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Hypertable: An Open Source, High Performance, Scalable Database

Hypertable: An Open Source, High Performance, Scalable Database

The Apache Cassandra Project Explore your database with Talend Open Profiler Open Profiler offers functions for both technical and business users. It can quickly build statistics that reflects the usability of the information within a database table. As it finds corrupt or inconsistent data, it can scrub bad information from database structures. Additionally, Open Profiler simplifies the repetitive nature of statistical analysis while reducing labor costs and errors. Getting familiar with Open Profiler I found it easy to use Open Profiler to find the information needed to perform an analysis of columns. Data profiling with Open Profiler is easy and is accomplished within a few simple steps. To get started, the first thing you need to do is create a connection to a database by traversing the tree structure in the left panel from Metadata -> DB Connections. Talend Open Profiler Once you've made a database connection you can being analyzing data in tables, which is the main purpose of this tool. In my testing, the refresh rate could have been a bit better.

5: Set up Time Machine on a NAS in three easy steps Here's a three-step process to create a Time Machine backup on a network-attached storage (NAS) unit. Create a sparsebundle image on your local system. I'm not sure of the reason why, but I haven't been able to kick Time Machine off just by specifying a network share. Drill Drill Overview Apache Drill is an open-source software framework that supports data-intensive distributed applications for interactive analysis of large-scale datasets. Drill is the open source version of Google's Dremel system which is available as an IaaS service called Google BigQuery. High Level Concept There is a strong need in the market for low-latency interactive analysis of large-scale datasets, including nested data (eg, JSON, Avro, Protocol Buffers). In recent years open source systems have emerged to address the need for scalable batch processing (Apache Hadoop) and stream processing (Storm, Apache S4). It is worth noting that, as explained by Google in the original paper, Dremel complements MapReduce-based computing. Like Dremel, Drill supports a nested data model with data encoded in a number of formats such as JSON, Avro or Protocol Buffers. The Apache Drill team uses Chronon for testing. The Apache Drill team also uses the YourKit Profiling tools in development.

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Apache Drill Speed is Key Leveraging an efficient columnar storage format, an optimistic execution engine and a cache-conscious memory layout, Apache Drill is blazing fast. Coordination, query planning, optimization, scheduling, and execution are all distributed throughout nodes in a system to maximize parallelization. Liberate Nested Data Perform interactive analysis on all of your data, including nested and schema-less. Flexibility Strongly defined tiers and APIs for straightforward integration with a wide array of technologies. Disclaimer Apache Drill is an effort undergoing incubation at The Apache Software Foundation sponsored by the Apache Incubator PMC.

SimpleDB Amazon SimpleDB est un stockage de données non relationnel combinant flexibilité et haute disponibilité, et déchargeant le client des tâches d'administration de base de données. Les développeurs stockent et récupèrent simplement leurs éléments de données en effectuant des requêtes auprès des services Web, et Amazon SimpleDB fait le reste. Libéré des exigences strictes des bases de données relationnelles, Amazon SimpleDB est optimisé pour offrir une disponibilité et une flexibilité élevées, avec peu ou pas de tâches d'administration. En coulisses, Amazon SimpleDB crée et gère automatiquement plusieurs réplicas de vos données diffusés géographiquement pour permettre une haute disponibilité et une durabilité des données. Le service ne vous facture que les ressources réellement consommées lors du stockage de vos données et du traitement de vos demandes. Vous pouvez changer votre modèle de données n'importe quand, et les données sont automatiquement indexées pour vous.