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C# Tutorials (C#)

C# Tutorials (C#)
The C# tutorials provide an overview of the basics of the language and identify important language features. Each tutorial includes one or more sample programs. The tutorials discuss the sample code plus provide additional background information. See Also

Spring 3 Tutorials The Spring Framework is an open source application framework and Inversion of Control container for the Java platform. This page lists down all tutorials on this website available on this topic. This page will be updated everytime, I will write any post on Spring 3. Feel free to suggest topics you want to read more on. Hello world application Spring 3 mvc hello world application with maven and jstl Learn to create basic Spring mvc application using maven for dependency management. Best Practices 13 best practices for writing spring configuration files Spring beans, dependencies, and the services needed by beans are specified in xml configuration files or annotations. Spring core Spring bean scopes The beans in spring container can be created in five scopes. singleton, prototype, request, session and global-session. Spring bean life cycle call back methods Spring framework provides following 4 ways for controlling life cycle events of bean: Read more in above post. Spring beans autowiring Spring MVC

Delegates Tutorial (C#) This tutorial demonstrates the delegate types. It shows how to map delegates to static and instance methods, and how to combine them (multicast). Sample Files Further Reading Tutorial A delegate in C# is similar to a function pointer in C or C++. A delegate declaration defines a type that encapsulates a method with a particular set of arguments and return type. An interesting and useful property of a delegate is that it does not know or care about the class of the object that it references. Note Delegates run under the caller's security permissions, not the declarer's permissions. This tutorial includes two examples: Example 1 shows how to declare, instantiate, and call a delegate. In addition, it discusses the following topics: Delegates and Events Delegates vs. Example 1 The following example illustrates declaring, instantiating, and using a delegate. The use of delegates promotes good separation of functionality between the bookstore database and the client code. Output Code Discussion

Apprenez à développer en C# Vous avez entendu parler du langage C, du C++, et voilà qu'on vous présente maintenant le C# ! Encore un langage me direz-vous ? Oui, mais pas n'importe lequel ! Il existe beaucoup de langages de programmation, comme le C, le C++, Python, Java... Le C# (Prononcez "Cé charpe" ou "ci charpe" à l'anglaise), vous en avez peut-être entendu parler autour d’un café, ou bien rencontré un développeur qui en vantait les mérites ou peut-être vu une offre d’emploi intéressante sur le sujet… qui sait ? Bref, vous avez envie de découvrir et d'apprendre le C#. C’est justement l’objectif que se donne ce tutoriel. En lisant les chapitres les uns après les autres, vous : commencerez à découvrir ce qu'est vraiment le C#verrez les applications informatiques que nous pouvons réaliser avec et comment ce langage s'intègre dans un ensemble plus importantapprendrez réellement la syntaxe du C#découvrirez comment travailler avec des données afin de manipuler des fichiers ou de lire et écrire dans une base de données

Python Digital Image Processing 2Ed Gonzalez-woods Category: Technical Tag: Science/Engineering Posted on 2007-06-06, updated at 2013-06-28. By anonymous. Description Digital Image Processing 2Ed Gonzalez-woods Prentice Hall | ISBN 0201180758 | 2002 Year | PDF | 6,47 Mb | English | 190 Pages Prentice Hall | ISBN 0201180758 | 2002 Year | DjVu | 17,8 Mb | Russian | 1073 Pages Digital Image Processing has been the world-wide leading textbook in its field for almost 30 years. original site: full ebook russian translation size=17.8MB format=DjVu: or only first 3 chapters in english size=6.47MB format=pdf: can anyone find full ebook in english? Thanks a lot! Check it out, may be the full book vsu2all's link is also the EVALUATION, 3 chapter version! thanx Links

aem1k - crazy.min.js How to make an Adventure Game This article will cover what goes into the programming of an adventure game. The ideas will mostly be implementation agnostic but where code is provided or implementation specifics are discussed they use the Engine project from my book C# Game Programming as a base. All the code is available online under the MIT license. The ideas covered here are widely applicable, navigation meshes very much like the one described are used in games such as Baulder's Gate, Planescape Torment etc. and with very little tweaking such navigation meshes can be used for 3D games, inventory and dialogue systems are also common in games with RPG elements. What are Point and Click adventure games? Point and click adventure games were a popular genre of games in the early 1990s and have recently started to make a bit of a come back. Moving the mouse across items in the scene will highlight their names. Next to the commands panel there's an inventory panel which shows what Guybrush is currently carrying. 1.

