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Visual recording on the iPad, illustrated – Ninmah Meets World

Visual recording on the iPad, illustrated – Ninmah Meets World
This week I’ll be giving a talk at IFVP 2010 on visual recording with the iPad. While I was preparing my notes, I discovered how easy it is to make Quicktime movies of your notes with the Brushes app, so I made a little movie. Then I got carried away narrating it and adding in other images and … well, it’s almost 13 minutes long now, and if you watch it, you can skip my talk. Though I’m better in person, and there are a few things I didn’t put into the movie. Ah HAH. (Note: In the movie, AirSketch is attributed to “Grayon,” but the company’s name is actually “Qrayon.” How’d I Do That? initial sketch for my talk While making the outline, I tried four different apps (Adobe Ideas, Qrayon’s AirSketch, Brushes by Taptrix, and Autodesk SketchbookPro). Next, I transcribed my notes using Brushes, which automatically records the strokes as you go. While watching the animation play out in Brushes, I recorded the narration using Audacity. Here’s the final image from Brushes: Related:  outils de pensée visuellegraphic facilitationSketchnoting

Sketchnotes: Building my visual vocabulary Okay, I’ve figured more stuff out in terms of expanding my visual vocabulary! =) Here’s my current workflow. Goals: Pick up different ways to draw things by analyzing other people’s sketchnotesGet faster at drawing things through practiceDevelop a visual dictionary of words and imagesDraw my own versions and organize them for easy reuse I get a lot of exposure to other people’s sketchnotes in the process of adding material to which now indexes 89 artists. I’ve also been drawing my way through the Bikablo® series of books from Neuland. Here’s a sample: I’m looking forward to finishing that and the Bikablo v2 book, filing the individual sketches, and then going through my visual library of other people’s sketchnote elements to draw even more of those… Lots of things to draw!

Christina Merkley's Make Your Mark Resource Links ADAMS & ADAMS CONSULTING & TRAINING San Diego, California Adams & Adams Consulting and Training, Inc. specializes in participatory strategic planning, organizational coaching and group facilitation training. Judi Adams is a recognized strategic planning expert for the international Family Justice Center movement; she wrote the chapter on Strategic Planning for “Hope for Hurting Families II – How to Start a Family Justice Center in Your Own Community”. BONFIRE COMMUNCATIONS San Francisco, California Award winning colleagues from my San Francisco days. CONFLICT CONNECTIONS San Antonio, TX Patricia (Pattie) Porter is a conflict management practitioner with 14 years of mediation, group facilitation and training experience. CROWLEY & COMPANY Washington, D.C. Crowley and Company is the business of my long-term colleague, Deirdre Crowley (we both worked at The Grove way back when).

Learning to sketchnote | Cheryl Lowry Sketchnoting is the act of drawing to convey ideas. I think it has great potential to distinguish concepts from the glut of nondescript information online, and as a writer it’s a skill I want to learn. There are endless links and personalities in the sketchnote world. I’ve attempted to create a Twitter list to keep up with it. Austin Kleon’s blog is my favorite on the topic, and this 2010 Web expo talk by Eva Lotta-Lamm is probably the best introduction out there: Eva-Lotta Lamm: Visual Note Taking / Sketchnotes from webexpo on Vimeo. So great is my interest in sketchnoting that I’ve become a student in Alphachimp Studio’s inaugural learn to scribe course online. Here’s my first assignment, a ‘visual introduction’ of myself that’s supposed to answer a few personal questions (such as my greatest fear, one of which is dying in a burning DC10 over open water).

Télécharger ScreenFlow 3.0 (Gratuit) pour Mac OS Plus d'images ScreenFlow est un logiciel vous permettant de réaliser et d’enregistrer des captures vidéo sur votre Mac. Vous pouvez donc tout enregistrer, à la fois votre écran et également ce qu’y s’affiche sur votre Webcam. Une fois votre capture faite, vous êtes directement transporté dans l’éditeur de ScreenFlow. Pendant l’enregistrement, ScreenFlow traque où se trouve votre pointeur de souris, lorsque vous cliquez ou quand vous pressez une touche. Rendez-vous sur notre dossier comparatif des logiciels gratuits afin de vous faire une idée et sélectionner celui qui peut répondre à vos besoins : Tous les meilleurs logiciels gratuits.

iPad Creative - iPad Creative An art exhibition displaying the artist's work on just iPads and iPhones (i.e. no canvas) opens to the public this week in Paris. David Hockney's use of the iPhone and, more recently, the iPad to create art with the Brushes app has been well reported. So the fact that only iOS devices are being used to display his artwork and not the traditional prints or original pieces on canvas, seems appropriate and typical of Hockney's incorporation of technology into his art. Hockney himself has commented that viewing his art on the Apple devices is entirely appropriate because that is where they were created and preserves the luminosity of the pieces, which would be hard to recreate properly on printed media. The digital approach to this exhibition even includes Hockney emailing his art pieces to the gallery for display. The Fleurs Fraîches (French language page) or "Fresh Flowers" exhibition starts this week and runs through to 30th January 2011 at the Fondation Pierre Bergé-Yves Saint Laurent.

Royalty Free Icons & Clipart Stock Images ~ Icons Etc. Royal Roads MALT Map 2 Let's Sketchnote — MidwestUX 2012 Logiciels gratuits de screencast Mac Os X L’univers Mac est parfois un peu étrange dans la mesure où on se retrouve à chercher pas mal de chose alors que tout est sous nos yeux. Donc aujourd’hui, on va s’intéresser à l’univers Apple et plus particulièrement celui du screencast avec un Mac. La discipline du screencast consiste à enregistrer en vidéo ce qui est affiché par l’écran de l’ordinateur (dans notre cas un Mac sous Snow Leopard). Pour des raisons évidentes, on ne s’intéressera qu’aux logiciels gratuits disponibles. Quicktime Player QuickTime Player pour la capture d'écran video Et oui Quicktime Player vous permettra d’enregistrer votre écran sous la forme d’un flux vidéo ! Pour ce faire, exécuter QuickTime Player et dans le menu « Fichier » cliquer sur « Nouvel enregistrement de l’écran ». L’avantage de cette solution c’est que la vidéo produite est ensuite complétement éditable dans le logiciel iMovie. VLC media player VLC le lecteur vidéo à tout faire VLC est un logiciel Open Source bien connu des amateurs de vidéos. Jing

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