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Man Buys 10.000 Undeveloped Negatives At a Local Auction And Discovers One of the Most Important Street Photographers of the Mid 20th Century - UpShout: Discover the Latest Internet Trends First and Share Them With Your Friends

Imagine this : perhaps the most important street photographer of the twentieth century was a nanny who kept everything to herself. Nobody had ever seen her work and she was a complete unknown until the time of her death. For decades Vivian’s work hid in the shadows until decades later (in 2007), historical hobbyist John Maloof bought a box full of never developed negatives at a local auction for $380. John began to develop the negatives and it didn’t take long before he realised that these were no ordinary street snapshots from the 50’s and 60’s — these pictures were a lot more then that. Maier’s work is particularly evocative for those who grew up in the 50′s and 60′s because she seemed to stare deep into the soul of the time and preserve the everyday experience of the people. She ventured outside the comfortable homes and picturesque residential neighborhoods of her employers to document all segments of life in and around the big city. Wow!

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More than just an Empath As if being an empath wasn’t enough, there are so many other gifts that seem to go hand-in-hand with being an empath. All empaths can have these other gifts, but not all people with these psychic gifts are empaths. I get the feeling that some “professionals” are using Empath as a dumping ground for all inexplicable abilities. The word “empath” doesn’t generally have the word “psychic” attached to it, at least not in normal definitions, so scientists / doctor / professor types are likely to lump everything there and still feel like they are practicing science. Because of this, I like to call the Empath ability a psychic ability as well. Empaths – the psychic ability to feel others’ emotions as one’s own to the point that it can be difficult to tell what is another’s emotions from one’s own emotions.

Photographer Captures the Ruins of the Soviet Space Shuttle Program Russian urban exploration photographer Ralph Mirebs recently paid a visit to the Baikonur Cosmodrome, where inside a giant abandoned hangar are decaying remnants of prototypes from the Soviet space shuttle program.Gizmodo writes that the Buran program was in operation for nearly two decades from 1974 to 1993. One automated orbital flight resulted from the extensive program, but the project was shuttered when the Soviet Union collapsed. Mirebs went into the massive 62-meter (~203 foot) tall hangar and captured a fascinating series of photos showing the detail and complexity of a space program that met an untimely end. Of the two run-down Buran shuttles found in the hangar, one was almost ready for flight back in 1992 and the other was a full-sized mock-up that was used for testing things like mating and load. You can find a larger set of these photos and a writeup (in Russian) over on Mirebs’ blog. Image credits: Photographs by Ralph Mirebs and used with permission

Does life have a purpose? – Michael Ruse One of my favorite dinosaurs is the Stegosaurus, a monster from the late Jurassic (150 million years ago), noteworthy because of the diamond-like plates all the way down its back. Since this animal was discovered in the late 1870s in Wyoming, huge amounts of ink have been spilt trying to puzzle out the reason for the plates. The obvious explanation, that they are used for fighting or defence, simply cannot be true. It took him 7 Years But He Finally Managed To Snap His Ultimate Dream Picture For over seven years, Greg McCown, has tried to capture a lightning bolt and a rainbow in a single photograph. The idea has been in his head for over seven years when he witnessed this natural spectacle one day while driving home from work. It made such a deep impression on him that he’s been trying to catch the incredible natural phenomena on camera ever since. He made some breathtaking lightning photos during that time, but he was never able to recreate that incredible moment he experienced 7 years ago.

Tintype Portraits Of Genderqueer Individuals Are The Nude Artworks Of Our Future (NSFW) Upon first glance, Robyn Hasty's glass-plate portraits seem like they could have been generated alongside those of 19th-century photo giants like Julia Margaret Cameron or Nadar. The images, crafted with wet-plate collodion tintype and ambrotype developing processes, depict nude subjects meeting the viewers' gazes, bodies sprawled elegantly across a love seat. "The impracticality of obsolete technology informs my craft," Hasty explains in her artist statement. "I have learned several labor intensive pre-industrial processes including tintype photography, primitive ceramics, and traditional African earth architecture. I use these techniques because I am drawn to the tension between fine craft and entropy that arises from the struggle of making with unpredictable results."

