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Share your journey with BlaBlaCar - Trusted ridesharing

Share your journey with BlaBlaCar - Trusted ridesharing

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Don't Fall for the Uber-fication of Sales Conventional wisdom: If you've got a smart phone, you can outsource a sales force. On the contrary: Spend the extra money to build a team of your own. Here's the pitch. Let's say you run a busy start-up that can't afford sales reps. According to an article in the Wall Street Journal last week, a college kid in Sweden can now pick up the slack on demand.

The Ultimate House Sitting Guide For those wishing to travel on a budget registering with a house sitting website is a must, because the opportunity to live rent free all over the world is not one to be missed. While many people are still unfamiliar with the concept of house sitting, it is fast becoming a recognised alternative to the standard ‘package holiday’. House sitting is exactly what the term implies. Home owners in need of pet and/or property care seek an individual, couple, or family to take over their daily responsibilities during a period for which they are away from home.

Developer Preview - Google Fit Google Fit is an open ecosystem that allows developers to upload fitness data to a central repository where users can access their data from different devices and apps in one location: Fitness apps can store data from any wearable or sensor.Fitness apps can access data created by any app.User's fitness data is persisted when they upgrade their fitness devices. Responsible use of Google Fit As a developer of fitness and wellness apps, you often collect and manage important user information. Keep these key principles in mind: Always clearly explain to the user what data you will collect and why.Honor user requests to delete their data.If you read fitness data from Google Fit, you must also write the fitness data you collect to Google Fit.Do not use Google Fit APIs for non-fitness purposes, such as storing medical or biometric data, selling data, or using data for advertising.Carefully review the Google Fit Terms and Conditions before using Google Fit.

Paris Hostels Listing - All Hostels in Paris at City Guides and Information Video guides, travel podcasts, city maps & free city guides. What to eat, where to stay and things to do and see - our travel guides have it all. Find a guide » Crowdforcing: When What I “Share” Is Yours Among the many default, background, often unexamined assumptions of the digital revolution is that sharing is good. A major part of the digital revolution in rhetoric is to repurpose existing language in ways that advantage the promoters of one scheme or another. It is no surprise that while it may well have been the case that to earlier generations sharing was, in more or less uncomplicated ways, good, the rhetorical revolution works to dissuade us from considering whether the ethics associated with earlier terminology still apply, telling us instead that if we call it sharing, it must be good. This is fecund ground for critics of the digital, and rightly so. Despite being called “the sharing economy”—a phrase almost as literally oxymoronic as “giant shrimp,” “living dead” or “civil war”—the companies associated with that practice have very little to do with what we have until now called “sharing.”

How To Travel For Free (or pretty damn near it!) Today we share a guest post from husband and wife duo Tiffany Soukup and Chris Brader, of Vagabond Way. Tiffany and Chris camp a lot on their travels around the world, and because this can be a great way to travel for free (or pretty damn near it) – as well as a lot of fun – we asked them to share their camping tips with our readers. Chris and I have brought our camping gear with us all around the world and saved thousands of dollars enabling us to travel for months on end. If we were staying in hotels, maybe we could have gone a month or so. Camping does not have to be this nightmarish event with leaking tents, spiders, sore backs and misery.

CHEF: On-Demand Chefs in the Hamptons Imagine: It’s a beautiful summer Saturday in the Hamptons. You’ve got the beach, your friends, and your (share)house. What more could you want? Shelter City in Amsterdam, Netherlands Shelter City is a Christian hostel that provides guests with great facilities at an affordable price in Amsterdam. The hostel is clean, comfortable and has a friendly atmosphere created by the staff and guests who come from all over the world. Guests can walk to the main tourist attractions such as Dam Square, small China Town and the Red Light District. The hostel is centrally located which means that it is close to Central Station and therefore guests have easy access to anywhere in the city. The hostel provides great facilities at reasonable prices and a homely atmosphere. Breakfast and WiFi are included for free.

How I Afford A Life of Constant Travel, and You Can Too - This American Girl When I tell people I’ve been traveling nonstop for three and a half years, it doesn’t take long before they ask the question. The question I’ve become so used to answering, I can anticipate it before it even rolls off of their tongues. “So, how do you pay for it?” Sense: Know More. Sleep Better. by Hello We created Sense to be simple, uncomplicated and useful. Sense is the first system that combines the insight of your sleep patterns with the data of the environment in your bedroom, including noise, light, temperature, humidity and particles in the air. With Sense's Smart Alarm, it can even wake you up in the morning at the right point in your sleep cycle, to avoid that groggy feeling we all hate so much. All easily available via our iPhone and Android applications. Technology has enriched our lives in many ways. But it has its downside, and sleep is one of its biggest victims.

The Servitude Bubble — Bad Words Quick — what does the stuff below have in common? A chat app bought for one fifth of the US educational budget. An Uber for dog-walkers. An app to have your trash taken out for you.

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