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Modular Robotics

Modular Robotics

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Scientific Blogging: programmable sheet self-folds into a boat- and into a plane-shape. Sign In | Support | Create Your Own Channel programmable sheet self-folds into a boat- and into a plane-shape. About this Video Submitted By: Editor on June 28, 2010 About the Video: courtesy of Robert Wood, Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, and Daniela Rus, MIT.Movie: A programmable sheet self-folds into a boat- and into a plane-shape. Hosted At Magnify | 426 views

SAM Science Museum Inventor Kit Have you ever had an idea for an awesome gadget, interactive project or invention but you’ve been scared off by hours of soldering or tons of wires? The SAM Science Museum Inventor Kit means you can forget all of that, for good. With this kit you’ll find yourself instantly creating 5 STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) activities and seamlessly connecting them to the Internet with no previous coding or electronics skills required and there are many more activities to discover online. This kit allows children as young as 7, teenagers and adults to start getting into electronics, understand the basics of coding and become the inventors of tomorrow. With this kit you will: - master Morse code - make electronic songs - keep your treasures safe with alarm systems - give life to your drawings with sounds - get your groove on with a mini drum machine In seconds you’ll be building Internet connected projects, learning and having fun while bringing out the inventor in you.

View topic - LiquidTWI: High-performance LCD library for I2C Backpack Module I like fast things. And I like clean code. Often, the two go hand-in-hand ;) After looking through the modified LiquidCrystal library for use with the i2c backpack and darn near crying when I saw all the faux digitalRead() and pinMode() being done on each transfer, I was bound and determined to never let that happen to another friendly Arduino user again. I first made a proof of concept modification to the library to "burst" all the "LiquidCrystal::send" bits instead of digitalWrite()'ing them out one at a time (read I2C, modify, write... read, modify, write... read, modify, write... read, modify, write - over 16 I2C commands for each single character). It worked great.

Liquid Wood: 100% Organic replacement for everything plastic German inventors have developed a new material which holds the promise of replacing everything plastic with something as natural as wood. The material in question is called the Arboform. It is produced after combining lignin, a discarded element of regular wood with natural resins, flax and fiber. Arboform can be molded into any object form which is normally made using non-biodegradable petroleum products. nootropic design Description Toolduino is a simple software tool that lets you easily interact with your Arduino hardware so you can test the circuits you create. Toolduino is written in the Processing languange and is available for Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. Toolduino uses the the Arduino library for Processing to communicate with an Arduino board so you can manipulate output pins and read inputs. The Arduino must be running the Firmata firmware that comes with the Arduino IDE.

Innovator Under 35: Pieter Abbeel, 33 Instead of programming robots to handle each step of a new job, Pieter Abbeel, an assistant professor at UC Berkeley, has created robots that can observe humans demonstrating a task and then mimic them, or learn from pictures how to handle a piece of flexible material they've never seen before. His robots have learned to perform flying acrobatics, tie surgical sutures, and neatly sort socks. Abbeel's key innovation was to program the robots so that they can reliably infer the underlying intent of their instructors, filtering out the "noise"—irrelevant variations, or even slight mistakes, in the instructors' demonstrations. Each robot is usually shown around 10 demonstrations before it can extract general rules of behavior. Even without an instructor, it can sometimes work out what to do.

Science Wiz : Inventions Kit to build a motor, telegrapsh, radio, and generator includes a Book, Internet videos, animations and APPS Ages 8 to 80 40 page science book with materials Major Awards Scientific American Young Reader's Book Award American Specialty Toy Association Award - Top Picks National Parenting Magazine Award: Gold Creative Child Magazine Award Funded by the National Science Foundation and the Franklin Foundation 4 Major Projects to Build i2c / SPI character LCD backpack [v1] ID: 292 - $10.00 LCD backpacks reduce the number of pins needed to connect to an LCD. LCDs are a fun and easy way to have your microcontroller project talk back to you. Character LCDs are common, and easy to get, available in tons of colors and sizes. We've written tutorials on using character LCDs with an Arduino (or similar microcontroller) but find that the number of pins necessary to control the LCD can be restrictive, especially with ambitious projects.

How Does a Touch Screen Phone Work? Ever wonder why some touch screen phones cost more than others? Or why you can't seem to get the touch screen on your smartphone to work if you're wearing a glove? Most people don't know that there are three different types of touch screen technologies available: resistive, capacitive, and infrared. Learn about the different benefits and capabilities to make sure you get the touch screen phone you're looking for. Grab the embed code below:

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Innovators Under 35 Three decades ago, the availability of many versions of DOS helped spark the boom in personal computers. Today, Robot Operating System, or ROS, is poised to do the same for robots. Morgan Quigley programmed the first iteration of what grew into ROS as a graduate student in 2006, and today his open-source code is redefining the practical limits of robotics. Since version 1.0 was released in 2010, ROS has become the de facto standard in robotics software. Cirkits: a sewable electronics kit for kids! by Cirkits Team Risks and challenges We're passionate about our product, but also recognize the challenges of working with a relatively new technology and fulfilling orders. Some bumps and challenges will inevitably occur and we have designed a number of contingency plans should we run into any roadblocks with our suppliers or producers. Our goal with Cirkits is to get as many children as possible exposed to sewable electronics and we see Cirkits as a start to achieving this goal. We are dedicated to providing you with the highest quality product we can make, but also recognize that Cirkits will possess a level of handmadeness unlike a commercially produced product you might purchase in a store. As full time students and professors we are dedicated to making this project a success, but recognize that it may at times delay our ability to respond to your questions or concerns.

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