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3 top tools every 3D artist should know about Which 3D tools are the best on the market? That's a difficult question to answer definitively, but what we can tell you is which ones artists like the most. That's because every year, the CG Awards sees the industry vote for their favourite tech. Win clients & work smarter with our FREE ebook: get it now! This year's awards – which honour both software and the artists that use it – are now open for nominations (details here), so you can nominate your favourites today at Promotion In the meantime, here are the tools that were voted overall winner and runners up, respectively, in last year's awards... 01. Allegorithmic has a reputation for working closely with its customers, a process continued through the ongoing public beta of Substance Painter, its innovative 3D painting app tailored to the needs of game artists. Also read: How to create a 3D leak effect with Substance Painter 02. Read the full review of Chronosculpt here 03. The CG Awards 2015

20 Beautiful Adobe Illustrator Tutorials If you want to create distinctive vector artwork, then Adobe Illustrator is the best tool. If you don`t have inspiration, below you can see 20 great tutorials. Have fun. How to Make a Map in Illustrator How to Create Blueprint-Style Text How to Create Anatomy Illustrations Create Your Own Spoof Airplane Safety Illustrations How to Create a Crazy Cool Logo How To Create a Repeating Camo Pattern How to Create Farmville Type Effect How To Design a Print Ready Letterhead & Comp Slip How to Create Vector Clouds How To Create a Gothic Blackletter Typographic Design How To Create a Fun Cartoon Style Poster Design How To Design a Sweet Linework & Typography Combo Create a Color Picker Icon How to Create an Iconic Poster Design Design a Vintage Poster with Vector Pack 16 Create a 3D Vector Labyrinth Create a Mummy Text Effect Create Grainy Textures Creating Seamless Textures Quick Tutorial: Create Chunky Buttons Create a Polished Raised Type Treatment

Wind Powered Walking Sculptures Theo Jansen is a talented Dutch artist that creates kinetic sculptures which resemble animals and are able to walk using the power of wind. Eventually, the artist wants to release these creatures out in herds on the beaches and allow them to live their own lives. [more info] Melissa - We Are Flowers on Behance Melissa - Soho 102 Greene St, New York, NY 10012 3000 sq. ft. 2014 Photos: Alan Tansey We were excited to combine our exploration of technology and craft with the delicate nature of the We Are Flowers collection by Melissa. The engineered nature of the installation is tempered by the delicacy and exuberance of the thousands of colorful petals we have attached to the surface.

Password Strength Meter design pattern The currently entered password in the password field is measured on an often horizontal scale from none to max security. If the password is weak then only a small portion of the horizontal bar is highlighted, and oppositely if the password is strong then a larger portion of the horizontal bar is highlighted. The password strength is also appropriately indicated by coloring the bar in a color associative with good or bad: Green indicating a strong password and red indicating a weak password. How strong a password? The definition of a strong password can be intensely argued. A forced complex password at first glance only spells increased security, but forcing too complex and rigid rules on the complexity of a chosen password can have the opposite effect. What is a strong password? With the above mentioned in mind, I should stress that a sufficiently strong password does not necessarily need to fulfill all of the rules below, but merely a few will do. Dictionary attacks

Digital Photography Tutorials Learn how to take and edit digital photographs using visual tutorials that emphasize concept over procedure, independent of specific digital camera or lens. This is a complete listing of all tutorials on this site; click the drop-down links in the top menu to see particular topics. Photography is going through an exciting transition period as many film photographers are beginning to explore the new capabilities of digital cameras. While the fundamentals have remained similar, other aspects are markedly different. These tutorials are rarely influenced by changes in image editing software and camera equipment — due to their unique concept-based approach. View in other languages: Português Русский Deutsch Français Italiano

so mature Миниатюрная квартира, в которой жить – одно удовольствие Присоединяйтесь к нам в Facebook и ВКонтакте Крутая квартира, 30 квадратных метров Как сделать интерьер квартиры действительно крутым, если её площадь равна всего 30-ти квадратным метрам? Эффективное зонирование Уютное зонирование в однушке Небольшая 30-метровая квартирка находится на Манхэттене. Эффективное зонирование Хозяин жилища хотел иметь единое пространство, но в то же время, ему хотелось уединить зону спальни. В малогабаритке удалось разместить удобное рабочее место Борьба с недостатком света Много источников света Несмотря на то, что в малогабаритке есть два окна, они выходят на северную сторону и не спасают от недостатка освещения в квартире. Интерьер получился светлым и воздушным Цветовые пятна В целях создания единого светлого пространства архитекторы оформили интерьер в белой цветовой гамме, сбалансировав её вкраплениями натурального дерева. Стильный интерьер малогабаритки Функциональное хранение Хранению в этой квартире уделили особое внимание. Зона кухни и столовой

5 rules for visual direction in interaction design | UX | Page 2 03. Ensure visual consistency Consistency is important in all aspects of interaction design, not just visuals. However, inconsistencies in visuals are glaring (just check out the The World's Worst Website Ever to get a vision of design hell). Consistency creates a sense of logic in how your site is designed and arranged, which creates a more gratifying experience (and we all know happy users are returning users). People prefer consistency because, as we mentioned before, it improves predictability (which increases learnability). The trouble with inconsistency is that it increases the "cognitive load." Consistency creates a sense of logic in how your site is designed and arranged Every inconsistency forces the user to stop and process what the difference means, why it's different, and how it affects their behavior. For instance, radio buttons in one section of an interface that allow for a single selection shouldn't allow multiple selections in other sections. 04. 05. Takeaways

Archinect | Connecting Architects Since 1997 27 комнат мечты. Интерьеры, в которых захочется пищать от восторга. | Agligator Думаете, дизайн интерьера это легко? Создание идеальной комнаты это сложнейшая задача. Каждая из этих комнат идеальна по-своему, из них точно не захочется уходить. Они сочетают в себе идеальное расположение, виды, дизайн и мебель, чтобы создать особенное и уникальное место. Не имеет значения, что вам нравится. Вы можете почитать книгу… или наслаждаться видом долины. Кинотеатр-кровать. Кому нужна стена, когда у вас есть океан? Надеюсь, вам нравится дерево. Немножко завидно. Стена-радуга. Хотите, прилягте поспать или поплавайте в бассейне… в одной и той же комнате. Скромная хижина посреди гор. Здравствуй, прекрасное ночное небо. Даже выглядит уютно. Потрясающий уголок, его можно использовать для всего. Признайтесь, хотите же себе такое? Любите книги? Органично вписывающийся в середину комнаты душ. :) Много подушек не бывает! Невозможно провести плохой вечер в такой комнате. Растения, растущие прямо на полу это круто! Но на свежем воздухе ещё лучше. Расслабляюсь, даже когда просто смотрю на это фото.

The 10 best new web design tools in March On account of not really being a tool it's not on the main list, but a special shout out this month goes to I am the fold. You might say it's a tool for your brain that teaches about the perils of designing for the fold; each line on the page is a kind of shadow left by a previous visitor representing their viewport height. There are lots and lots of lines on that page, appearing in a great variance of positions. Win clients & work smarter with our FREE ebook: get it now! Also new is, a searchable repository of open source libraries, frameworks and modules that's useful for discovering things. Event promotion Beyond those, great slew of utilities emerged this month for helping you out with colour schemes, menus, mockups, deployment and more. 01. Disappointed with HTML5 <datalist> due to inconsistency across browsers and a lack of customisability, Lea Verou wrote her own autocomplete widget. 02. This is one of the smartest colour scheme generators we've seen. 03. 04. 05.