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Educational Hip-Hop Songs & Videos for All Subjects, K-12 You're seeing this message because something's preventing Flocabulary from loading correctly. If that doesn't work, please try the following steps below to troubleshoot the problem. If you try each, and are still having issues, please shoot us an email at 1.

COMPRENSIÓN ORAL – Eleconole ¡Hola a todos! Todas las destrezas son importantes a la hora de aprender un idioma. Sin embargo, a menudo, la comprensión oral es la gran olvidada en manuales y fuentes de recursos en internet. Como no hay mucha variedad de explotaciones de vídeos o audios y, a veces, los recursos que incluye el libro de texto no son suficientes, he decidido crear esta entrada para compartir con vosotros las actividades que creo para mis clases, ideas y algunas otras recomendaciones y páginas para practicar esta destreza. PRIMERA RECOMENDACIÓN IMPORTANTE: En la medida de lo posible, utilizar input real.

warm up quiz 1 by agata116 on Genially top 5 / indiviual / pairs / teams by Agata Jodko warm up quiz How Does Someone Become Homeless? It's been a long day at school. You've paid attention in class, worked hard on your assignments, and even done your best on a test. It's the end of the day and you look forward to going one place: home. That's right: home, sweet home.

10 herramientas online para dinamizar, gamificar y personalizar tus clases de español (II) Saltar al contenido Mis materiales del blog Acceso a cursos Menú Cursos Universitarios de Especialización al 30% DE DESCUENTO 10 herramientas online para dinamizar, gamificar y personalizar tus clases de español (II) The Best Quiz and Game Show Apps for Classrooms After dozens of hours testing quizzing tools, we recommend Quizlet and Quizizz for students and teachers. While quizzes might not be the most inventive way to learn, they're still useful for memorizing and recalling facts, quickly assessing knowledge, or getting quick info at the end of a lecture or presentation. Because of this utility, you'll find tons of different apps, websites, and games out there for quickly creating and delivering everything from quizzes to flash cards to polls to exit tickets. Some lean more into play and game shows while others focus on formative assessment and others aim to amp up presentations.

Banco de recursos compartidos by jorgeqnc on educativos IlustracionesCharlas educativas "La educación no es llenar un cubo, sino enceder un fuego." EducaciónPrimaria Test De Nivel B2 Aspirantes a directivos (Fuente Más de la mitad de los jóvenes españoles que proyectan estudiar un máster o un posgrado lo hará con el objetivo de convertirse en director de departamento de alguna empresa. Powerpoint Game Template – 17+ Free PPT, PPTX, POTX Documents Download! Interactive powerpoint games can be very useful as educational tools in classes. It also has other professional uses beyond the classroom scenario. Free powerpoint game templates for teachers are available for download online, and aid teachers to design their own games, which eventually form simple, but fun learning tools for class. Besides the jeopardy game, others such as fling the teacher, learn your vocabulary and other cool game templates can be used by teachers in a classroom. Game show hosting on television is also a much-emulated game in real life, particularly in classroom situations when building up trivia and knowledge banks. Premium templates are available for games such as Deal or No Deal, Pyramid, Family Feud and the ever-popular Who Wants to Be a Millionare.