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Anonymous Hacks Westboro Baptist Church Website LIVE

Anonymous retreats from Mexico drug cartel confrontation | Technology Plans by the hacker collective Anonymous to expose collaborators with Mexico's bloody Zetas drug cartel – a project it dubbed "#OpCartel" – have fallen into disarray, with some retreating from the idea of confronting the killers while others say that the kidnap of an Anonymous hacker, the incident meant to have spawned the scheme, never happened. The apparent climbdown by the group came as one security company, Stratfor, claimed that the cartel was hiring its own security experts to track the hackers down – which could have resulted in "abduction, injury and death" for anyone it traced. Two hacker members of "Operation Cartel", which said earlier this week that it would expose members of the murderous cartel, have now indicated that they are stopping their scheme to identify collaborators and members because they don't want anyone to be killed as a result. The threat from the cartel had already worried some Anonymous members. "He denounced the op after safety concerns.

Anonymous contro la chiesa anti-gay di Tommaso Caldarelli - 21/02/2011 - Il gruppo di attivismo informatico all’attacco di una congregazione americana che fa pubblici proclami della sua omofobia. La Chiesa Battista di Westboro, Kansas, è un faro nell’omofobia mondiale. Diffonde video su Internet in cui si dice che la morte dei Il gruppo di attivismo informatico all’attacco di una congregazione americana che fa pubblici proclami della sua omofobia. La Chiesa Battista di Westboro, Kansas, è un faro nell’omofobia mondiale. su Internet in cui si dice che la morte dei soldati americani in Afghanistan ed Iraq sono state delle “rappresaglie”, per questo meritate, per l’accondiscendenza degli Stati Uniti verso “lo stile di vita gay dilagante”. I MORTI DI DIO! Grazie a Dio per il cecchino violento, uno dei nostri eroi e soldati a Tucson. Grazie a Dio la bambina è morta per dimostrare all’America la via dell’errore su cui è finita. Che personcine a modo. ULTIMATUM – Non a caso qualcuno ha deciso che poteva bastare. ultimatum.

Anonymous for President. How Anonymous Picks Targets, Launches Attacks, and Takes Powerful Organizations Down | Threat Level Image Design: Giles Revell No one but Hector Xavier Monsegur can know why or when he became Sabu, joining the strange and chaotic Internet collective known as Anonymous. But we know the moment he gave Sabu up. For the next eight months, Sabu continued to rage across the Internet as a core member of AntiSec, a blackhat hacking group within Anonymous. we’re used to that heat we survived the first rounds of the raids He was referring to a series of arrests that past summer that had scooped up, worldwide, at least 80 alleged participants in the group. But Sabu hadn’t survived the first rounds of the raids, and thanks to the evidence he helped the Feds gather, more anons wouldn’t survive the next round. It was merely a speed bump for the collective but a massive emotional bitchslap for individuals Painting: Chrissy Angliker In 2011, Anonymous figured out how to infiltrate anything, to mobilize not just machines but bodies. Was it really just a speed bump? Pages: 1 2345View All

Anonymous Hacker | Westboro Judgement Day | The Daily Caller - Breaking News, Opinion, Research, and Entertainment AnonNews, a website affiliated with the activities of the infamous hacktivist group known as “Anonymous” posted a threatening letter to the Westboro Baptist Church last Wednesday. The letter threatened a cyber-attack against the Topeka, Kansas church if it refuses to stop contentious military funeral and gay protests. “We will target your public websites and the propaganda and detestable doctrine that you promote will be eradicated; the damage incurred will be irreversible, and neither your institution nor your congregation will ever be able to fully recover,” the letter read. Westboro’s response: Bring it. “God hates fags & lousy hackers!” AnonNews posted another letter claiming the first letter didn’t represent the views of the hackers. CBS reported that the group said it had “more pressing matters to deal with at the moment.” The letter accused Westboro of fabricating the story to generate headlines and spread its message, according to CBS.

Day of Rage Underway on Wall Street, Protestors Flood Downtown Manhattan With the “Arab Spring” protests of the past year or two serving as inspiration, Twitter and Facebook have been used to organize a large group of protestors on Wall Street and an “occupation” of Wall Street is currently underway. Twitter is currently also being used as a platform for non-attendees to weigh in on the controversy, with a steady stream of “for” and “against” tweets either lauding the efforts or dismissing protesters as about to get bored and seek a Starbucks on their iPhones or “burn daddy’s money.” Web activist groups and collectives including The Other 98% (an organization lobbying for corporate and top 2% tax reforms and the like) and the formidable Anonymous have been linked with the protests- more of which are occurring in satellite locations. One circulated statement urging participation said: “On the 17th of September, we want to see 20,000 people to flood into lower Manhattan, set up beds, kitchens, peaceful barricades and occupy Wall Street for a few months.

Steubenville High School Students Joke About Rape In Video Leaked By Anonymous A chilling video leaked by an Anonymous cell this week has added a new twist to a sordid tale of alleged rape that has shattered the peace of a close-knit Ohio football town. The disturbing 12-minute video, posted online Tuesday by the hacktivist group “Knight Sec,” shows teens making jokes about the events that reportedly transpired on Aug. 22. One teen appears to refer to the victim as "deader than" Trayvon Martin, and adds, "she is so raped her p**s is about as dry as the sun right now." Months later, what exactly happened in Steubenville, Ohio, is still being pieced together. Few witnesses have stepped forward to talk about the parties where the underage girl, who was from a neighboring town, was allegedly transported, assaulted and photographed by athletes from local Steubenville High. The video, which was allegedly posted to YouTube on the night of the incident, has been brought to the attention of local police. From the Times: The group wrote:

Una Iglesia Bautista dice que "Dios odia a los hackers" de Anonymous - Culturas [ 22 de Febre de 2011 09:07 ] La congregación, cuyo lema es “Dios odia a los maricones”, denunció que sufrió amenazas de los ciberactivistas. Una Iglesia Bautista, conocida por el polémico lema con el que se presenta a la sociedad, denunció amenazas del grupo de hackers de Anonymous y les advirtió que “Dios odia a los maricones y los asquerosos hackers”. La Iglesia Bautista de Westboro es conocida por enfrentar a los homosexuales y por realizar protestas en los funerales de soldados caídos, alegando que sus muertes son parte de la venganza de Dios por la homosexualidad en Estados Unidos. Según esa congregación, Anonymous les habría enviado una carta que dice: “Como defensores de la libertad de expresión e información, hasta ahora les hemos permitido seguir predicando su evangelio tonto de odio y exageradas exhibiciones, no sólo sus puntos de vista fascistas, sino su absoluta falta de idiosincrasia cristiana.”

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Hacked by Knightsec Anonymous hacks church Web site during live interview The Anonymous hacking collective this morning defaced the Web site of the controversial Westboro Baptist Church in the middle of a live radio show that included a church spokeswoman and a member of Anonymous. The defacement came just days after Anonymous issued a statement saying that it had no plans to attack the Church's Web site. The statement had noted that an earlier letter said to be from the group that threatened online attacks on the church site was a hoax. Members of the WBC church are known for their strident anti-gay views and for protests at funerals of slain military personnel and others. The Anonymous member on the radio show today said it felt compelled to attack because of what it claimed was the church's belligerent response to the hoax letter. Prior to today's attacks, WBC's sites were offline for several days. It also showed a map of the entire internal network of the church. She added the attack appears to have been planned and made to look like a spontaneous hack.

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