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About Juxta is an open-source tool for comparing and collating multiple witnesses to a single textual work. Originally designed to aid scholars and editors examine the history of a text from manuscript to print versions, Juxta offers a number of possibilities for humanities computing and textual scholarship. As a standalone desktop application, Juxta allows users to complete many of the necessary operations of textual criticism on digital texts (TXT and XML). With this software, you can add or remove witnesses to a comparison set, switch the base text at will. Once you’ve collated a comparison, Juxta also offers several kinds of analytic visualizations.

20 Fun Free Tools for Interactive Classroom Collaboration The 2014 Gates Foundation report, Teachers Know Best: What Educators Want from Digital Instructional Tools, indicates that teachers want tools “supporting student collaboration and providing interactive experiences”. This doesn’t come as a big surprise since these types of tools are fun and engaging. They also support 21st century skills like collaboration, communication, and creativity.

8 Free Mind Map Tools & How to Best Use Them Advertisement Here’s the good news. Finally, we can be like Leonardo da Vinci’s in one small way. Who we are Learning is complex, learners are diverse, and ecosystems are intricate. The Navigated Learning Collaborative (NLC) was established with researchers, funders, educators, content providers, and implementers to co-create a free Navigator. Navigator is a platform for research and practice that, with an extensive curated catalog of content, enables the implementation of navigated learning in diverse settings. Collaborative partners use Navigator for free with their cohorts.

Seven Free Online Whiteboard Tools for Teachers and Students This afternoon through the Free Technology for Teachers Facebook page I received a request for some free whiteboard apps. All of the following seven tools can be used to draw and type on a whiteboard in your browser. With the exception of PixiClip all of these tools can be used collaboratively for brainstorming sessions. While PixiClip doesn't allow for collaboration it does have a voice-over capability.

How to build your collaboration footprint How to build your collaboration footprint Right now, there is one career-boosting habit that is guaranteed to add a bit of va va voom to your workplace mobility. Collaboration. Webex CISCO uputa_v2 Get ad free downloads and 1 TB of space. Learn More Webex CISCO uputa_v2.pdf File size: 5.28MB Uploaded: 2020-03-27 10:01:54 About PDF Formats An Excellent Interactive Whiteboard for Creating Tutorials for Your Students May , 2014Pixiclip is an excellent free web tool that provides users with a canvas where they can draw, sketch, narrate, and record their creations. This is an ideal whiteboard tool that you can use with your students to record explanations of processes or to create tutorials for flipped classroom materials. This interactive whiteboard allows you to upload images, draw sketches, add text, and record your voice. Pixiclip does not require you to have an account to use it but for you to save and later edit your creations you will need to register for free.

Real-time shared online whiteboard in your browser supporting up to forty users simultaneously. No need to install any software, compatible with modern browsers. Write and Sketch with you tablets PC digitizer or touch screen. Draw shapes or add pictures to your board. Integrated chat. Save your boards for later use. https secured connection. by missbenglishclass May 30

A real-time multi-user Whiteboard in your browser A multi-platform whiteboard compatible with any device running a modern browser. Teach, explain, sketch, for work, study, fun... by missbenglishclass May 30

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