A physicist has calculated the best place to put your router Forget the trial and error - maths has now proved where the best spot to place your router is. Physics PhD student Jason Cole, from the Imperial College London in the UK, has figured out a formula that can work out the best place to position your wireless router, and it ultimately depends on your house's floor plan. As Greg Seals explains for The Daily Dot, Cole started investigating the science behind router placement in an attempt to optimise his wifi signal. To do this, Cole first mapped his floorplan, assigning refraction values to the walls, and then used the Helmholtz equation, which allowed him to model the electromagnetic waves being emitted by his router. Over on his blog Almost Looks Like Work, Cole describes the tricky mathematics that followed (bonus points if you can follow that equation). Initially, he came up with the not surprising solution that putting your router right in the middle of your home results in the best wifi signal.

#AIjeylukR3mtqhVI The famous sunspots on the surface of the Earth’s star result from the dynamics of strong magnetic fields, and their numbers are an important indicator of the state of activity on the Sun. At the Institute of Nuclear Physics of the Polish Academy of Sciences in Kraków, Poland, researchers have been conducting multifractal analysis into the changes in the numbers of sunspots. The resulting graphs were surprisingly asymmetrical in shape, suggesting that sunspots may be involved in hitherto unknown physical processes. Mathematical analysis of multifractals provides invaluable information on the dynamic phenomena, as they occur to varying degrees of complexity. The results are useful in a number of ways, but most importantly, they can allows us to discard the influence of current, longstanding trends.

Bach in Lights: The Well-Tempered Clavier Graphically Visualized Through a Twisting Gallery of Light Bulbs This exceedingly clever animation by artist Alan Warburton transforms two compositions from J.S. Bach’s The Well Tempered Clavier (Prelude and Fugue in C Major) into a visual interpretation of music. Warburton used a form of graphical notation manifested as thousands of fluorescent light bulbs mounted around a gallery space and parking garage. As each light pops on in sync with the music, the bulb shape correlates with with length and pitch of each note. You can learn more about how Warburton and a team of programmers and sound designers created the piece over on Sinfini Music who commissioned the piece. Music performed by Pierre-Laurent Aimard.

NARS x Steven Klein Holiday 2015 Collection - NARS Makeup Last night, on a Tuesday, François Nars threw what we're already calling one of the best parties of the year—and in Yonkers, of all places. Models, socialites and designers made the trek out of the city to celebrate Nars' and famed photographer Steven Klein's 23-piece holiday makeup collection, which is every bit as strange, goth and sexy as you'd imagine it to be. The party was held at Alder Mansion, where guests explored rooms filled with whips, guns and bondage ropes, male models in drag and television screens showing a bejeweled Juliette Lewis rifling through a medicine cabinet—basically, imagine SNL's Stefon describing the hottest club and multiply the craziness by 10.

77GSlinger "Gravity is a Myth and Does Not Exist; Electricity is the only Force in the Universe"!Available at: Also see: Pari Spolter demolishes newton and einsteins gravity theories (guesses): Pari Spolter's book for sale: WC Wright's Push Gravity translated into Russellian Science: Neuronal "Superhub" Might Generate Consciousness Point to any one organ in the body, and doctors can tell you something about what it does and what happens if that organ is injured by accident or disease or is removed by surgery—whether it be the pituitary gland, the kidney or the inner ear. Yet like the blank spots on maps of Central Africa from the mid-19th century, there are structures whose functions remain unknown despite whole-brain imaging, electroencephalographic recordings that monitor the brain's cacophony of electrical signals and other advanced tools of the 21st century. Consider the claustrum. It is a thin, irregular sheet of cells, tucked below the neocortex, the gray matter that allows us to see, hear, reason, think and remember. It is surrounded on all sides by white matter—the tracts, or wire bundles, that interconnect cortical regions with one another and with other brain regions. Enter the Dragon In biology, a reliable guide to understanding function is to study structure.

T-Mobile Will Now Punish Customers Who Abuse Unlimited Data T-Mobile is today issuing a warning to customers: stop taking unlimited data to ridiculous extremes. In a post on T-Mobile’s blog, CEO John Legere has publicly called out “a fraction of a percent” of users who’ve been sucking down hundreds or even thousands of gigabytes of data each month. But these customers aren’t using all of that data on their smartphones alone; instead, T-Mobile claims they’ve come up with ways to conceal mobile tethering and hotspot usage. Tethering allows customers to get other devices (PCs, tablets, etc.) online using their smartphone data plan. With its $80 unlimited data plan, T-Mobile already offers a generous 7GB limit for tethering purposes.