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25 great free UX tools

25 great free UX tools
There might be no such thing as a free lunch but thanks to the wonders of Open Source software, freeware and trial software there most certainly is such a thing as free software. In this article I list 25 great free UX tools, including tools to help with prototyping, annotating, screen grabbing, site mapping, usability testing, accessibility and analytics. Prototyping tools Pencil Pencil is a nice little Open Source tool for creating prototypes, UI mockups, and UX diagrams, such as user journeys. It comes with a good set of built-in widgets covering web, windows and sketchy UI components and allows pages to be exported as HTML, a PDF, an Open Office doc, a Word Doc or an image. Pencil – A free prototyping and diagramming tool LucidChart LucidChart is an online tool for creating diagrams, UI mockups and prototypes. LucidChart – A prototyping and diagramming tool with a free trial version Balsamiq Balsamiq – A prototyping tool with a free trial version Serena Prototype Composer Annotation tools

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The 4 Essential UX Documents Every Designer Needs When it comes to UX documentation, wireframes and prototypes are certainly among the most important. But that’s just the beginning. We’ve actually found four other documents to be extremely practical for everyday design. What sets these four apart is that they help designers understand the users, and that more than anything determines the design’s success. Photo credit: Rosenfeld Media. Customer Journey Mapping Resources On The Web Last updated: 17 September 2011Originally published: 10 May 2010 Service design can be traced back to the writings of G. Lynn Shostack in the early 80s. [1, 2] Though not new, there is a lot of talk these days about service design. In the past 5 or so years we’ve seen a service design renaissance, so to speak. Literature on service design is thin(ish), relatively speaking (i.e., compared to other disciplines like psychology), but does extend back for decades. The Köln International School of Design (KISD), for one, established service design as a field of study in 1991.

247 web usability guidelines Web usability guidelines Home page usability: 20 guidelines to evaluate the usability of home pages. Task orientation: 44 guidelines to evaluate how well a web site supports the users tasks. Free Tools That Every Mobile App Designer Should Use Starting a new design project is never easy especially when it comes to creativity. Most designers, when lacking ideas surf the web looking for inspiration. Web sites that host designers’ artwork are an excellent starting point.

The Anatomy of an Experience Map Experience maps have become more prominent over the past few years, largely because companies are realizing the interconnectedness of the cross-channel experience. It’s becoming increasingly useful to gain insight in order to orchestrate service touchpoints over time and space. But I still see a dearth of quality references. When someone asks me for examples, the only good one I can reference is nForm’s published nearly two years ago. However, I believe their importance exceeds their prevalence. 18 Do’s and Don’ts Of Usability On The Web Are you a web designer or do you run a website? Good, because this article is for you. If you’re designing websites for a living or running your business online, there are 18 tips in this article that you should definitely read and remember. You can have the best visual design skills on the planet, but if you build a website that works like crap and doesn’t allow the visitor to feel comfortable going from item to item and page to page, you are missing the very core of a good website design. So in today’s article I’m going to go over some of the dos and don’ts of usability on the web.

Top 12 Tools for Designers To Create Infographics An Infographics is a popular type of graphic art which is used for turning information in to visual data. It has been proved that instead of text, human beings are more capable to grasp information when it is presented in the form of appealing and relevant visual images. You can also check “8 Reasons Why Visual Content is More Important Than Text” for more details. Infographics not only cater to information but also to artistic sensibilities. Interview - Ambrose Little on Indigo Studio, a Free Tool for UX Design We interview Ambrose Little from Infragistics on their Indigo Studio software. Could you tell us a little bit about Infragistics and how Indigo Studio came into being? Infragistcs has been helping software professionals, especially developers, design and build better UIs since the late 80s. So it was a natural extension of that for us to branch out from there as UX and interaction design became more and more of a “thing” over the last decade.

5 radical ideas from usability presentations Everyone needs a good shake-up now and then, and that’s why these 5 radical ideas from 5 rad usability presentations are well worth your time. Being influenced by radical ideas can lead to big changes in how you do things, and thus bring big positive results. To improve, it’s sometimes necessary to throw-out old conventions, including some old conventions of usability and user centered design! The reality is your usability and user-centered design could probably use a boost, to among other things: Help you do a better job of adding usability to designChange the way you think about interactionPresent new ideas and new concepts to your processesHelp you sell your new radical ideas to the masses