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Free Git and Hg Client for Mac and Windows

Free Git and Hg Client for Mac and Windows

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Introducing the Microsoft HoloLens Development Edition I’m a developer who wants to purchase a Microsoft HoloLens. What do I do? Developers in the United States and Canada can now order up to five devices per Microsoft Account (MSA) directly from our online Microsoft Store. Install Sonar It has been a very long time since I post anything. I apologize for this. I will definitely try to do this more often. Recently, I have been managing and analyzing code quality metrics using Sonar with C# plugins for .NET projects. Sonar, as described on their website, is a quality management platform, dedicated to continuously analyze and measure technical quality from project portfolio to method.

7 Diagrams of How Topical Links Impact Rankings, in Theory and Practice As SEOs, we well understand the value links contribute to ranking websites in search results. So much so, it's something we study regularly here at Moz. At their most basic, links are counted as "votes" of popularity for search engines to rank websites. Beyond this, search engineers have long worked to extract a large number of signals from the simple link, including: Trustworthiness – Links from trusted sites may count as an endorsement Spamminess – Links from known spam sites may count against you Link Manipulation – Looking at signals such as over-optimization and link velocity, search engines may be able to tell when webmasters are trying to "game" the system

LockTight for Mac OS X Intel Snow Leopard (Mac OS X 10.6.x) Update (31 August 2009):Recompiled for Snow Leopard (10.6, build 10A432) and tested on my machine only.LockTight for Intel (v0.1.1) (zip archive, 106kbyte file, HTTP download)Sorry, there’s really no support for this. It’s just a courtesy to other Mac users. Plus, I am not a programmer…;-) Template Structure + Overriding Templates via a Theme - WooCommerce Docs WooCommerce template files contain the markup and template structure for frontend and HTML emails of your store. When you open these files, you will notice they all contain hooks that allow you to add/move content without needing to edit template files themselves. This method protects against upgrade issues, as the template files can be left completely untouched. Template files can be found within the /woocommerce/templates/ directory: You can edit these files in an upgrade-safe way using overrides. Copy it into a directory within your theme named /woocommerce, keeping the same file structure but removing the /templates/ subdirectory.

Implementing 360 Video in Unity for Gear VR and Cardboard – Immersive Blog This entry will describe our efforts to get 360 video working in Unity for apps running on Gear VR and Cardboard (both iOS and android). This is more of a work in progress than a full guide, but I hope it helps. Feel free to leave questions or suggestions! ALM Rangers - Implementing Static Code Analysis with StyleCop How often have you encountered code that’s incomprehensible? Usually, it’s inconsistent formatting, invalid comments and lack of naming conventions that make code unreadable. Such inconsistencies are often overlooked as petty anomalies, but they can make a big difference in the overall maintainability of code. StyleCop is a great tool to maintain style and format consistency in your source code.

11 Freemium Tools to Spy on your Online Competition “If you know the enemy and know yourself you need not fear the results of a hundred battles” - Sun Tzu We all know the quote “keep your friends close and your enemies closer”. Whatever field you are in, the first move in beating the competition is a close analysis of their actions.

Sidestep Sidestep is an open-source application for Mac OS X that sits quietly in the background, protecting your security and privacy as you browse the web. Say Hello to Sidestep The problem

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