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The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

The World Is Obsessed With Facebook

How to Set up a Facebook Custom iFrame Landing Page Application Editor's Note: We wrote a more up-to-date article about creating custom Facebook tabs here. Facebook recently announced that they would be discontinuing their support of the Static FBML app in favor of iframes. From a marketing perceptive this is actually some great news as FBML was pretty restrictive on what was and wasn't allowed within Facebook. What Instagram Plans To Do With 150 Million Photos And Faster Growth Than Flickr It took Flickr, one of the world's largest photo-sharing sites, close to 2.5 years to reach 150 million photos, which could be uploaded from any computer and shot on any camera. But it took San Francisco-based startup Instagram roughly just nine months to hit that same milestone--with just one mobile app, available on just one device maker's OS (Apple's). Today, cofounder Kevin Systrom, one of our Most Creative People in Business, announced the 150-million photo milestone, telling Fast Company that he feels both "excited and humbled" by the startup's success. The growth of Instagram, which lets users snap pictures on their iPhones and apply one-click vintage filters, is staggering and seemingly unwavering--it's growing at a faster rate than Facebook, Twitter, and Foursquare were during the same stages. But now comes the hard part: Turning its massive initial success into a sustainable business model. [Image: Flickr user Martina Yach]

20 Tips to Get Your Content Seen on Facebook Facebook can be a great channel for spreading your content to a huge and active audience, but only if your content gets seen. Posting a video or a status update doesn't matter if no one sees it. Note: this article is based on a presentation I did for Social Fresh Tampa earlier this week. Check out the slides and resources here. What is "News Feed Optimization"? Ford Aiming to Engineer a Digital Child Ford's Dr. Steve Rouhana with child crash dummies. Can a virtual child help save the 1,300 or so real kids killed each year in motor vehicle accidents? That’s what Ford Motor Co. is hoping. The maker has launched a high-tech project to recreate the very complicated anatomy of a young child in digital form to make it easier to develop more advanced seatbelts and other safety systems. “The virtual child will allow us to better understand how a youngster interacts with a restraint system,” explained Ford’s senior technical researcher Dr.

Careers 2.0 Launches - Blog – Stack Overflow One day, you’ll be telling your grandchildren about getting a programming job, version 1.0. You would send a “resume” to a “recruiter.” It included all kinds of silly information required by the esoteric resume ritual (foreign languages spoken, whether or not you play ultimate Frisbee, Microsoft-veteran status). The 10 Facebook Privacy Settings You Need To Know After many iterations of our ultimate guide to Facebook privacy, we’ve decided to update it with the latest settings as Facebook privacy is still too complicated for many users. We’ve dissected the numerous settings in order to uncover the most important ones. Just as important as always are friend lists, the feature which enables you to segment all of your friends in to groups and then assign privacy settings to each of them. While it may sound a bit excessive, separating out your Facebook friends into at least a few lists can be extremely valuable.

Digital A-List Advertisement Ad Age Digital A-List: Google Creative Labs By Michael Learmonth on 02.27.2011 Ad Age Digital A-List: Groupon By Kunur Patel on 02.27.2011 Ad Age Digital A-List: Virgin America 5 Reasons To Create A Facebook Fan Page AND 5 Reasons Not To: While I’ve been known to ramble on and on, I’m going to keep this one short and simple. Shocking, I know! 5 Reasons You Should Create A Facebook Fan Page: Fan Pages get indexed by the engines and we are seeing them pop up in the SERPs (search engine results pages) more often! When done well, they can be a great source of traffic – from the search engines and from within Facebook itself (lots of people are starting to use Facebook to search when they are looking for a product or service, they are looking for pages that other people “like” – it feels like a more personal recommendation for them) Your competitors have one. I don’t normally advocate “keeping up with the Joneses” just for the sake of it but in this case if they have one and you don’t, they are tapping into traffic you aren’t.

Design Daily: The World's Best-Designed Newspaper - Design No, it's not The New York Times, and it's certainly not The Daily. According to the Society of News Design's Best of Newspaper Design Creative Competition, the best-designed newspaper in the world is i, short for informação, which is—congrats if you guessed it—Portuguese. Yes, the world's best-designed newspaper is a colorful, less-than-two-year-old, small-format tabloid paper published in Portugal. Who knew? i certainly demonstrates a masterful use of color and graphics, and draws the best qualities from traditional newspapers and magazines, making it strikingly different from other daily print publications. According to the judges, it went beyond just smart design, showing true innovation in an endangered field: "This causes us to wonder: Is this where newspapers are going?

How thinking for others can boost your creativity The next time you're struggling to solve a creative problem, try solving it for someone else. According to Evan Polman and Kyle Emich, we're more capable of mental novelty when thinking on behalf of strangers than for ourselves. This is just the latest extension of research into construal level theory, an intriguing concept that suggests various aspects of psychological distance can affect our thinking style. It's been shown, for example, that greater physical and temporal distance lead us to think more abstractly, such that you're more likely to solve a problem if you imagine being confronted by it in a far-off place and/or at a future time (read Jonah Lehrer's take on what this says about the importance of holidays). Now Polman and Emich have shown that social distance can have the same psychological benefit. The study has some limitations - the participants didn't know who they were solving a problem for, other than that they were another student.

5 Tools For Managing Your Facebook Fans Social networking allows the world to keep going in a massive conversation, but you might find that your company is having a bit of problem staying in touch with its fan base. So, here are seven customer service applications that allow you to quickly respond, stay in touch, and continue to enhance your brand’s presence on Facebook. Take a look at these products below. Announced last month, Assistly has enhanced and improved its ability to offer customer service support for businesses’ Facebook pages. Control and monitor the conversation – as well many other digital services – directly your desktop with their product. The desktop application works in real time, providing the opportunity to interact and be more available for their customers.

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