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8 Free Tools to Visualize Information on Twitter

8 Free Tools to Visualize Information on Twitter
There’s a lot of noise on Twitter. People use a variety of ways to filter through that noise, from following specific lists, finding like-minded people through third party sites, or using a variety of services and websites to find the information that matters to them on Twitter. Another interesting way to filter through what is being said on Twitter, and better yet, analyse it, is to visualize it. This is certainly not a new idea, and we’ve written about some services in the past that will allow you to do just that. With the world around Twitter constantly growing and developing, it’s no surprise that since then there are a ton more services allowing you to visualize your followers, Twitter stream and your own personal Twitter stats. Portwiture Portwiture is definitely one of the more unique visual Twitter apps that you’ll find. Portwiture matches the content of your tweets to photographs that have been uploaded to Flickr. Tori’s Eye TweetStats Trendistic TwitterMap 5K Twitter Browser

Related:  Optimisation twitter By Mhairi McAlpine The last few days have been a remarkable display of kack-handedness, arrogance and sheer stupidity on the part of Unionist politicians. Attempting to seize the initiative on the Scottish Independence Referendum, Cameron set out a range of parameters under which he was prepared to consider allowing the kind of question that he liked to be put to us at a time of his choosing, considering that we should be grateful for his benevolence of considering us worthy to be asked such a stupid question.

Google Apps for ePortfolios ©2007, Helen C. Barrett, Ph.D. Workflow • GoogleApps for Education • How-to Guides • Tool Comparison • Workshops Available under construction - check back frequently See more detailed Google Site developed by Dr. Barrett: ePortfolios with GoogleApps Deconstructing the genius of Twitter coach, Michael Todd Meet Michael Todd, my Twitter coach. I follow him because he teaches me how to improve my use of Twitter in practical and clever ways. For your convenience, I have deconstructed ten things that Michael does differently.

Rest in Peace, Social Media ROI Doubts: 2006-2012 Many of us would love to be trained to have more social skills in everyday life, whether at work or at home. Or perhaps we wish other people we know would receive that kind of training. But is socializing online something that people need to be trained how to do? edtechpost - PLE Diagrams A Collection of PLE diagramsNOTE: You can log in with the guest account (edtechpost_guest, same password) to add your own PLE image to the wiki or email them to me at Index Tool-Oriented 6 Tools That Allow You To Write Longer Twitter Tweets So for those times when you want to stay within the Twitterverse without posting a dozen tweets, there are several options available to do just that. Here are 6 possibilities you should check out, which allow you to write longer Tweets on Twitter. TwitLonger Topsy’s is the site I use via the Twitter desktop client, Tweetie, when I need to get beyond 140 characters.

10 Tips For Using Twitter Effectively Did you know there are around 140 million people on Twitter but that only about 10% of them use it on a regular basis and follow over 50 people? Are you one of the 90% of folks not fully utilizing Twitter or are you of the 10% following more than 50 people but are interested in taking it a step further? Here are 10 quick tips to help you get the most out this social network. Who knows, after reading this, you might go on to create a whole new life for yourself. You can thank us later.

Will Data Collection on User Behavior Be Forced to End Soon? Harvard Business Review ran three interesting short pieces in this month's magazine, under the misleadingly timeless title "Tackling Business Problems." The three essays are actually guest submissions from business radicals, the final of the three being from social media luminary Doc Searls. Traditional Customer Relationship Management is dead meat, Searls argues. The Twitterverse by Brian Solis and JESS3 - oneforty A 2010 Edison research study showed that 42% of respondents hear about products and services through Twitter. In response to this dynamic businesses are increasingly using Twitter to engage with customers, reach the media directly, and further establish themselves as thought leaders in their industry. You can even use Twitter for lead management or marketing automation. Listen to our free webinar with Laura Fitton, HubSpot's Inbound Marketing Evangelist, as she reveals the basics of Twitter and how you can use the channel for marketing and PR. Laura shares some established Twitter marketing processes, best practices, and examples of successful case studies.

Study: Why Do People Use Facebook? Facebook is an accepted means of communication. It is a never-ending virtual social gathering filled with adopted puppies, cute LOL kitties, baby announcements, viral articles and videos, events, groups, organizations and fan pages. But why do people really use it? A new study entitled "Why do people use Facebook?"

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