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Material Design Toolkit - Android Apps on Google Play Bad attitude from Dev = no IAP from me I wouldn't mind paying (I have tons of paid apps and multiple live subscriptions to premium services) but the dev's attitude is pretty negative. Look at his replies to the comments of some people asking why basic functionality is gimped. Uninstalling and putting one star. Not all the money in the world's buying a good attitude. Les applications Windows s’invitent sous Chrome OS… grâce à VMware Chrome OS, le système d’exploitation web et cloud de Google, continue sa conquête du monde de l’informatique d’entreprise. VMware et Google lèvent aujourd’hui le voile sur un partenariat visant à adapter la solution de virtualisation desktop VMWare Horizon à Chrome OS. Un client VMware Horizon View 5.3 devrait rapidement faire son entrée sur le Chrome Web Store et pourra être utilisé directement sur les machines Chrome OS : les portables Chromebook et les miniPC Chromebox. Objectif affiché de ce partenariat : permettre l’utilisation des applications traditionnelles sous Chrome OS. Bref, permettre à l’offre de Google de faire fonctionner les logiciels Windows… avec tous les bénéfices de la virtualisation desktop. Un argument bien connu, puisque c’est celui utilisé dans le monde des clients légers ; celui d’une réduction massive du coût d’exploitation des postes de travail informatiques.

Join the Queues Using Messaging and SendGrid When building applications there are often many tasks you require your user to perform that can take up quite a lot of time. Processing avatar images, preparing large files for download or importing data from a series of connected accounts are all tasks that, whilst they might be essential, should feel quick and seamless for the user. Handling tasks such as these inside application logic may be fine at first, but at a certain scale, if you’re making users wait whilst their account information imports because you’ve got several processes tied up doing it, they’re going to start considering their options elsewhere and hey buddy, those options don’t include you. One of the ways to achieve this is to pass off this work to some background processes, often called ‘workers,’ that decide what they’re doing based on information they get from a message queue.

Create a Peter Max Cosmic Pop Art Style Artwork in Photoshop From Cosmic Pop art in the 60’s to neo Expressionism today, the colorful artworks of Peter Max have become an important part of the popular American culture. This tutorial is inspired in his works from the late 60’s, know as the Cosmic style that made him famous worldwide. This is a quite long tutorial, and for the sake of simplicity I will avoid explaining the basic use of tools and commands. Institut culturel de Google Google s'est associé à des centaines de musées, d'institutions culturelles et d'archives pour héberger en ligne des trésors culturels du monde entier. Grâce à une équipe dédiée d'ingénieurs, nous mettons au point des outils qui permettent aux acteurs du secteur culturel d'afficher en ligne les divers héritages culturels et de les rendre ainsi accessibles à tous. L'Institut culturel de Google vous permet d'avoir accès à des œuvres d'art, des monuments et des sites du patrimoine mondial, ainsi qu'à des expositions numériques qui vous en apprendront plus sur les archives d'institutions culturelles du monde entier. S'abonner à l'Institut culturel (Cultural Institute) sur YouTube Suivre l'Institut culturel (Cultural Institute) sur Google+

Cost Effective Messaging & Notifications for Applications Build scalability into your applications with cost-effective messaging and notification. Give your cloud-centric applications the flexibility that Internet-scale services require. SoftLayer Message Queue streamlines intra-application and inter-system communications, giving you more power to scale applications and workflows whenever, however needed. High Scalability One-to-many paradigm for independent modules or systems to communicate.

CALBRE to Keller Williams: Drop Dead I’ve been on the road driving all around Florida since Labor Day, so obviously, blogging has been light. But I was sent some news by a reader — again, the best informed audience in real estate — and I was really struck by the forceful language. CALBRE (California Bureau of Real Estate) has released a Licensee Alert on September 1 that poses some real challenges for some popular business models, particularly that of Keller Williams, the largest real estate company in the U.S. by agent count. The sub-heading, which pretty much tells you what the Alert is about reads as follows: Disciplinary Warning to Real Estate Salespersons Who Act, Conduct Themselves, and/or Advertise as “Independent” Real Estate Professionals — and a Simultaneous Caution to Brokers Who Allow or Support Such Practices Oh my.

Google Art Project et les lieux culturels français A ce jour, Google Art Project affiche 300 musées partenaires dans le Monde mais n’a convaincu que 20 institutions françaises. En plus des collections françaises, la plateforme mondiale culturelle du moteur de recherche propose 19 expositions virtuelles autour de ces institutions hexagonales partenaires. Une offre qui devrait s’étoffer avec l’installation à Paris du Centre culturel mondial de Google. Assemblée nationale Lien GAP Expositions virtuelles: Prompt 2 About Let’s be honest. All an SSH client really has to do is connect to your server, let you type some keys, and show you what comes back. Right? If that’s all it takes, what makes Prompt so good? It all comes down to four things: making SSH accurate, fast, helpful, and secure.

Sympathy vs. Empathy vs. Compassion - Operation Meditation - Operation Meditation Do you aspire to living a life of enlightenment? Acting for the good of others and not yourself is the cornerstone of an enlightened life and will put you on the path of contentment. There are many terms that are used to describe actions as they relate to other’s needs and suffering and they are often wrongly utilized. Do you know the difference between sympathy, empathy and compassion and how they may relate to your life choices? Sympathy – feeling sorry for another’s hurt Sympathy is feeling sorry for another’s hurt or pain.