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The Mac Security Blog » Think Ahead: Preparing for Mac Troubleshooting Apple + Security & Privacy Macworld’s Christopher Breen has written an article, Preparing your Lion repair kit, discussing the tools you should have handy to resolve eventual problems with your Mac running Lion. Since Lion installs a recovery partition, you can access certain Apple tools by booting from this partition, but Breen points out that other tools are useful to have.

50 really useful iPad tips and tricks 26. Hidden apostrophe key on the keyboard This is a great tip for any app, such as Notes, Pages or Mail, that you type into using the iPad's virtual keyboard. Drawing on the iPad See how these 12 compare to other styluses: Check out our in-depth iOS stylus charts. Steve Jobs may hate the idea of using a stylus on his touchscreen devices, but the fact remains that some consumers simply prefer an intermediary accessory for interaction. Whether it’s too cold outside for direct contact, you’re worried about touchscreen germs, or you need a sketching tool, sometimes a stylus can be a good thing. Accessory manufacturers seem to agree, having produced a plethora of styluses for Apple’s iOS devices. As some people know, in my not-so-secret other life, I enjoy drawing cartoons. Since I bought my first iPad back in April 2010, I’ve been using the device for quite a bit of my scribbling and coloring—most of that with Ten One Design's Pogo Sketch.

Gadget News & Features from The Gadget Show This silicone sleeve turns your iPhone into a Game Boy! When it comes to gaming on your phone, it’s either swiping bliss or on-screen button rage, but luckily, there’s a fix on the way to make the latter pains go away. It’s called the G-Pad, a simple silicone sleeve that slides around your iPhone, and brings a d-pad and physical buttons to turn your iPhone into the ultimate Game Boy handheld. Fancy one of these?

Top 10 iOS Battery Savers Upgrading to iOS 5 delivered a lot of powerful new capabilities to the iPhone and iPad, from Notification Center to iCloud. But these features can take a toll on battery life. There are plenty of other power-hogging settings and activities you need to be aware of in order to make your device last. Admittedly, applying all these battery tips can make your iDevice rather dull. Preparing your Lion repair kit Reader Mike Kohler seeks to update his troubleshooting kit now that he’s moved to Lion. He writes: I installed Lion last week on my year-old iMac. I like to be prepared for disaster but with Lion I’m not sure what tools I should have. Can you help?

Ten great iPad tips and tricks Although it took some criticism at launch as being nothing more than an oversized iPhone, the iPad has turned out to be a handy and wildly popular device--and has even improved some users' lives around the globe. Whether you're a novice or consider yourself an iPad pro, there will always be tips and tricks that are worth learning. Here, we've rounded up 10 videos we think will help you get the most out of your iPad. Tips & Tricks Preventing unwanted messages from showing up in your inbox can be integral to enjoying email. In this article we will walk you through the process of creating mail rules that will direct messages to other folders or the trash based on conditions you specify. We will also discuss how to update rules to include additional senders or other criteria, and provide some common-sense guidance about effectively using mail rules in general.

Another great invention, the Exhaust Air Jack This invention is pretty sweet. It basically uses the air from your exhaust to inflate a big bubble that is strong enough to hold up your car. Once it’s to the right height, just turn off your engine and change your tire. The bubble will stay inflated for hours (if you are really bad at changing a tire). Or you can just release the valve, flatten it out and be on your way. And did I mention it comes in orange? Webinar Series EdTechTeacher offers free, live webinars throughout the school year aimed at helping educators integrate technology effectively in the classroom. This is a great opportunity learn something new as well as to network with other teachers from across the country and around the world. We hope that you will join us online for our next event.

Apple Rumors: The MacBook Pro Shrinks, iPad And iPhone Grow I suspect we’ll have to start picking and choosing our Apple rumor posts carefully in the coming months as the speculations begin flying fast and free, but until then a bit of gossip portending the next year’s changes won’t hurt anybody. iLounge is hawking some intel from their “most reliable source,” who claims to have the inside scoop on Apple’s upcoming revisions. It’s nothing mind-blowing, but it might be enough to make you unconsciously start saving money. The MacBook Pro redesign we’ve heard about before. Other sources have it rolling out in March, but supply line data is unreliable unless bulk orders are indicated.