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Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

Homemade Cadbury Creme Eggs

Smoothies for Breakfast Before we all load up on Super Bowl food, let’s take a break and have…a smoothie. My mom has years of experience as an oncology social worker, and is a big believer in mind-body medicine. She’s also—wait for it—a very healthy eater, and she never walks through my house on the first day of her visit without carrying a bag of cruciferous vegetables and colorful fruits. During her last visit to the ranch a couple of weeks ago, she got my girls hooked on eating smoothies for breakfast. They’re now addicted and make them regularly. So much better than Cocoa Puffs! I think. Don’t tell my mom I said that. Here’s one smoothie we made while she was here. Delicious blueberries. Scrumptious raspberries. Sweet, succulent grapes. Fresh cut-up pineapple. Gorgeous strawberries. Cut up apple. And yes. Use 3/4 of a banana and it’s a whole different ballgame. I cringe. Yogurt. Begin by layering fruit in the blender. Layer… Layer. Why? Because my mom said. Add the yogurt… A little milk… And the powder, if you’re using any.

Vanilla Cupcakes Recipe Step 1 Preheat oven to 180°C. Line 24 1/3 cup (80ml) muffin pans with patty cases. Step 2 Cream the butter, sugar and vanilla bean paste with an electric mixer. Add the eggs, one at a time, and beat until just combined. Add the flour and milk in alternate batches and stir with a wooden spoon until just combined. Source Notebook: - April 2008 , Page 19 Recipe by Sarah Hobbs Photography by Rob Palmer Decorating tips: Colour: Add colouring gradually until you've reached the desired shade. Nanaimo Bars Other than my short stint as a resident of New York City, I've never lived in a city with a "signature" food. I'm talking about claim-to-fame level: cheese steaks from Philadelphia, coffee from Seattle, Hatch chiles from New Mexico. These Nanaimo Bars are the ultimate signature food, from beautiful Nanaimo, British Columbia on Vancouver Island in Canada. Nanaimo bars are a rich, decadent, 3-layer, no-bake treat. These bars are ubiquitous in Canada. Nanaimo BarsAdapted from The City of NanaimoPrintable RecipeMakes ~50 bars Bottom Layer½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter¼ cup sugar5 tbsp. cocoa powder1 egg, beaten1 ¼ cups graham cracker crumbs½ c. finely chopped almonds1 cup coconut½ c. Melt first 3 ingredients in top of double boiler. Middle Layer½ cup (1 stick) unsalted butter, at room temperature2 Tbsp. and 2 Tsp. half-and-half2 Tbsp. vanilla custard powder or powdered vanilla pudding mix2 cups powdered sugar Cream butter, cream, custard powder, and icing sugar together well.

Jamie's Home Cooking Skills We want you to learn as many new skills to use in the kitchen as possible. Every recipe you cook will use different skills, and you'll find that these are really transferable. Once you've mastered a skill, you'll be able to use it again and again in loads of recipes. On this page, we've got three ways of showing you skills, depending on what the skill is: how-to skills videos, how-to recipe videos and how-to step-by-step images. You'll be able to search under each different type to find the skill you're looking for. Using an oven thermometer the gluttonous vegan loves YOU: spiced parsnip and coconut soup. hi nina! I had a young helper for this one! She was an exceptionally good parsnip peeler and a great stirrer. I nearly always cook alone and forgot how fun it was to cook with help. Thanks Nina! It's a really easy, warming soup. To make enough for 3-4 you'll need: 1 red onion 2 cloves garlic 2 tbsp olive oil 2 large parsnips 1 heaped tsp each of: ground coriander, turmeric and ground cumin 1/2 tsp dried chili flakes (or less for kiddies) 3 cups vegetable stock 1 can coconut milk Peel and chop the onions and put into the pan with the olive oil over a medium heat to soften. Peel and chop the garlic and add it once the onion's softened, along with the spices. Get your helper to skillfully peel the parsnips. Chop them into thin-ish slices and add to the onions along with the vegetable stock. Bring to a simmer for about 5-8 minutes until the parsnips have softened. Pour it back into the pan and start adding the coconut milk. Stir it all together and leave to simmer for a couple more minutes.

Baking & Dessert Recipes & Videos - *Tested Recipes* Homemade Snickers Bars Insanity. That’s what this is. Pure In.San.It.TEEEEE. You know those days when you’re in desperate need of sugar and you’ve already downed more gummy vitamins than recommended while seriously considering how many more you can ingest without causing severe harm to your internal organs? Well… in that case you should make some homemade snickers bars. And I KNOW you know what I’m talking about. I spent the majority of my pre-pubescent and adolescent years scheming just how I would be able to steal my brothers’ Halloween candy. Then I went through a SERIOUS phase of those Snickers ice cream bars. And that you can eat a million of them. These days, it’s rare that I crave actual candy, often preferring some chewy cookies or super rich cheesecake or a bar of amazing chocolate that costs thrice as much as the recent organic meyer lemons I purchased. They are the peanut butter to my jelly. The salt to my pepper. The broccoli to my… wait, no. But now Nikki is like my bestest friend ever. nougat layer

