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The Daily Puppy
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Giant Dogs Amazing Giant Dogs Every year there are millions of puppies born, some grow to be small, some grow to be big big and becomes unusual Giant Dogs. Sometimes seems like fake or real. Have a look and decide. Be Sociable, Share! How to Work Full Time & Crate Train a Puppy If you have made a decision to crate train your puppy, and you have a full-time job, you have made a wise decision. During the time you are away from home, a puppy that is left up to his own devices will become bored and will find any way that he sees fit to entertain himself. Not only can this scenario be dangerous, it can also be costly if he finds comfort in shredding your home furnishings. Not to mention, you may find that housebreaking your puppy is next to impossible, because he will be spending the better part of the day relieving himself wherever he chooses. But, by using a crate and following the proper crate training guidelines, you can set the groundwork for a healthy relationship between you and your puppy, which will eliminate many of the stresses that are often associated with pet owners that work full-time hours. Skill level: Moderately Challenging Things you need Appropriately sized crate Leash Treats Toys Stuffed animal Worn T-shirt Neighbour or dog sitter

16 Pics Sleeping Puppies "If you think dogs can't count, try putting three dog biscuits in your pocket and then giving Fido only two of them." ~ Phil Pastoret Exhausted Puppy Soft by seanhfoto Handfuls of Snuggliness by Dan Toast! Dog's Life by Mikey Hennessy Sleepy Time by orclimber Photo credits: Animal Wallpapers,, The World Best Photos of Puppies,

Puppies and dogs - Diets start of content PDSA's Care Advice The ideal diet for your puppy or dog PDSA advises that feeding a complete, commercial dog food is preferable to a homemade diet. It is not easy to achieve the correct balance of nutrients if you make a dog’s diet yourself. Treats should only be given for training purposes or on a very occasional basis, and on days when a treat is fed, the amount of food given in the dog’s main meal should be reduced. Puppies When should a puppy start to eat solid food? Puppies are usually ready to eat solid food when they are about five weeks old. How often should I feed my puppy? Owners often ask us 'How often should I feed my puppy?' Dogs What should I feed my dog? Your dog needs a healthy, balanced diet that meets all their nutritional needs. Feeding a complete, commercial dog food is normally preferable to a homemade diet. Do dogs of different ages need different food? Several leading brands of commercially available dog food offer different foods for different life stages.

60 Examples of Dog Photography Dogs are of the first animals to be domesticated by man and over the years have become known as mans best friend for their loyalty and affection. Dogs are of the first animals to be domesticated by man and over the years have become known as mans best friend for their loyalty and affection. Over the years they have shown there usefulness be it in hunting, for company or for guarding, they have become vital to our society too. Due to their excellent sense of smell and hearing certain dogs are used in the police force, other breeds are used as guide dogs, to heard animals as well as help the fire department. These magnificent animals have helped save many lives among other feats and therefor we have gathered 60 photos of man’s best friend, hope you enjoy and leave us your opinions. ZZZzzz by Deimos2 Little Shark by jevigar Siberian Huskies 1628 by Sooper-Husky one for the weekend by spyed Dog by Celesta Danger Advertising by Jonathan Chapman Dog – she is just a wonderful by Patrycja Makowska

cute puppie love Funny Underwater Dog Pictures Great collection by Seth Casteel Award-winning photographer Seth Casteel has been featured on GOOD MORNING AMERICA, EXTRA, CNN WORLD REPORT, THE TODAY SHOW, JEOPARDY! and in TIME Magazine. As one of the most published pet photographers in the world, his work can be seen in hundreds of magazines, calendars, posters, books and TV shows. Seth has also had the privilege of working with and photographing a variety of celebrities including Cesar Millan, Ellen DeGeneres, Amy Smart, Denise Richards, Perez Hilton, the cast of TWILIGHT and the cast of GLEE. Buy Underwater Dogs Book from Amazon ( US | UK ) puppy love theme-201597-1230259247 rescued dogs experience sunlight and grass 1st time Ever wonder what an animal whose whole life has been dedicated to pharmaceutical research looks like when and if it is ever let out of a cage? Reports HuffPo: Forty male beagles raised inside a lab in Spain arrived in Los Angeles last week where they will be put up for adoption after being freed from captivity by the Beagle Freedom Project.The rescue mission is the largest yet for the group Animal Rescue Media Education (ARME). A total of 72 dogs were rescued in the effort, 32 of them having already been adopted in Europe, according to NBC Los Angeles.ARME’s Beagle Freedom Project spokesman Gary Smith said the beagles, all between ages 4 and 7, had lived in cages their entire lives.“We’ve been told they lived one per cage in rooms of 10 beagles, but they never had any physical interaction with one another,” Smith told the station. If you love dogs and can get past the cheesy music at the beginning, the video after the jump will absolutely melt your heart. (Jezebel via Anna Holmes)

Cheetah and Dog Celebrate One Year of Friendship © Busch Gardens Tampa Bay Cats and dogs are usually thought of as obvious enemies -- but for one young cheetah and his canine companion, life as friends has never been better. Last year, visitors to Busch Gardens Tampa Bay were first introduced to an adorable pair of newborns -- a tiny cheetah cub named Kasi, and a yellow-lab puppy named Mtani. Although they shared little in common beyond the timing and circumstances of their birth, the bonds of friendship soon proved too strong to be diminished by their differences. “They absolutely love each other,” said one zoo official. In fact, 12 months on, the cheetah-puppy relationship seems destined to be a lifelong one yet. For most of their young lives, Kasi and Mtani have resided together at Busch Gardens, playing and napping together in an unlikely display of cat-dog solidarity, much to the delight of park guests. According to zoo officials, cheetahs are highly social animals and are want to form strong companionships with their peers.