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"The interest in game-based learning has accelerated considerably in recent years, driven by clear successes in military and industrial training as well as by emerging research into the cognitive benefits of game play. Developers and researchers are working in every area of game-based learning, including games that are goal-oriented; social game environments; non-digital games that are easy to construct and play; games developed expressly for education; and commercial games that lend themselves to refining team and group skills. At the low end of game technology, there are literally thousands of ways games can be — and are already being — applied in learning contexts. More complex approaches like role-playing, collaborative problem solving, and other forms of simulated experiences have broad applicability across a wide range of disciplines, and are beginning to be explored in more classrooms." - 2010 Horizon Report: K12 Edition

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Games in Schools 3rd round - updated course - EUN Academy “Computer games are the most powerful learning tool of our age.” Professor Henry James, MIT We are delighted to announce this 3rd round of the Games in Schools course with new content, activities, webinars and subtitles in French, Italian, Greek and Romanian. The course takes into account some of the more recent developments in the area of games-based learning including virtual and augmented reality, a bigger focus on mobile games for smartphones and tablets, as well as the newest games and hardware available on the market. Join us in this exciting MOOC for teachers exploring the potential of games-based learning in schools. The course will examine the opportunities but also challenges offered by integrating games into our teaching and learning and will provide practical examples of gaming tools and activities to use in your daily teaching practice.

The Purpose Effect - Book Review & Interview With Dan Pontefract We, at Learnnovators, are privileged to review Dan Pontefract‘s second book, “The Purpose Effect” that is scheduled to release on May 10, 2016. Below is our review of the book and an insightful interview with Dan… The sole reason for an organization to exist is to make a profit. And the sole reason for a person to go to work is to sustain themselves. If your thinking has been on these lines so far, then you couldn’t be more wrong. In his book, The Purpose Effect, Dan Pontefract brilliantly distils the malady that pervades many corporations today. Atom Smasher's Error Message Generator Copy this link to send this page to a friend: Do not link directly to the image! No Hot-Linking! Your link will not work! The 50 Best Videos For Teachers Interested In Gamification Image by Sezzles via Flickr Creative Commons Gaming in education is a really big deal, and a very fun way to get students more involved and interested in education. Board games, video games, even active outdoor games all have an important place in education, and these videos share more about their role in learning. Check out our list of 50 awesome videos for gaming teachers to discover what experts, teachers, and even students have to say about using games for education. Gabe Zichermann: How games make kids smarter : Check out Gabe Zichermann’s TED talk to find out how video games can actually make kids smarter and better problem solvers. Johnny Lee demos Wii Remote hacks : Check out this video to see how you can turn a cheap Wii Remote into a sophisticated educational tool.

Gamers Assembly 2016 : Conférences "Les jeux vidéo : de l'éducation à la culture" Upload Gamers Assembly 2016 Loading... Working... ► Play all Gamers Assembly 2016 : Conférences "Les jeux vidéo : de l'éducation à la culture" EDUCATE EVERYONE - Learnnovators Hyundai’s app prompted me to consider the relationship between e-learning and marketing in the corporate domain. Traditionally, e-learning (along with the rest of L&D) is inward focused; its specialists are charged with developing the capability of the organisation’s employees. In contrast, marketing is outward focused; its specialists are charged with attracting more customers.

Here are some cool Web 2.0 sites for young learners. Voki is certainly the first tool that you can use with your young learners. It's site where you can create your animated and speaking avatar, with your own voice or using your text-to speech application. you can fully customize your character and your voki character moves his head and eyes with the movement of the mouse. Kids love this!! THE FUTURE OF ENTERTAINMENT - Learnnovators In the space of a couple of weeks, I have previewed the future of entertainment twice. The first instance was at AFTRS in Sydney, where I attended a presentation of VR Noir: A Day Before The Night. Billed as an “interactive crime thriller”, this immersive virtual reality experience might best be described as a combination of a film and a game.

Free web tools for classroom educators TCEA sessions touch on doing more with less By Laura Devaney, Managing Editor Read more by Laura Devaney Free web tools help engage students of all ages. Although the 2011 Texas Computer Education Association (TCEA) conference urges educators to explore how limitless technology can transform education, presenters and attendees also acknowledge the tough budget situation that schools across the nation are facing. Gamification: Using game-like elements to redesign our classrooms What is gamification? There’s been a pretty big hype lately about “gamification” in both the business and education spheres. Gamification is a fancy term for the use of game design, mechanics, and frameworks in non-game applications and settings to get individuals to change behavior, learn skills, or engage in a particular topic.

GAMIFICATION FOR CORPORATE LEARNING - Learnnovators This is the first in a series of articles about gamification and how it can be best leveraged within organizations. The series starts with a definition of gamification, and further defines two types of gamification. Then it discusses the engagement aspects of gamification, the possibilities of gamification, and some mistakes often made by organizations attempting gamification for the first time. To understand the impact and potential impact of gamification on the learning and development side of an organization, it’s important to establish some definitions. A common language is key to conveying to heads of business units and others how you would like to leverage gamification for learner success.

100+ Google Tricks for Teachers It's Google's world, we're just teaching in it. Now, we can use it a little more easily. With classes, homework, and projects–not to mention your social life–time is truly at a premium for all teachers, so why not take advantage of the wide world that Google has to offer? 3 USES OF VIRTUAL REALITY IN WORKPLACE EDUCATION - Learnnovators I’m always surprised when someone makes a sweeping declaration such as “No one’s using virtual reality in the workplace”. I heard this very statement recently at an e-learning conference. Yep, an e-learning conference. Sure, VR is an emerging technology, but as 20 real-world examples of Virtual Reality can attest, early adopters are indeed putting it to use in the workplace. I suspect the dismissiveness among some of our peers stems from their uncertainty about how they might apply it in their own contexts – particularly if that context is corporate.

Trio Sparks Creativity With Easy Multimedia Collages Mashups. That’s what the kids are into these days, and a brand new app called Trio is making the process of creating them swift and dead simple. Mashups — compiling different multimedia elements into a single overarching message — sounds cool but it is not the easiest thing to accomplish, especially when you’re gathering material from disparate sources. Trio, a hybrid social networking and creative app, provides artistic elements that cater to nearly every taste to let you easily find and remix images, videos, animated GIFs, looping videos and music. Elements come from Instagram, Vine, Giphy, iTunes and movie clips. Achieve any attitude you want with your creation, depending on what you include and juxtapose into your work.

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