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Global Warming- Science

Global Warming- Science

MAP Web Author JavaScript API | Avenza Systems Inc The MAP Web Author JavaScript API allows developers to embed and interact with maps produced by MAPublisher in web pages. This site was developed as a guide to the API and is available to all MAPublisher customers. Getting Started Getting going with using the API is easy. Step 1: Export your map to web from MAPublisher. Step 2: Add the folder that you exported your map to the list of trusted sites for Flash Player here. Under Global Security Settings, enable the Always allow option and navigate to the folder where your map files are stored using Always trust files in these locations. You will have to change the Global Security Settings for each individual browser as Flash settings are specific to each browser. When using Internet Explorer to open maps that are stored locally, you may be required to allow the browser to run local content. Step 3: Start coding! All you need to do is take the object reference returned by AVENZA.embedViewer and start calling methods on it. More Information

Earth Day News Gordon M. Grant for The New York Times Updated: April 22, 2010 Nearly 20 million Americans attended the first Earth Day celebration on April 22, 1970, to this day among the most participatory political actions in the nation's history. In the beginning, the event influenced environmental politics, triggering such national legislation as the Clean Air Act and the Clean Water Act. So strong was the antibusiness sentiment for the first Earth Day in 1970 that organizers took no money from corporations and held teach-ins "to challenge corporate and government leaders." While the 40th anniversary of Earth Day was widely marked with events in April 2010, including a climate rally on the Mall in Washington, the movement does not appear to have the same kind of support it had four decades ago. The day has turned into a premier marketing platform for selling a variety of goods and services, like office products, Greek yogurt and eco-dentistry.

Miami-Dade My Home The Office of the Property Appraiser is pleased to announce our new and improved 2014 version of the Property Search application. The Property Appraiser has considered and incorporated many of your suggestions in this new version, which is now available for preview. Please take this opportunity to provide us your comments and suggestions. Building upon the features available in the “Old Search”, the 2014 version incorporates the following: Mobile friendly designDetailed Land, Building, and Extra Features informationFull list of ownersComplete list of property addressesImproved owner name and address search capabilityNew detailed reportNew imagery and map features: View angle (oblique) view of property Geo-zoom feature View various geographic boundaries, such as: municipality, commission districts, and zoning Link to Google Street View For a limited time, users will continue to have access to all three versions of the Property Search. pa

code zen » actionscript Wow, cant believe its that time already. 2010 was a pretty great year for me. In Nov 2009 I moved to the User Experience team hoping to be the voice of technology as new projects were conceived and features enhanced. So the year began with me learning the workings of the UX team which was fascinating. The creative process is, not surprisingly, very different from the engineering one, and sitting in those sessions was ridiculously educational. CIM has some pretty fantastic Design and IA folks and I got to learn quite a bit on concepts such as Mental Models, Task oriented design, User Persona’s etc. Suffice to say, if the year needed to be summarized in a word, it would be “educational” Around Feb, I also got involved in a prototype for the project that is now the Xfinity iPad app. While I didn’t write as much code for it as the iPad, I have also become extremely passionate about the Android platform. Finally, looking ahead, 2011 seems to be at a great start.

Color Principles - Hue, Saturation, and Value Color Principles - Hue, Saturation, and Value Purpose To develop an understanding of various models of color and the properties of color and to apply that understanding to appropriate color selection for visualizations. Overview The lesson material explains various color models and the application of color theory to selecting color for visualizations. Topics Scientific Visualization: Color models Science: Electromagnetic Spectrum NC Scientific Visualization Objectives 4.03 Identify and explain visual properties of objects NC Physics Goals and Objectives Goal 7: The learner will develop an understanding of wave motion and the wave nature of sound and light. Tools Any graphics package which allows color selection. Teacher Information In order to understand color, students need to develop their understanding of light and vision. References The Electromagnetic Spectrum Site ... A web book on visual perception by Peter Kaiser at

US Energy Information Administration Release Date: October 10, 2013 for Final 2012 data Next Release Date: September 2014 Re-Release 2012 data: December 4, 2013 (CORRECTION) The survey Form EIA-860 collects generator-level specific information about existing and planned generators and associated environmental equipment at electric power plants with 1 megawatt or greater of combined nameplate capacity. Summary level data can be found in the Electric Power Annual. Detailed data are compressed (zip) and contain the following files: LayoutYyy – Provides a directory of all (published) data elements collected on the Form EIA-860 together with the related description, specific file location(s), and, where appropriate, an explanation of codes. Superseded Form EIA-860A (Utility) & B (Non-Utility) -- Retired Annual Electric Generator Report 860-A (Utility) Data are compressed into a zip file that expands into xls data files and a txt layout file:

In this article it shows the global warming happening in the world. Global emissions has jumped up 3% in 2011 and is supposed to jump 2.6% in 2012. Even though the emissions are rising in some parts of the world, still some parts of the world is decreasing in omissions because of the region their in. by mkaululaau Jan 16