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8 Free Tools to Visualize Information on Twitter

8 Free Tools to Visualize Information on Twitter
There’s a lot of noise on Twitter. People use a variety of ways to filter through that noise, from following specific lists, finding like-minded people through third party sites, or using a variety of services and websites to find the information that matters to them on Twitter. Another interesting way to filter through what is being said on Twitter, and better yet, analyse it, is to visualize it. This is certainly not a new idea, and we’ve written about some services in the past that will allow you to do just that. With the world around Twitter constantly growing and developing, it’s no surprise that since then there are a ton more services allowing you to visualize your followers, Twitter stream and your own personal Twitter stats. Portwiture Portwiture is definitely one of the more unique visual Twitter apps that you’ll find. Portwiture matches the content of your tweets to photographs that have been uploaded to Flickr. Tori’s Eye TweetStats Trendistic TwitterMap 5K Twitter Browser

A Guide to Inspiration for Writers, Photographers and Designers - TNW Lifehacks Inspiration is just a website away, sometimes you need to know where to look. Whether it’s communities, tutorials, or other forms of inspiration, there’s no end to the ways you can motivate and inspire yourself, and possibly even come up with a masterpiece in the process. While there are links and concepts that are specific to each creative skill, there are a few places just about anyone can go for creative inspiration regardless of what the final product is going to be. By perusing movie posters and album art, photographers can mimic, or build on the concept, while writers can create a story that goes with the image.

30 Energy-Infused Free Photoshop Web Design PSD Files Pixel perfect webdesign requires a lot of attention to detail, as well as the use of various elements that will enhance the user interface for the design. With modern design, jQuery sliders, tag clouds, media players, icons and buttons all need to work together harmoniously in a given design. However, it can be hard to come up with all of these designs on your own. Once you have the given style, however, it becomes much easier to develop the rest of your theme. Additionally, for beginners, it’s often hard to learn professional web design skills that are on the cutting edge. Free Photoshop web design PSD files can help with all of these situations, and most designers have a few of their favorite resources bookmarked.

6 B2B Marketing Infographics: Social Media, Inbound Marketing & Mobile June 8, 2012: The B2B marketing landscape continues to evolve. Social media, inbound marketing, mobile marketing, and globalization all are becoming more prevalent in the B2B marketing mix. Here is a look at six new B2B marketing infographics, visualizing various aspects of the challenges and opportunities B2B marketers face. How Social Is B2B? InsideView’s new infographic shows how effective social media marketing has become for B2B, taking a closer look at the benefits of using social media for B2B marketing.

(1) OUTLOOK Freeware & EXCHANGE Free Tools - Software, Add-ins, Components, Add-ons, Extension CodeTwo Active Directory Photos Active Directory Photos is a free application for importing users' photographs to Active Directory and managing them in an easy way. The program allows you to easily manage even thousands of photos stored in thumbnailPhoto attributes without any knowledge of Active Directory or Shell commands. Uploading users' pictures to Active Directory will display them in Outlook 2010 messages, in Lync 2010 contacts, in Sharepoint 2010, and it will also allow you to automatically add them to Exchange email signatures. Get the program now. It's free and it won't nag you with any ads.

50 Best Twitter Tools & Services Sometimes it’s not that easy to manage your friends and followers on Twitter. So if you want to be in the swim, you’ll have to know many things; e.g. do your followers retweet your tweets, and whether those whom you are following are following you or not. In this post we are glad to offer you the handiest tools that might definitely simplify the process. Archivist Visualizations are graphic representations of the data your archives. 20 Inspiring Examples of Big Backgrounds in Web Design One way to easily define the tone and mood of a website is to use a big background image. However, when doing this, you need to consider that big images often have a lot going on, so it’s important to take a minmal approach with other aspects of the design. Not doing so could result in a website that is far too busy, cluttered, and difficult to navigate.

10 Gmail Search Tips, and Then Some — Online Collaboration Do you spend a lot of your time in Gmail? If it’s your main e-mail client, you probably do. Market research shows that the average worker spends nearly two hours a day working on e-mail. Learning to search effectively in Gmail can save you quite a bit of time, and you would expect Google to make the search robust in its e-mail client, which it is. In this post, I’ll round up several ways to become much more efficient at it. Use parentheses to narrow down to the messages you want. 30 Must Read Infographics on Social Media Infographic (or information graphics) and other forms of data visualizations are helpful in reaching out to more people. It allows even the most complicated data and the most boring of topics an easy read. It also makes Social Media, a rather complicated topic, fun to discuss. So what is social media?

Outlook Category sharing between computers. If you are looking for software to share data between Outlook clients on the local network, read about CodeTwo Public Folders. The program introduces the term of public and private categories. Public categories are common to all users on the network and are defined in an external configuration file. This file can be located in the local network, or on an FTP or WWW server. Ahijuna Estudio