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Digital Asset Management, Open Source, Media Asset Management, Software, Systems, System, DAM, Solution

Digital Asset Management, Open Source, Media Asset Management, Software, Systems, System, DAM, Solution
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Open Source Digital Asset Management (DAM) Software Reviews In this article, we introduce the main open source DAM solutions that are currently available (16 at the latest count). Most products mentioned here are primarily web based. In some cases desktop clients may also be provided as an alternative mode of interaction also. In determining which products are suitable to have the description Open Source applied, we have assessed each vendor to identify if they use a licence that is OSI approved as the main criteria for inclusion. We intend to keep this page up to date with new entrants to the market and adjust reviews based on deeper investigation of each product and any information that might come to light. Any vendors who are not listed and believe they should be included may contact us using our contact form and request a listing. If you are already listed and want a logo entry, please add you details to the DAM vendor directory on the Digital Asset Management News site. Pure Web DAM ECM Suites With DAM Modules Preservation DAM Pure Web DAM

ResourceSpace: Metadata Concept Metadata is central to the management and organisation of resources using ResourceSpace. See also Fixed List Metadata. Many other DAM systems place resources on a tree type structure, as with a typical file system on a PC. This works to a point, but it only allows each resource to be classified in one way. For example, a resource taken in Africa can be placed in an 'Africa' folder. If this also needs to be classified in a different way, e.g. by subject, emotion, project, size and so on, it cannot simultaneously exist in a different folder without duplication. Using metadata as the primary organisation method allows resources to be classified in many different ways simultaneously, to the point that a static tree structure becomes obsolete. Searching therefore becomes the primary method of finding resources. Crucially, Collections are not a means of organising your resources.

artoo · The client-side scraping companion. The client-side scraping companion artoo is a piece of JavaScript code meant to be run in your browser's console to provide you with some scraping utilities. This nice droid is loaded into the JavaScript context of any webpage through a handy bookmarklet you can instantly install by dropping the above icon onto your bookmark bar. Bootcamp Now that you have installed artoo let's scrape the famous Hacker News in four painless steps: Copy the following instruction. Go to Hacker News. That's it. * If you need a more thorough scraper, check this out. Features Disclaimer Please note that artoo has been built having Chrome and Chromium in mind. If you think this is unfair and feel that some features can be ported to other browsers, please report it and we'll find a solution together. Philosophy « Why on earth should I scrape on my browser? The only problem with this process is that, nowadays, websites are not just plain html. Aren't we trying to rebuild web browsers? Contribution Authors

NotreDAM | Open Source Digital Asset Management activae Aug 7 La nueva versión incluye correcciones menores en las descargas de librerías así como mejora en las instrucciones rápidas de instalación. Para descargar y probar la última versión, haga clic en el siguiente enlace: activae-0.9-6-20120807.tar.gz Un saludo a todos. Dec 12 Participar en el proyecto Activae es un proyecto abierto a todo el mundo. Como responsables del proyecto, valoramos especialmente propuestas de mejoras encaminadas a tener un producto estable. Para estar seguro de que podemos aceptar e incluir su contribución, las contribuciones al proyecto Activae deben seguir las condiciones de autorización siguientes: Responsable actual del proyecto El responsable actual del proyecto es Manuel Domínguez Dorado, Responsable de la Oficina de Gestión de Proyectos de CENATIC. Apr 6 Buenas, en el número de Abril de LinuxGazette aparece un artículo sobre el proyecto Activae. Podéis acceder al artículo (es en inglés) en el siguiente enlace: Feb 7 Un saludo.

BitAuth, for Decentralized Authentication | The BitPay Blog Today, BitPay is excited to announce our proposal for a new passwordless authentication protocol, based on the same cryptography used in the Bitcoin protocol. By eliminating server-side storage of passwords, we can drastically reduce the impact of a compromised server. We’ve given long and careful thought to how best to protect the security of our customers’ data, of especially critical importance when dealing with financial information. Existing authentication schemes that you might be familiar with include username and password, client-side SSL certificates, or even shared secrets — in the end of our review, we found each of these to be lacking in various ways, so we made the decision to build BitAuth. View BitAuth on GitHub »install via npm: npm install bitauth BitAuth is a way to do secure, passwordless authentication using the same elliptic-curve cryptography as Bitcoin. Introducing the SIN base58check( 0x0F + 0x02 + ripemd160( sha256( k1 ) ) How BitAuth Works Drop-In Libraries

Free and Open Source ASP.NET Digital Asset Management (DAM) FocusOPEN Digital Asset Manager ™ is one of the few open source .NET digital asset management systems engineered for serious business use. It has been refined over three major technology iterations from client/server desktop application, Classic ASP web based system and since 2005 as a full .NET enterprise class application. Open Source And Free Of Charge The Open Source Edition is distributed under an Affero General Public Licence (AGPL) and is completely free of charge. You can download it, deploy it and start using it right away by registering here. Registrants also receive many other complimentary benefits such as access to our online Help Centre, free product upgrades and discounts on our own and compatible third-party software. Community Help Forums, Developer Wiki & Advanced User Documentation FocusOPEN Open Source Edition is supported by a fast-growing user community who shape the future direction of FocusOPEN with their valuable feedback and input. What's Next?

EnterMedia - Extensions - Adobe Connector - Extensions - EnterMedia Adobe InDesign and EnterMedia Silicon Publishing is a company that specializes in building solutions based on the Adobe InDesign platform. Silicon Connector for EnterMedia allows users to connect Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator files to EnterMedia assets in a direct way. By simply dragging the asset out of the DAM and into the InDesign document, a direct link is created. By default, InDesign's links are file-system based. Connector removes this constraint, allowing you to work directly with EnterMedia assets. Skip the Downloads Without Connector, InDesign users would typically have to download graphics in their InDesign document. Silicon Connector lets you link in a fast and efficient way to EnterMedia assets, which are accessed as URLs. Fulfilling the DAM Vision When DAMS were created, one of the primary goals was to keep key assets in a single location where the entire organization could be sure that they were always using the latest, approved version.

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