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Overview of the healthcare sector in the UK If you are interested in caring for sick people, improving people's lives or playing a part in the next medical breakthrough, there are plenty of opportunities to consider in the healthcare sector What areas of healthcare can I work in? Employment opportunities can be grouped into: Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) Register applications About IAPT The Improving Access to Psychological Therapies (IAPT) programme was created to provide improved access to evidence-based psychological therapies for people who require the help of mental health services, particularly those presenting with anxiety disorders and depression. Central to the delivery of the programme is the IAPT-trained workforce of psychological therapists, comprising two core roles - Psychological Wellbeing Practitioner (PWP) and High Intensity Practitioner (HI).

Medical Curriculum Vitae How do I go about writing my medical CV (curriculum vitae)? We get emails from doctors asking "how do I write a medical curriculum vitae"? Well here is your answer; Your medical curriculum vitae is an incredibly important document as it represents you as an individual and a professional. It Also contains all the information that will be used by the short listing panel to judge your application and rank it accordingly, so that the best candidates can be invited for interview. Who is more likely to be invited to a medical interview?

Starting a business (Spark) Information Around a third of students intend to start their own business. Our Spark team will support and encourage you from initial idea to start up and beyond. If you have got a business idea, then we can help. Maybe you are just wondering whether starting a business is a realistic graduate career, then we can support you. In this section

Dental therapist Job Information Page Content Dental therapist Hours37.5 per weekStarting salary£21,692 + per year Dental therapists (also known as oral health practitioners) carry out routine treatment that has been prescribed by a registered dentist. These treatments could include simple fillings, applying fluoride and taking x-rays. As a dental therapist, you would work in dental practices, hospitals or the community. Careers, Employability and Enterprise Centre : Psychology Introduction Psychologists are concerned with human behaviour and consequently work in many different sectors and engage with all aspects of society. Working as a chartered psychologist is challenging in terms of the additional training and qualifications required. Journal of the left-handed biochemist The following are notes written for a session I was asked to run with sixth form students about preparing for Med School interviews. I am quite sure there are lots of sensible suggestions that I have inadvertently omitted – please feel free to use the Comments facility to offer your additional advice. Your personal statement: You’ve got an interview!

Make a difference This careers resource was jointly developed by the Biochemical Society, British Ecological Society, British Pharmacological Society, Microbiology Society, Society for Experimental Biology, Royal Society of Biology and The Physiological Society. Bioscience learned societies offer a range of services and support for their members, such as scientific conferences, publishing specialist journals, careers guidance, grants, competitions and awards. If you would like to order a pack containing a copy of each of the posters, please email Amanda Hardy. Poster and banner design by Blitz. Schools outside of the UK may request print ready PDF files of the six careers posters for use in their school.

Dentist Job Information Page Content Dentist Hours30-40 per weekStarting salary£38,095 + per year Dentists diagnose and treat problems affecting the mouth and teeth. Careers resources We produce careers resources for schools, colleges and higher educational institutions. For more information subscribe to our free Careers Information Update. Your journey into psychology Medicine personal statement From an early age I have been fascinated by the workings of life. The human body is a remarkable machine with many diverse systems producing an organism that could never be artificially reproduced. My love of science is just one of my reasons for choosing medicine.