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7 free tools for anyone who wants to become a better writer

7 free tools for anyone who wants to become a better writer
The awesome (and scary) thing about being a writer is that you can always improve. It’s why people can sit on a draft for weeks—every time they take “one more look,” they can find a way to make it better. While it’s definitely a fun challenge to see how long you can keep finessing your work, it’s not always practical. Thankfully, there are plenty of resources out there that can speed the editing process up and make you more confident about the work you’re submitting. 1. As much as Microsoft Word’s AutoCorrect function annoys us, we must admit to missing those green and red squiggly lines when we’re writing online. Enter: Grammarly (for Chrome users). 2. If you struggle with being long-winded, Hemingway could be a game changer. Hemingway doesn’t stop there—it also features a readability meter that tells you how difficult it is to comprehend your writing. 3. Searching “best writing advice” on Google will, sadly, not always bring you the best writing advice. 4. 5. 6. buffalo 7. Related:  Generatori e altri toolsescriure

Plot Generator Lastenkirjahylly: Julkaisutahti tiuhentuu ja uudetkin tekijät ovat jo entuudestaan tuttuja: Syksyn tulevan lasten- ja nuortenkirjasadon zuumailua, osa 2 Kolmen suurimman, eli Otavan, Tammen ja WSOY:n syksyn uutuusluetteloista on poimittu rouva Huun tärppejä kaikkien lasten- ja nuortenkirjaentusiastien iloksi. Samalla luodataan vähän trendejä ja kustannusmaailman liikahduksia. Rouva Huu ei ole vielä(kään) päässyt sinuiksi löytyvien Tammen, WSOY:n, Liken, Johny Knigan, Siltalan ja Paasilinnan sähköisten uutuusluetteloiden kanssa. Saattaa olla, että ongelma kilpistyy osittain myös työhuoneen hataraan nettiyhteyteen tai jonkinasteiseen hahmotushäiriööni, mene ja tiedä. Mutta en taida siltikään olla tämän ongelmani kanssa ihan yksin? Kuinka moni kiinnostava uutuuskirja jää ansiottaan katveeseen kustantajien lyhytnäköisen markkinointiin kohdistuvan säästön takia? Ymmärrän toki joiltain osin kustantajien motiivit. Uutuusluetteloista on tullut nykyisin monivärisiä ja liimasidottuja yli satasivuisia paksuja luetteloita, joiden paino- ja postituskustannuksilla ajatellaan varmaan säästettävän rutkasti rahaa. J.

Why you should Google yourself now Whether it's a potential employer, current employer, budding romantic partner, long-time significant other, or someone else in your life, there's a good chance they have or will run a Google search for your name. Do you know everything that they'll find? The answer could make a difference between a job and the unemployment line, or a happily ever after and nights alone. That's why you need to run your own search first. Search Google for more than mentions Start with a basic search for your name in quotes, such as "Kim Komando." If you aren't finding anything, you can use your name plus modifiers like the city or state you live in, the names of your school(s), the name of the company you work for, or some other distinguishing characteristic. Afterwards, switch over to Google's Image Search at and locate any pictures of you. If you're worried that specific images have escaped your control, you can run a reverse image search. Remove information you don't want public

100 Writing Practice Lessons & Exercises Want to become a better writer? Perhaps you want to write novels, or maybe you just want to get better grades in your essay writing assignments, or maybe you’d like to start a popular blog. If you want to write better, you need practice. But what does a writing practice actually look like? In this post, I’m going to give you everything you need to kick off your writing practice and become a better writer faster. How Do You Practice Writing? This was the question I had when I first started The Write Practice in 2011. I set out to create the best writing practice I could. I found that the best writing practice has three aspects: Deliberate. This is why we have a new lesson about the writing process each day on The Write Practice, followed by a practice prompt at the end so you can put what you learned to use immediately. Timed. Setting a timer, even for just fifteen minutes, is an easy and effective way to stay focused on what’s important. Feedback. Good writing isn’t done in a vacuum. 1. 2.

35 Random Idea Generators for Writing a Romance Novel | Darla G. Denton Who doesn’t love a good idea generator? It not only helps supply you with endless inspiration at the touch of a button but it’s a great way to waste a few hours…or days. Below is a list of random generators for you to try out. I’ve separated them into sections so that you’re not aimlessly clicking… but heed my warning… once you start, you WILL get sucked in. The only questions is…for how long? Plot Generators – Romance Location & Setting Generators Name Generators Character Appearance Generator Character Personality Generator Character Flaws and Weaknesses Generator Motivation Generator Other Generators Romance Title Generator Like this: Like Loading... Prompt Your Imagination Into Overdrive I've talked before about the art of keeping a writer's notebook and how using prompts as an exercise can really build a writer's creative muscles. In "Writing Resources" 5 Content Idea Generators and What To Do With Them Have you heard about Content Idea Generators? In "Blogs" It’s 2015!

Book Creator is Now Available on Windows for Free June, 2015 More than 15 million ebooks have been made with Book Creator for iPad and Android, and now the popular classroom app is receiving a Windows makeover and is available on desktop devices for the first time. The app is now free on the Windows for a limited time. Book Creator for Windows takes a blank-canvas approach to creativity that makes publishing and sharing ebooks easier than ever. With a simple and intuitive design, people of all ages can create their own international standard ePub files, and with a couple of clicks can become published authors. With Book Creator for Windows you can: Create books on a Windows tablet, laptop or desktop with an easy-to-use interface

Painting Playground Markings In painting playground markings the following supplies are necessary: 100 foot measuring tape, paint, playground chalk, snap line, a taut rope on a stake for marking the radius of circles, old cloth for spills, large sticks of chalk for detail work and layout prior to painting. Paint for School Playground Markings Color adds a great deal to school playground markings, both aesthetically and functionally. The paint colors may be selected on preference. It is recommended that the primary, kindergarten, and preschool playgrounds use primary colors to enhance color recognition. A colorful school playground is inviting and fun! or Lowes Painting Tip: Large areas like 4 square courts and multi-use circles do not require that you paint in the background of each circle or square. Example of a painted playground. Sweep, wash down and let the area to be painted dry completely prior to painting the designs. Water-based Latex Paint For Painting Asphalt Most Popular Playground Games Turf Area Games U.S. 1.

20 Amazing Writing Tools That Will Rock Your Content Marketing If you’re a blogger, writer or content marketer… You need to adapt. New technology and on-the-go expectations from your audience have led to a growing need to ‘systemize’ your life and increase your efficiency. The field of personal effectiveness and productivity is fueled by an increasing number of low cost (or free) software tools, available all over the world. If you don’t adapt, you will fall behind. The following list of writing tools dig deep into your writing habits. Optimization Having well written content, can only get you so far as an author. 1. This easy-to-use tool is the first in it’s class to accurately tell you who your reading audience is, the audience’s reading level, and which content they relate to the most. By hooking up your Google analytics and social media accounts, this tool analyzes your content to tell you where and how you can improve your writing based on historical data and engagement data. 2. 3. Ideation & prompts 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 750 Words Removing distractions