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Digital Camera Magazine: Your Guide to Digital Imaging and Photography

Digital Camera Magazine: Your Guide to Digital Imaging and Photography
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The Photographers Society PHOTOGRAPHER FOCUS · Luca Adamo If you ask me for it, I will say that Luca Adamo makes mainly street photography. But it is not easy to define in a univocal way which can be understood as such: it is not even possible to find among photographers who love the genre even an uniform idea about the elements or traits that can define it. For some, it is as simple as picking up the camera, go out and find moments; these everyday situations in which people who pass beside us are usually involved. It would treat then a picture of the everyday, often close to the portrait, even the reportage, in which the person is the axis -conscious or unconscious— without which the capture has no sense. Luca’s approach to the photographed reality in the urban environment is fully emotional: in his photography he treasures unique everyday fragments. And paradoxically, although the human figure is broadly absent from his shots there is in them a huge dose of humanity.

Mac Rumors: Apple Mac iOS Rumors and News You Care About What makes an outstanding image? (part 1) Apples. Nikon D800E, Zeiss ZF.2 2/100 Makro-Planar Of the 400 or so posts I’ve published up to this point, I recently realized that the one enormously gaping hole I haven’t yet covered deals with the one of the major fundamentals: how do you actually determine if an image ‘works’ or not? Two old men. In fact, it’s a wonder that we have any images at all that are globally recognized and appreciated. The diving board, Hong Kong. One of the most important things for a photographer to know is specifically why one of their images works, and why another one doesn’t. Type a almost certainly has no idea of what makes a good image, or perhaps they don’t really care; we must remember that social media is also used for indiscriminate sharing. *Note that this article contains a lot more links than anything before – it’s because I’ve previously explored a lot of these individual concepts in some depth, but never unified them in a single article – this one. Omega Speedmaster 9300. Let’s begin. 1. 2.

Media Markt. Klare Ansage: Der neue Media Markt Preis! Täglich Tief. America 1870-1920 – Inspirational eCards 19Jul/1246 source: Tagged as: America, nostalgia, old photographsLeave a comment Comments comments Tracy's Trinkets and Treasures: Angled Photography Ideas I really think this next party is going to be tons of fun. The party will be April 12th so you have plenty of time to snap those photos and create a post. Every time I take a photo I feel like I learn something. That’s what these parties are all about. Getting out your camera and capturing moments. For this post I am borrowing photos from other sites to show you examples of angled photos. I found this great website called DP Shots (Digital Photography Shots). In these examples the photographer tilted the camera up to create these fabulous shots. Classic by Nixonnusmaxus Eiffel by Scott Stulberg Reach by almiller Tranquil by mushed potato Then there is the ground level shot. Kangaroo court by Hotburrito2 Cows by DreamCa7cher Solny by tisbone You can also take some cool shots looking down. Forest Scene by GFXPUNK Sistene Stairs by photodan The side angled shot seems to be a favorite with bloggers. Recently I took a photo of my little car and tried to make it look artistic. And finally tilted shots.

Go Dutch to make a better photograph - home - A Better Photograph In making photographs, our normal inclination is to make the horizon level. And in fact, many cameras now a menu item that allows the display of a built-in level to assist with that. But sometimes, skewing the horizon line in the photograph can add impact to an image. In cinematography, Dutch angle means tilting the camera to create a sense of exoticness or unease. It's a technique that has been used often in film, and photographers use the technique as well. Beyond the pyschological effects it can engender, I like to use it to add more of a graphic quality to the composition, or make an image seem more candid. And here are a couple of other examples of using the Dutch angle. So the next time you do a shoot, play a little bit with the horizon line.

Welcome to Dream View Website Poetry of nature moods with all its dreaming colors and sense of adventure is what we deeply feel in our heart under a dark crystal-clear starry night. Welcome to the world of dreaming views of nature and night sky. The galleries represent photography by Oshin D. Zakarian and Babak A. Tafreshi. You might find the Night Sky gallery the most eye-catching of all. 30+ Websites to Download Free Photos If you are a blogger looking for free photos to use in your blog posts or a designer looking for free photography to use in your designs, then check out the websites below and you will find the best free stock photos. All of the photos that you will find on the websites below are free to use for commercial purposes, without asking permission or they need attribution so make sure you check before you use a photo. If you enjoyed this post please subscribe. Unsplash Unsplash offers you 10 high-resolution stock photos every 10 days. Little Visuals Little Visuals posts 7 high-resolution images every 7 days. Death to the Stock Photo You can subscribe to get free photos every month for commercial use that you can use in your blog posts, social accounts and mockups. Picjumbo Free photos for your commercial and personal works. Gratisography High-resolution pictures captured by Ryan McGuire and free of copyright restrictions. Tinyography SplitShire New Old Stock Jay Mantri Picography Travel Coffee Book Moveast

CS 178 - Digital Photography Course materials Course schedule (click here for the lecture notes) Course description (meeting time, units, prereqs, etc.) Course outline (textbooks, coursework, grading policies, etc.) Archive of class business (the "What's new?" Tutorials - Newest Tutorials The Photojojo Store! - the Most Awesome Photo Gifts and Gear for Photographers Meet Echograph, the Instagram of Animated GIFs | Wired Design You’ve been warned: You’ll soon see images like the ones in this post — part moving, part still — everywhere. Animated GIFs are making a comeback, and Echograph, a new iPad app, is taking them to the next level. Remember how the newspaper photos in the Harry Potter movies came alive? Here’s how it works: You shoot a video, select a five-second clip, and choose one still as the main frame. Echograph is the creation of Nick Alt, founder and CEO of Clear Media, a Southern California-based 10-person creative agency that does work for Mattel, Chik-Fil-A, and Macy’s while also developing their own products. Alt’s team actively uses a variety of photo-sharing services like Facebook and Instagram, but wanted something more. Echograph grew out of his interest in Lomography and other old-school photo techniques that encouraged shutterbugs to choose images carefully, with a story in mind, rather than shooting mindlessly.