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Craft Supplies & Wedding Supplies - Factory Direct Craft

Craft Supplies & Wedding Supplies - Factory Direct Craft

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DIY outdoor lighting ideas – How to make creative garden lanterns These pretty diy outdoor lighting ideas will create a great atmosphere for your garden party. You can easily make the first project just by using milk cartons, tissue paper and colored ribbons. Equipped with a party light chain from the hardware store, they produce a soft and beautiful light. They are also a great conversation starter because all your guests will be astonished and ask: Where did you get them? Discount Home Decor - Discount Window Curtains From Dollar General Discount Home Decor from Dollar General It’s the little things that can make a house a home and Dollar General has a wide range of discount home decor that can turn a cold living space into a comfortable household. Don’t settle for living in a set of empty rooms! Consider our home decorating ideas like adding discount home decor that’ll give your dwelling a warm, comfortable feel without spending a fortune.

Operation Organize: How to Keep Your Home Sparkling It’s hard to believe that spring is only a few days away. I hope you’re as excited as I am for sunny skies, spring fashion, and fresh, seasonal produce. And then there’s spring cleaning… I know I might be the only one who actually gets excited at the thought of scrubbing and dusting. But even if you’re not as obsessed with organization as I am, spring cleaning doesn’t have to be scary. One of the biggest tips I’ve learned as a lifelong neat freak is that if you keep up with routine chores on a regular basis, things will never get out of hand.

Nature sunshine herbal remedies at wholesale, full line of herbal supplements SYSTEM: Respiratory CATEGORY : Organ NUMBER: Two SHAPE: Soft, spongy and coned shaped (see Lungs Title Page) SIZE: The right lung has three lobes and is larger, wider and shorter than the left. How to make your own flameless outdoor lighting for a wedding! Happy Friday Everyone! I hope you all enjoyed the fabulous ‘my beloved’ shoot this week… I know I did! In the shoot I incorporated this easy way to light any outside area – hanging battery operated tea lights!

Online Thrift Shop sales Some charity shops also sell a limited range of new goods which may be branded to the charity, or have some connection with the cause the charity supports. Other stores may sell new Halloween supplies and decorations where old vintage clothes are popular for use as costumes. Thrift stores sales are an amazing resource for getting great, high-quality, unique and inexpensive clothes and other household items. Often, the offerings are perfectly good things that somebody else has outgrown or simply grown tired of and discarded simply because it no longer fits or flatters its original owner, or simply because it's last year's style.

Small Living Room Ideas: 10 Ways to Furnish & Lay Out 100 Square Feet No matter the overall size of your home, you are often working in a limited area within the larger space. In my apartment, the main seating area is a 10x10 square which sort of floats at one end of a long, narrow room and includes this fireplace as the focal point. I created 10 very varied floorplans of furniture groupings and layout options for my space using an online program — it was an interesting and enlightening exercise, one that you may want to try yourself... Previous image Next image

Fairytale, Gothic, Bohemian and Historically inspired, alternative clothing and bridal wear. The Dark Angel Fairytale, Gothic, Bohemian and Historically inspired, alternative clothing and bridal wear from The Dark Angel Gallery Copyright © 2012 The Dark Angel and Rivendell Studios Glass Garden Balls DIY Part 1 By special and numerous requests, here you are, the first tute for my glass garden balls! My blog header shows my love of cobalt blue glass and I've added that love of blue glass to my garden art. Years ago my family got me a big blue gazing ball for my daisy flowerbed and I knew I wanted more, more, more! But hey, those gazing balls are not cheap and they are surprisingly fragile.