracelet could also be named The Bracelet That Languished on My Coffee Table For a Month Begging to Be Finished. But that name is way too long! Basketweave Bracelet Pattern created by Gayle Size: Approximately 1-1/2 inches wide, make it as long as you need it. Materials: Size 10 crochet thread. Gauge: Not important Abbreviations: ch = chain, sc = single crochet, sl st = slip stitch, st = stitch, dc = double crochet, fpdc = front post double crochet, bpdc = back post double crochet, tr = triple crochet Notes: I find it helpful to use my stitch markers to mark the top of my turning chains as I make them and move the marker up as I go. Pattern: To begin: This portion of the bracelet is where you will eventually sew on the buttons. Now, you are moving on to the basketweave portion of the bracelet.

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hoodless Grim Reaper in Creepy Cute Crochet: Finished Projects crafty & devious says: Don't worry, you are not alone here! I've made this one myself, and it took me a while to *get* it. Yours looks about right, except that it's a tube.

Shabby Chic Rose Granny Free Pattern Shabby Chic Rose Granny By AnnooCrochet Designs Throughout history no flower has been so loved, or renowned as the rose. Rose is older than the human hands that first cared for it, drew pictures of it, and celebrated rose in music and lore. Forty million years ago, a rose left its imprint on a slate deposit at the Florissant Fossil Beds in Colorado, and fossils of roses from Oregon and Montana date back 35 million years, long before humans existed. Fossils have also been found in Germany and in Yugoslavia.

Socks That Fit Tutorial - Crochet I learnt to crochet socks a couple of months ago - here are a few of my finished ones. I use a toe up pattern with a short row heel, so there are no seams to sew and just two ends to weave in at the end. They work up fast and are very portable - I don't need stitch markers or a tape measure (just try them on as I go) so just need yarn and hook! I make them in half treble crochet (UK terminology) so that they are nice and stretchy. I actually prefer them to my knit socks. Tutorial - How to make crochet socks that fit!

Mr. Micawber's Recipe for Happiness: Bead Crochet 101: Beachy Little Bracelet #3 Ready to do a little more quick and easy bead crochet? Here's the third Beachy Little Bracelet. We've already made Sea Glass and Shells. This one is called Waves. It's the middle one in the picture below: do you mind if i knit: Sewing up knitting or crochet with an invisible stitch. Hello! Would you like to know how I join all the seams of my knitting and crochet? You would?!

Amigurumi and the Perils of Deep Sea Diving Follow along as our intrepid deep sea diver discovers the dangers lurking in the deep. All items were made and designed by me using my Clover Soft Touch US Size E (3.5 mm) hook, and stuffed using polyester fiberfill. Some of the crochet patterns which I used here are available online, and I have included links where applicable. Some patterns have not yet been released. :) Also, because I am exceedingly lazy, the speech bubbles were made using a tool available here:

Spring Flower Granny Free Pattern Spring Flower Granny Free Pattern By AnnooCrochet Designs The Nemo Blizzard has left his mark, beautiful snow is glistening outside my window, but all the cold and white powdery snow has left me craving for some spring hope and renewal and has given me the desire to create a spring feeling in my snowy home.So what is better then creating a Spring baby blanket for a precious new little miracle? You will need: Hook 3.25mmTapestry NeedleYarn: Berroco Comfort Dk inWhite, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow and Powder Blue Over 100 Free Crocheted Slippers Patterns: The best FREE patterns so WONDERFUL people like YOU can create and SHARE! Please let us know about any broken links that you find. THANKS

Crochet Beaded Bracelet I've found another use for my crochet cotton thread - a beaded bracelet. It's great for summer, when you might be getting sweaty, dirty, or jumping in the pool (sea, lake, whatever), because it's washable - so you don't even have to take it off. This pattern could easily be changed to be an anklet or choker. It's a simple single crochet, so you can add stitches to make it wider and rows to make it longer.

Crochet Stockinette The Animator's Wife complains every year that Christmas comes before we even have a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving. Well this year I'm complaining that winter has arrived before I had a chance to enjoy November. I was looking forward to snoozing in my spot by the window, watching the leaves change colors and the squirrels pack away their nuts for the winter. But it seems as soon as Hurricane Sandy hit, autumn was gone and winter is here! And I'm not ready give up my warm spots in the sun yet.

The Summoning Spooky Cultist Pattern This is a variation using the Basic Body and Basic Head from Creepy Cute Crochet Make 1 Basic Body using Charcoal yarn. Make 1 Basic Head using Almond yarn. rose hip : ...the crochet pattern for the flower squares is finally written out for you to try out...To those of you who have been waiting for it -- thanks for your patience! So, here goes: With the color of yarn you wish to use for the center of the flower, ch 4 and join with a sl st into the first ch to form a ring. Continue working in the round as follows: Round 1: Ch 4 (counts as 1 dc, ch 1) , * 1 dc into ring, ch 1 **; repeat from * to ** 6 times. Join with a sl st into 3rd ch of the ch-4 made at the beginning of this round.

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