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Using a Writing Journal

Using a Writing Journal
I received a tweet from a teacher wanting to have his students create writing journals and then submit them through Classroom. Here is a suggestion for how to create the writing journals. Create a template in Google Docs. Add a table of contents to the doc. The blue hyperlinks in the table of contents can be copied and submitted to Google Classroom. When you click on these submitted links you are jumped to the spot in the Google document that contains that journal entry. In Google Drive create a template for the students to use as their Writing Journal. At the top of the document create a title. Title the writing journal something like “Writing Journal for: ” giving the student room to type their name in the title. Below the title, you will want to insert a Table of Contents. Choose from the most used tags It is really important to teach students about using headings. Type something like “Journal Entry #1” below the table of contents. Refresh Table of Contents Sample Directions Like this:

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Design a “Breaking News!” Screenshot Students will have to reflect on the key location (top left), the title of the news channel, the headline, the ticker with related news and the most appropriate image. The completed designs can be downloaded and printed off to form an attractive display. You can also send them directly to your Twitter newsfeed! Taking it further Produce a timeline of events (e.g. from a historical event, or a novel being studied in literature) and then divide it between different students so they can produce one screenshot each.

10 Google Tools That Make Your Life Easier By Maria Sellers Google has a wealth of tools, but finding those tools that work specifically for a teacher requires some thought and research. As an eLearning Specialist, it’s my job to be a digital detective and find what’s truly worth the time and consideration of a teacher. How I Make My Website Full disclosure, I got an email from my web hosting provider (Bluehost) that they are going to give me $100 for any referrals. Since I do frequently recommend using Bluehost when teachers ask me about setting up a website I thought I would highlight my favorite features. I like having control over my domain and my websites.

Use This Image for Students Turning in Work In Google Classroom when you attach a Google Document to a lesson set where every student gets a copy the student does not see the thumbnail image of the document. The student needs to click on “OPEN” to view the attached Google Document. I have created an image that I attach with each Google Classroom assignment to remind students to click on “OPEN” and either “MARK AS DONE” or “TURN IN.” I have saved the images in my Google Drive so I simply click on the Google Drive logo when attaching files in a Google Classroom assignment and insert the image. When building my lesson set I can see that the assignment is attached.

Google Drive: Select Multiple Files In the new Google Drive you single click a file to reveal toolbar options and to utilize the info pane to find out information about the file. (1) Click on the file (2) Reveal toolbar options such as link to file, share file, preview file, trash file, locate the folder it is in and more options to copy the file and more. (3) Notice on the right hand side of the toolbar is an i in a circle to reveal the info pane which will (4) tell you which folder the file is in. In the new Google Drive the checkboxes on the side of the file names are gone. In order to select multiple files click once on the first file you wish to select. Hold down the SHIFT key when you click on the last file.

Creating Badges with Google Sheets Thinking about adding badges to your class? There are many ways to award students badges including using Class Badges. If you would like to organize your own badges here is a system you may want to try that uses Google Sheets. Create a new spreadsheet in Google Drive ( Create a list of badges.

Learn the Ins and Outs of Google Classroom from an Expert Educator and blogger Alice Keeler has written extensively on integrating Google Classroom with everyday school work. Spanning three posts on her blog Teacher Tech, Keeler has assembled 46 ways teachers can take advantage of Classroom, the latest in Google's Apps for Education lineup. Google’s cloud-based classroom organizer streamlines the flow of daily assignments and helps overcome teacher–student communication barriers. Earlier this month, Keeler was a guest on the TechEducator podcast, along with EdTech contributor Sam Patterson, and discussed how Google Classroom has aided her own instruction and how teachers can benefit from her experience.

Google Doc Tip: Find Revision History If you are using Google Docs, Sheets, Slides or Draw you will notice next to the menu options is a message letting you know that your document is saved in Google Drive. This message is a hyperlink that will launch revision history. Revision history lets you see who made what changes when. It also allows you to revert back to an old version if you are not liking the current changes. Like this: Like Loading... New Google Drive: 4 Easy Steps for Sharing a Folder Images from Sharing folders in Google Drive allows you to easily share multiple files without having to remember the email addresses of everyone in your class or on your team. The advantage to sharing a folder rather than sharing files is that it is a one time sharing. Once the folder is shared, anything placed in the folder will automatically be shared.