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Layer it on: ideas for making rich scrapbook pages with layering and collage

Layer it on: ideas for making rich scrapbook pages with layering and collage
by Debbie Hodge How do you like your pages? Simple and clean? A little busy? Do you layer? Layer to add texture, dimension, and visual interest On “Read to Me” Dina Wakley began with border stitching and a layer of thick paint on her blue canvas. Read to Me by Dina Wakley Layer to create interesting white space Doris Sander made “American Tourister” with leftover bits. American Tourister by Doris Sander Layer to incorporate meaningful images and motifs Including images and motifs influences how a viewer sees your page and, what’s more, understands your relationship to the subject being scrapbooked. Awesome Sight by Debbie Hodge Layer to reveal your personal style “Sweet Snuggle” is a page full of the kinds of touches I’ve come to expect on Kayleigh Wiles’ pages. Sweet Snuggle by Kayleigh Wiles. Layer to have fun and play with interesting patterns, textures, and images Doris Sander loves adding pattern to enhance theme. Corn by Doris Sander

How to Creatively Celebrate a Birthday submitted by: Drew McLellan For 18 months, my wife and I (while we were still dating, not married) lived 2000 miles apart. Which makes it very difficult to go on a date together -- much less a date to celebrate a special occasion, like a birthday. About a week prior to my then girlfriend's birthday, I began gathering items. birthday candles birthday hat birthday streamer matches birthday balloon w/ribbon string (no helium, it would explode mid shipment) and thumb tack a deck of UN GAME cards (I mailed half to her and kept half) birthday gifts, wrapped Sleepless in Seattle VHS tape On the day before her birthday, I also got: one cupcake one tupperware container to keep cupcake intact and from other items I packaged all of these items up, and overnight shipped them to my girlfriend, with strict instructions not to open the box until we were on the phone together that night. I then placed two calls. We got on the phone together around 6 pm. Hang the birthday banner use the thumbtack and put up the balloon

Something Special Card + Envelope Tutorial We hope Jennifer Casa’s Something Special Card + Envelope Tutorial inspires you to create something beautiful for someone you love. Learn more about Jennifer in her introduction, and make a visit to JCasa*handmade part of your daily routine. After you make the basic card + envelope as a foundation piece you can then embellish, embroider, quilt, print… Do something to make it unique! Mix things up, and personalize your card to make it the perfect something for your special someone. Create your personalized fabric card or Valentine with Jennifer’s tutorial by February 12th, share it in the forum and you might win one of these fantastic prizes. This is just the start of a full month of February “True Love” at Sew,Mama,Sew! From Jennifer: Our lives are overrun by email, texting, and virtual hellos-– With this simple fabric card + envelope project, I encourage you to take a step back from the everyday and make something memorable, something as one-of-a-kind as your special someone. 2. 6. 9.

scrapbookers: Paper Bag Album I'm in love with this project to make a mini album out of paper bags, so thought I'd share: Because I know it'll 'go away' eventually when the next new project is shared - here's the details: The current featured customer is Bex, who has made this stunning paper bag scrapbook! First step to make a Paper bag album: Tools needed: Scissors Ruler Double sided sticky tape Ribbon Lace Selection of scrapbook papers and card stock ie:Bazzill all acid and lingin free Your choice of embellishments there's plenty to choose from :Brads, buttons, rhinestones, prima flowers, charms etc etc Take three brown block bottom paper bags mine measure 150mm width by 325mm length. Lay them alternate so that you have a block botton then an open end followed by another block bottom please see the picture to gain a better idea. Fold each one in half, separately to give a really crisp fold as this will help them to sit together as a book. The front is the best bit!!!

Easy Folded Gift Boxes - Cosmo Cricket UPDATE: If you came here from Pinterest, we later updated our readers with more examples and a video tutorial... it's much easier to follow! You can find it here. Happy crafting and thanks for dropping by! Eric often tells me I remind him of Maria from the Sound of Music. So, it's a little ironic that I lead the children's choir at my church. Once a year we combine the two choirs for the Sunday services as the main event. It just doesn't seem like enough, but I made several thank-you's yesterday for my friends that helped my little ones sing so well, I swear I could hear them all the way in Minnesota. Here' the first one I made. To make the box, take a full sheet of paper and mark it at 6" on two opposing sides. Then fold edges in to match up with the marks. Now measure and mark at 5" and 7" on the folded edges. Fold as shown below. The next fold is the only slightly tricky part, and only because it's hard to put into words. Update: Christiee asked me to try to explain this.

6 Tips for Using Patterned Paper Backgrounds on your Scrapbook Pages | Get It Scrapped! by Debbie Hodge I love using patterned papers — especially for backgrounds. However, it’s often a little tricky making sure the photos aren’t overwhelmed by the paper. As long as you employ some basic design principles you should be all set. 1) be generous Text patterns are back, and Jennifer Wilson used “holiday-love” themed paper to set the tone for “Love Actually is all Around.” The mat is a much lighter color than the patterned paper AND than the photos on it. Love Actually is All Around by Jennifer Wilson of Simple Scrapper 2) lay a foundation The bright geometric patterned paper on the background of “Hangin’ Poolside” by Alicia Geiss is wonderful for this juicy summer page. These scalloped mats ground the other elements to the page – everything sits on or flows through them.These mats with their very pale pattern provide resting space for the eyes. Hanging Poolside by Alicia Geiss for Foundations is the focus of Lesson #4 in Building Pages. 3) it’s ok to be busy 4) pop it

Love, Actually DIY Paper Pinwheels The incredibly sweet Jessica of In the Hushed Hours was kind enough to share this tutorial for DIY paper pinwheels. I love pinwheels. Pinwheels strung on a mobile? I might love those even more. Thanks for sharing, Jessica! String your paper pinwheels from an embroidery hoop to make your own mobile perfect for a bedroom or for a party. {Photos from In the Hushed Hours.} {FREE PHOTOSHOP BRUSHES} - Pumpkins and Posies Pumpkins and Posies Search Recent Posts