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English as a Lingua Franca - What is ELF? English as a Lingua Franca (ELF) refers to the use of English as a medium of communication between peoples of different languages. We include as potential ELF users both those who speak English as an additional language and those who speak English (in any of its social, regional and national varieties) as their main language. So, if you are speaking English with another student who speaks English as an additional language, whether or not English is your main language, you are both using ELF (VOICE/FAQ 2009). ELF has been studied by linguists interested in how its grammar, vocabulary and pronunciation is different from other varieties of English (Seidlhofer 2005). TECHNOCLILEVO16: Primary school Hi everyone! I think that Flipped Classroom is a way to change teaching, but... it's difficult to use in Primary school, isn't it? For better didactic planning I want to share some previous questions that teachers have to suppose.

The 9 best alternatives to Photoshop Photoshop is so ubiquitous these days that, like Google, it's become a verb, so 'to Photoshop' has became shorthand for editing an image. This might give the impression that Adobe's got the market sewn up with its Creative Cloud packages – but that's not actually the case. In fact, the backlash against Adobe's move to the Creative Cloud has helped spur on the wide, and increasingly wider, range of alternatives to Photoshop. Whether you're looking elsewhere because you can't afford the subscription, or you want to support smaller development houses, or you just don't need all the millions of features that come with Photoshop CC, there are a number of options open to you. Promotion

Welcome to App Inventor Edu The First Lady of the Federal Republic of Nigeria and ITU Child Online Protection Champion, Dame Patience Goodluck Jonathan celebrates the winning team of the just concluded Technovation Challenge in Nigeria. She applauded the feat of these young girls who developed a mobile app to track traffic offenders in Nigeria. The team were also presented to the European parliament( External Links icon ) on 25th of April by the Secretary General of ITU, Dr Hamadoun I.

Article: Planning CLIL lessons By John Clegg To overcome the language barrier, CLIL teachers need to plan their lessons to include language support as well as content teaching. John Clegg explores the strategies that can be applied. Teaching in L1 If you teach a subject in the first language (L1) of your learners – or in a language in which they are fluent – there are some things which you normally feel you can count on.

Download SnagIt for Free - Full Licensed Version SnagIt is the best screen capture software for Windows (and a Mac version is in the work). Learn how to download SnagIt for free with a legal license key from TechSmith. TechSmith is giving away fully licensed copies of SnagIt screen capture software for free – no strings attached. To see what SnagIt can do, read these SnagIt Tips and Tricks. Other than regular screenshots, SnagIt can capture scrolling long web pages, extract text from windows, annotate images and more.

Students favour online technology in 'flipped' classroom models Kimberley Santos, 15, uses online technology at home to help with her studies. Photo: Kate Geraghty School's in but dad ran over the iPad As school kicks off for another year, an increasing number of teachers are ditching traditional teaching models for "flipped" classroom programs, which rely on engagement with online learning content at home. First real alternative to Photoshop launched... and it's free! We're big fans at Creative Bloq of Affinity Designer, a low-price but high-end Mac alternative to Adobe Illustrator launched last June. And we're not alone: Apple, for example, awarded it the number 2 Mac app of 2014, and designers have generally given it the thumbs up. So we're excited to see that the company behind it, Serif, is today launching a rival to Photoshop, Affinity Photo, in free beta. What's more, Serif isn't aiming to just replicate Photoshop, or create a cut-down version. It's actively aiming to steal Adobe's market by creating a product that they claim is better than Photoshop in a number of ways. Faster codebase

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