The 23 Most Perfect Foods In The Universe Strawberry Banana Soy Smoothie. Spinning a Classic Smoothie moment. Strawberry Banana Soy Smoothie, also called banana-berry. I'm sipping on a creamy, silky smoothie blended up with bananas and berries. Spinning a Classic. My recipe adds in wild blueberries for an antioxidant boost as well as a few customized smoothie ingredients to tighten, texture and tone up the taste. Smoothie Recipe FYI: ACV A lot of readers will ask me why I put vinegar in some of my smoothie recipes. Why the Fresh and Frozen? Why Organic? Banana Berry Smoothiemakes 2 servings 1/2 cup frozen organic strawberries 1/4 cup frozen organic wild blueberries 1/2 frozen ripe banana 1 fresh ripe banana 1/2 cup fresh organic strawberries 1 cup vanilla soymilk (choose a nutrient fortified brand) 1 Tbsp maple syrup 1/2 tsp apple cider vinegar tiny pinch of pink sea salt (optional) 1/2 cup coconut water ice cubes Nutrition. Directions: 1. 2. 3. Serve, garnish with fresh fruit! Optional: I like to add a pinch of spirulina powder or hemp oil to my AM smoothies.

Red Velvet Cake Recipe Red Velvet Cake: Preheat oven to 350 degrees F (175 degrees C) and place rack in center of oven. Butter two - 9 inch (23 cm) round cake pans and line the bottoms of the pans with parchment paper. Set aside. In a mixing bowl sift together the flour, salt, and cocoa powder. In bowl of your electric mixer, or with a hand mixer, beat the butter until soft (about 1-2 minutes). In a measuring cup whisk the buttermilk with the red food coloring. In a small cup combine the vinegar and baking soda. Working quickly, divide the batter evenly between the two prepared pans and smooth the tops with an offset spatula or the back of a spoon. Cream Cheese Frosting: In the bowl of your electric mixer, or with a hand mixer, beat the cream cheese and mascarpone cheese until smooth. Assemble: With a serrated knife, cut each cake layer in half, horizontally. Serves 10 - 12 people. Note: You must use a brand of heavy cream that whips very easily to stiff peaks. View comments on this recipe on YouTube

Smoothie FAQ! Plus a Vegan Acai Smoothie Recipe You guys know I adore smoothies. You too, right? Smoothies are hands down my favorite recipes to create, test-taste, photograph and post here on my blog. Smoothie FAQS. Some say you should eat dessert first. Blueberry Acai Smoothie vegan, serves 2 1 1/2 cups vanilla soy milk 1 1/2 frozen bananas 1 cup frozen blueberries 1 cup frozen strawberries 1 acai frozen smoothie pak OR 1 cup acai juice*if you use the juice, remove 1/2 cup of the soy milk 3/4 cup ice Directions: Blend. Now onto some 411 for your smoothies. ***be sure to check out my 20 Smoothie Tips to help you blend like a Pro! HHL Smoothie FAQS Q: Why do you put apple cider vinegar into your smoothies? Apple cider vinegar not only adds a kick of flavor, but a kick of health as well!... The other natural benefit to apple cider vinegar is the slightly alkaline boost it adds to your smoothie. Apple cider vinegar is unique from other varieties of vinegar - most of which are acidic, while ACV is alkaline-enhancing in the body.

Pumpkin Pie Recipe Short Crust Pastry: In a food processor, place the flour, salt, and sugar and process until combined. Add the butter and process until the mixture resembles coarse meal (about 15 seconds). Add 1/8 cup (about 2 tablespoons) water and process just until the dough holds together when pinched. If necessary, add the remaining water. Turn the dough onto your work surface and gather into a ball. Flatten into a disk, cover with plastic wrap, and refrigerate for 30 minutes to one hour before using. Pecan Gingersnap Layer: Toast pecans in a 350 degree F (180 degree C) oven for 8 minutes or until lightly browned and fragrant. Increase the oven temperature to 375 degrees F (190 degrees C) and place rack in bottom third of the oven. Make the Pumpkin Filling: In a large bowl lightly whisk the eggs. Place the baked pie on a wire rack to cool. Makes one 9 inch (23 cm) pie. Make the Maple Whipped Cream: Place the heavy whipping cream and maple syrup in bowl of your electric mixer. Adapted from:

Strawberry Festival Smoothie | The Family Kitchen "Cheers to the Strawberry Festival" Smoothie! Here’s a healthy smoothie recipe to toast to the Florida Strawberry Festival: Strawberry Banana Soy Smoothie. Strawberries are rich in fiber, potassium, vitamin c and berry phytochemicals. Low in calories and fat free. Lets toast to strawberries with this frosty fabulous smoothie recipe.. strawberries Really, who doesn’t love strawberries? And if you’re lucky enough to be in Plant City, Florida March 3-13 you should go check out the Florida Strawberry Festival! “Each spring, the Florida Strawberry Festival® rolls out the red carpet to welcome visitors from throughout the Sunshine State and the world. But if you can’t make it to the festival you can always grab some frozen berries from your freezer and whip up this classic combo of strawberries and bananas in a frosty soymilk smoothie. frosty Strawberry Banana Soy Smoothiemakes 2-3 servings garnish: fresh strawberry Directions: Blend. Get more of my vegan smoothie and drink recipes!