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Cobian's site - Pentadactyl

Cobian's site - Pentadactyl
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██████ 免費的自動檔案同步 軟體:Allway Sync 5.5.8(中文版) 實作教學 電腦硬體即使技術再怎麼先進、使用者再怎麼愛惜,它們終歸是會隨著時間耗損的東西。電腦軟體系統即使再怎麼防護、使用者再怎麼高竿,它們也總是伴隨著崩潰、錯誤的可能性。所以狡兔有三窟,你的重要檔案也必須要有一個以上的備份處,才能應付各種不測風雲。 在現在這個以電腦為主要工作環境的時代,相信小至學生,大至各種企業主管都一定會有需要轉換不同電腦來完成工作的時候,這時檔案資料間如何方便的達成同步就變成一個可能困擾你的問題,如果能有一個軟體能幫助你自動且智能的完成資料同步,那麼一定可以節省你不少的時間,也讓工作間的轉換更能得心應手。 Allway Sync 5.5.8 是一款能夠幫助你方便的、自動的達到資料備份與檔案同步的免費軟體,它其實已經面市很多年了,目前不僅各項功能完善,提供了安全、簡單又具有特色的同步方式,而且對於繁簡中文也都有支援,趁著它最近推出了最新的5.5.8版,我們就來進行一個Step by Step的實作教學介紹。 Allway Sync 5.5.8: (內建中文語系,支援所有Windows系統) 基礎設定: 繁體中文的使用者在安裝Allway Sync時可能會出現亂碼,別緊張,還是可以繼續安裝,安裝完成後進入英文介面的主程式,選擇上方的「lanuage」—「chinese tradition」即可正常顯示繁體中文介面 。 因為大部分的中文說明都頗詳細,因此不重要或真的很簡單的我就省略不介紹。 第一步:設定要同步化的資料夾:你可以同時同步三個以上的文件夾 因為我需要在家裏、學校、圖書館間寫論文,在「我的文件」(My Document)裡有著需要備份的重要論文和參考資料,而且我也可能在上述三個地方隨時進行資料的增補或論文的寫作,於是我就需要將「我的文件」裡的資料進行備份與同步。 首先我到主介面的「工作」—「添加新的同步組」去增加一個新工作,下方就會出現一個新的工作標籤。 Allway Sync在這裡有一個很貼心的設定,它會出現一個小標籤告訴你下一步可以做什麼。 這時Allway Sync會提示你到左下角選「分析」,但是我們這裡先不理它,因為我還想要讓USB隨身碟也一起同步,所以我到論文研究的標籤上點滑鼠右鍵,選擇「進階」—「添加同步文件夾」,然後設定USB隨身碟裡面的「重要資料備份」為我的第二個「目標資料夾」。

Bare Metal Restore Solution GUI Backup Open Source GPL Recovery Workspace Macro Pro - Macro program, Windows Automation Software. Macro Software & Macro Recorder. Windows Macro & Automation Software. Workspace Macro Pro is a reliable and user-friendly Windows automation software and macro recorder. A simple 3-step process: New Save Run will get you started with this macro program. No programming required. You can also use many pre-defined automation templates like automate computer maintenance, automated FTP upload/download, Auto shutdown, Excel Data transfer & many more. Workspace Macro Pro features unique SMART Macro Technology®: SMART Macro Technology gives intelligence to your macros. (See our accuracy & reliability money back guarantee) Automate any simple or complex routine tasks with this macro software & Windows automation software. Use Workspace Macro Pro for all kinds of tasks. Other Key features: Workspace Macro Pro has everything that Workspace Macro recorder has, PLUS this macro software offers ability to edit & optimize recorded macros, faster Turbo speed option, macro templates, award winning macro editor and much more. Also see compare our macro software

eNaTIS -National Traffic Information System - Home DeltaCopy - Rsync for Windows Features Unlike "rsync", DeltaCopy is a only available for Windows and is tightly integrated with services available only on Microsoft platforms (XP, 2000, 2003, Vista, Windows 7 & 2008). Here is a list of features Incremental backup - Copies part of the file that is actually modified Task scheduler - Profiles in DeltaCopy can run based on a schedule Email notification - Administrators can receive email confirmation on successful as well as failed transfers One-click restore - Backed up files can be easily restored. Windows friendly environment - No need to manually modify configuration files or play around with command line options. Licensing DeltaCopy is freely available under GNU Public License version 3 along with source and is currently being maintained by Synametrics Technologies. System Requirements XP, 2000, 2003, 2008, Vista and Windows 7. How to use it DeltaCopy is based on a Client/Server model. Following steps show how to use DeltaCopy. To-do task on the server

FreeFileSync lawrencedol reviewed FreeFileSync: Thumbs up FFS is highly capable and very fast. More importantly, it's very reliable: I synchronize about 250K files daily, with typically a few thousand changed and about a 500 MB in size and it has yet to mess up. I used to use MS's SyncToy, but that name actually characterizes it all: a "toy". One of FFS's strengths is how well it handles conflicts, though I have occasionally wished it had a one-click-for-the-newest button, it's really easy to select a group of files and right-click to send them left or right. Also, FFS is orders of magnitude faster than MSST for high-latency drives, like WAN drives; synchronizations that would take several hours with MSST 2.1 completed in less than 20 minutes using FFS (and that was quite some versions of FSS ago). The UI is adequate, with some very minor shortcomings, like not being able to reorder the list of directories being synchronized.

Partclone WinBatch®, the batch language for Windows, your scripting solution.

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