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OneNote Templates to Help Your Projects Run Smoothly written by: Ronda Bowen • edited by: Jean Scheid • updated: 9/28/2011 If you've been trying to figure out how best to organize your project notes, you may wish to take a peak at Microsoft OneNote. While this program might seem to be somewhat light on project management capabilities, using the right templates for the program can make it quite a valuable tool for you. Is OneNote a PM Tool?OneNote can be a great addition to the project manager's toolbox, but figuring out how to optimize the program for use in project management can be a bit daunting.That's where having OneNote templates you know you can count on come in handy. You don't have to be creative, you don't have to spend time searching for the right thing to use for your project needs.

5 things you wanted to know about OneNote 2010 Now that the OneNote Web App has been released (the #1 thing everyone had been asking about), I’ve compiled a list of the top 5 other questions you’ve been asking about OneNote 2010. 1. How can I apply templates in OneNote 2010? With the removal of the old Office 2003-style menus and toolbars, and the addition of the ribbon, many commands have been grouped together to make them more discoverable in OneNote 2010. Since it’s only possible to apply templates to new pages, the Templates interface has been integrated with the New Page button menu in OneNote 2010. Click the small arrow next to the New Page button to find the Page Templates command.In the Templates task pane that opens, you can browse, apply, and download free templates. In the Templates task pane that opens, you can browse, manage, and customize OneNote templates, which you can then apply to new pages. 2. OneNote 2010 does, in fact, have the Office ribbon. Why? 3. 4. 5. Was this post helpful? – Michael C.

Cool examples of teachers using OneNote in education - OneNote and Education I wanted to use this entry as an opportunity to point out examples of some cool things being done with OneNote and education. These examples come from both people I've been emailing with or just blogs I've seen. Each example shows a creative use of OneNote by a teacher using OneNote in a more advanced way than just "note-taking". How have you using OneNote education? Feel free to send me a mail and share or leave a comment. Efficiency and Collaboration with OneNote This is a great entry describing three different education uses for Onenote: The Digital Plan Book - I've seen many teachers use OneNote as a digital planning book. Perhaps the most ambitious ways we have used OneNote is to create a notebook that will be used to document the English curriculum in our building. OneNote and the Count of Monte Cristo Kelli Etheredge, a teacher at St. I do not have a textbook in my class (World Literature) and so students either read paperbacks or I provide them with copies of excerpts from works.

Add-ins and Tools « Here’s a post that is way out of my comfort zone, so, please don’t be asking me any questions about it. (I told you I’m lying low today). It turns out that Microsoft has a scripting environment call Powershell and that people (at lease one person, anyway) use it to write PowerToys or add-ins for OneNote – which is exactly what Brian Dewey has done. He has created a OneNote PowerToy that sends an email when pages in a shared OneNote notebook change. Here’s how it works: There are two pieces of Microsoft technology that I’ve been using recently and I love. The second piece of Microsoft technology I love is PowerShell. I now use these programs all the time. Here’s an example: One thing I wanted was a tool that sends email when pages in a shared OneNote notebook change. $changedPages = dir $Notebook -recurse | where-object { ([datetime]$_.lastModifiedTime -gt $targetDate) -and (! The dir -recurse command gets me a listing of all of the pages, sections, and section groups in the notebook.

7 Best Timeline Creators For Creating Awsome Timelines 11inShare11inShare When creating a timeline for a project or important event, it is best to use helpful tools or templates so that the timeline can be created accurately without any kind of miscalculations or flaws. One way of doing this is to use PowerPoint templates, such as the Workplan or Arrow PowerPoint timeline template. Preceden If you’re looking to create a professional timeline for work or personal use, look no further than Preceden. Go to Preceden Office Timeline If you are looking for a PowerPoint add-in that can help you create attractive timelines then the best option is to use Office Timeline. Office Timeline Add-In for PowerPoint Office Timeline and have partnered to give you the tools you need to build masterful presentations that stand out with your management and customers. Download Office Timeline TimeGlider Timelines can also be created with the help of web services such as TimeGlider. Go to TimeGlider TimeRime Go to TimeRime Dipity Go to Dipity TimeKiwi Go to TimeKiwi

Daniel Escapa's OneNote Blog This post was authored by Olya Veselova, Senior PM Lead on OneNote Organizing and finding content is an important part of your note taking experience, and we've spent a lot of time this release thinking about how to improve navigation in OneNote 2013. We've also been working on making OneNote better for touch based devices, which have an entirely different set of constraints. It's also important for the UI to scale well for casual and power users - we wanted to make it easy to get around your content whether you have a single notebook or dozens of them. As David touched upon in his earlier post, we now have two modes in OneNote: Normal View, an updated version of the layout from 2010 designed for mouse and keyboard useFull Page View, a completely new style of navigation designed specifically for touch Normal View Normal View is an updated version of the OneNote layout you've always known - pages are on the right side, sections are on top and a list of notebooks on the left. Notebook Dropdown