Design Pattern A design pattern in architecture and computer science is a formal way of documenting a solution to a design problem in a particular field of expertise. The idea was introduced by the architect Christopher Alexander in the field of architecture[1] and has been adapted for various other disciplines, including computer science.[2] An organized collection of design patterns that relate to a particular field is called a pattern language. The elements of this language are entities called patterns. Each pattern describes a problem that occurs over and over again in our environment, and then describes the core of the solution to that problem, in such a way that you can use this solution a million times over, without ever doing it the same way twice. — Christopher Alexander[1] The usefulness of speaking of patterns is to have a common terminology for discussing the situations designers already see over and over. Overview[edit] A pattern must also explain when it is applicable. See also[edit]

The VB Programmer - Classic VB Tutorials The tutorials, how-tos, and code samples provided on this page are available free of charge (with the exception of the "Extras" section). You can use these as an on-line resource to access any individual topic on this page, as well as download any associated VB project files or other files associated with that individual topic for no cost whatsoever. This material is also available as a low-cost e-book and download package, featured on our Download Packages page. These tutorials were developed by Bruce Gordon, founder and president of The VB Programmer, LLC. A word about Classic Visual Basic (VB6). To see what others have said about the tutorials, check out our Feedback page.

Students create an account and verify your student status Individual Account Sign-up and have access to software programs immediately and at no cost. download software from the student catalog at no cost DreamSpark gives you the software and resources to learn, and get a head start in school or in your future career, all at no cost. Download what you need and have fun by creating applications, games and designs like you never could before. check if you can get more software through your school at no cost Enter your full school name below to see if your school has enrolled in aDreamSpark subscription. Access your university/school's DreamSpark WebStore or find out if your university/school is enrolled and has deployed a WebStore. Still can’t find your school? Send a message to the DreamSpark Support Team. For any questions related to your institutions WebStore, search for your school’s full name (e.g.

C# Tutorial: Dot Net Perls Customize Rollups Rollups consist of all the modules in Pure. There are two rollups available - a regular (responsive) one, and a non-responsive one. Alternate CDNs The main host for Pure is the Yahoo! Note: If the latest version of Pure is not yet on one of the alternate CDNs, please contact them to update to the latest version of Pure: 0.6.0. Individual Modules You can also pull in the following modules individually. Combo Handling Combo handling is a service where one or more modules can be loaded using a single HTTP request. Here's an example of a Yahoo! jsDelivr is an alternative CDN that supports combo handling. See the jsDelivr combo handler documentation to learn more about its features. Contribute on GitHub Pure is an open-source project under the BSD License.

Sonic Physics Guide - Sonic Retro ROM Hacks make the process of developing a functional Sonic game with unique art, enemies, and modifications much easier, since the game engine and basic mechanics are already functional. However, if the game requires a different game engine, modifying existing low-level assembly may be inappropriate, and some game designers might choose to program their own unique game engine. The physics of a game engine are rules that describe how to transform the player's input (either in the form of buttons, keyboard, or even a mouse if the designer feels inclined) into appropriate changes in the position of the sprites in the game (such as the Sonic sprite, or alternatively, how enemy sprites will respond). These physics guides will hopefully make the process of simulating the rules used in Sonic games easier. Since the rules themselves are independent of how they are implemented, many people choose programming languages such as Java, C, C++, Python, or a Lisp dialect to implement game physics.