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Imágenes de dominio público Visualize your resume in one click. Free Technology for Teachers Luna Loves Library Day • Libraries Week On 5 October, Andersen Press are publishing the first ever picture book authored by the poet Joseph Coelho: Luna Loves Library Day – illustrated by Fiona Lumbers. Download a printable poster or one of three special graphics based on this beautiful new book. There are also some fun activity sheets for children to try. “Luna Loves Library Day is about the magic of libraries, the wonder of ink on paper, but also about their essential role in helping and aiding families, in being a safe space for everyone and anyone to learn and to discover and I truly believe that it is only through such spaces that we can support our children, shore-up our families and heal our communities.” – Joseph Coelho Downloads Activities to try Luna Loves Library Day activity sheets: design a cover Can you design covers for the books in Luna's book bag? Luna Loves Library Day activity sheets: maze Luna loves her visits to the library - but can you help her get there through the maze? Posters to print out

Mixkit Art : des centaines d'illustrations libres de droit Mixkit vient de mettre en ligne Mixkit Art, une banque d'illustrations et de créations totalement libres de droit. Nous vous avons déjà présenté Mixkit sur le BDM, ce site propose des vidéos libres de droit d’excellente qualité. Le service lance aujourd’hui une nouvelle fonctionnalité, là encore totalement gratuite : une bibliothèque d’illustrations. Comme pour les vidéos, c’est la qualité qui prime sur la quantité. Vous n’avez accès qu’à 300 illustrations, mais elles sont toutes d’excellente facture. Les illustrations sont classées par thème (émotions, activités, maison, animaux, food…) ou par collection. Les créas sont toutes très modernes et vraiment idéales à intégrer sur un projet digital ou print. Pour vous penchez sur les créations disponibles, rendez-vous sur ce lien. Recevez par email toute l’actualité du digital

blubbr - Play & create video trivia games A poe-tree (advent) calendar This is the sight that will greet my children this morning as they come into the kitchen. It doesn’t contain chocolate, but it is filled with fun, laughter, treats and just the odd moment or two of reflection. It is our very own Poe-tree calendar for December. Inside each envelope, one for every day of this month, the kids will find a poem I’ve selected specially for them. Whilst this year has certainly seen me read more poetry than perhaps ever before (helped by inspirational meetings with poets Joseph Coelho, Rachel Rooney and Dom Conlon at different times), selecting the poetry for our calendar was still a not insignificant challenge. With what felt like a scant knowledge of poems, and an even less well developed understanding of what I think makes a good poem, I scoured our shelves and brought together all the poetry books I could find, ordered a couple more, emptied the 821 shelf at our public library and started a few weeks of marvellous reading.

Diccionarios en Mi Tarea Diccionarios BuscaBiografías Ciber-Léxico Inglés-Español Conceptos Glaciológicos Básicos Conjugador de Verbos (Universidad de Oviedo) Del dicho al hecho (Refranes) Diccionario Albanés-Español Diccionario Alemán-Español Diccionario Bilingüe de Matemáticas Inglés-Español. Diccionario Argentino-Español para españoles Diccionario Clave SM Diccionario Crítico de Ciencias Sociales Diccionario de Americanismos Diccionario de Antónimos (Universidad de Oviedo) Diccionario de Arquitectura Diccionario de Escritores Mexicanos Diccionario de Español (Universidad de Oviedo) Diccionario de Heráldica Diccionario de Jergas del Habla Hispana Diccionario de la Contaminación Diccionario de la Radiodifusión Diccionario del Agua Diccionario del VIH/Sida Comentado Diccionario del Vino Español Diccionario de Modismos Modismos en Español, también sección en Inglés. Diccionario Demográfico y Salud Reproductiva Diccionario de Organización y Representación del Conocimiento:Clasificación, Indización, Terminología. Diccionario de Pueblos