Technology Literacy | Teaching with Technology | MCE Certification The Microsoft Certified Educator (MCE) certification validates that educators have the global educator technology literacy competencies needed to provide a rich, custom learning experience for students. Demonstrating technology literacy Through a single exam, MCE demonstrates that educators have achieved technology literacy competency in six content areas, mapped to the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers, Technology Literacy: Education policyCurriculum and assessmentPedagogy ICT/technology toolsOrganization and administrationProfessional development MCE certification is ideal for educators-in-training, faculty of teacher training colleges, and in-service educators. Microsoft offers a comprehensive e-learning curriculum, Teaching with Technology, to help educators prepare for this rigorous exam. School administrators: Consider integrating MCE certification into your teacher training or professional development program.

OneNote Printout Manager | OneNote PowerToys Yet another powertoy written by Jeff Cardon (*applause*) that will help you when you are printing a lot of documents to OneNote. I will just let his user guide speak for itself: Preview: Changes made to any of the settings in the dialog are displayed in the preview pane. The preview pane will display up to 3 images per column. An elipses (…) is used to indicate that additional images may appear beneath the current set of images. This is great for those people who have been asking for this on the newsgroups as well as the many students who use OneNote.

Collaboration made easy with SkyDrive and OneNote Access, edit, and review your stored OneNote Notebooks simultaneously with collaborators, or independently from any desktop PC. Now that we've discussed the basics of using Microsoft OneNote for Windows let's move on to the OneNote Web app that is part of Microsoft's SkyDrive suite. Using SkyDrive, you can access, edit, and review your stored OneNote Notebooks simultaneously with collaborators, or independently from any desktop PC and some mobile web browsers, virtually anywhere. You can access SkyDrive at Those with existing Microsoft online accounts should already have a SkyDrive. Those without will need to create an account. SkyDrive When you first log in, you'll see the SkyDrive main view. On the left side you have a Search field. In the main Workspace you'll see a title named "Files" with your SkyDrive name next to it. Figure A Beneath this is your view of your actual files. Figure B Figure C Figure D Figure E Figure F Figure G OneNote Web app Figure H Figure I

Leverage OneNote for better organizational collaboration Learning how to leverage the local and cloud-based features of OneNote can give you a significant organizational edge. With OneNote installed you'll notice a OneNote button in the Home tab on the Ribbon in Outlook 2010. With an email highlighted, you can click this button and the "Select Location in OneNote" dialog window will appear. This allows you to send important messages into the OneNote notebook of your choice. Likewise, Internet Explorer has OneNote integration allowing you to send a webpage to OneNote. These features are great for organizing your important documents into a powerful, portable, cross-platform and cloud-enabled note and collaboration utility - but unless you have a system for managing those documents, you might find yourself trading one mess for another. Notebooks, sections, and pages The compromise you make with OneNote is a trade between powerful features and an easy to master interface. Notebooks: Figure A Tabbed sections: Figure B Pages: Figure C Tags: Figure D Sync

Search results for onenote - Templates <div class="cdOLblEmRed cdSearchResultsMargin">Warning: This site requires the use of scripts, which your browser does not currently allow. <a href=" how to enable scripts.</a><br/></div> All Products OneNote All Categories Notebook (67) Business (42) Personal (41) Log (31) List (30) Stationery (30) Visit Pcubed Visit Stephanie Krieger ​Shared notebook for a group projectOneNote 2007​ ​Work notebookOneNote 2007​ ​School notebookOneNote 2007​ ​Note-taking abbreviationsOneNote 2007​ ​Note-taking symbolsOneNote 2007​ ​Student notebookOneNote 2007​ ​Snowflake stationeryOneNote 2007​ ​Personal notebookOneNote 2007​ ​Research notebookOneNote 2007​ ​Meeting management sectionOneNote 2007 ​Residential move planner notebookOneNote 2007​ ​Valentine's Day stationeryOneNote 2007​ ​Legal client notebookOneNote 2007​ ​Project management notebookOneNote 2007​ ​Home improvement journalOneNote 2007​ ​Wedding planner notebookOneNote 2007​ ​Easter eggsOneNote 2003

Creative Commons Add-in for Word This add-in for Microsoft Office enables authors and editors to embed Creative Commons licenses directly into Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, and Excel documents. With a Creative Commons license, authors can express their intentions regarding how their works may be used by others. The add-in allows the selection of a license, downloads it from the Creative Commons website, and inserts it directly into the working document. Microsoft Office productivity applications are the most widely used personal productivity applications in the world, and Microsoft’s goal is to enhance the user’s experience with those applications. Learn about Creative Commons licenses.

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