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Huxley Vs. Orwell: Infinite Distraction Or Government Oppression?

Huxley Vs. Orwell: Infinite Distraction Or Government Oppression?
Posted on August 24, 2010 in Images The Huxley vs Orwell comic is originally from Recombinant Records: Amusing Ourselves to Death, adapted from Amusing Ourselves to Death: Public Discourse in the Age of Show Business by Neil Postman. When I read this comic, I am reminded of one of my favorite quotes from Brave New World: “It’s curious,” he went on after a little pause, “to read what people in the time of Our Ford used to write about scientific progress. They seemed to have imagined that it could be allowed to go on indefinitely, regardless of everything else. Knowledge was the highest good, truth the supreme value; all the rest was secondary and subordinate. And: There was something called liberalism.

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CHRISTOPHER A LONG - Henry Scott Holland Death Is Nothing At All By Canon Henry Scott-Holland, 1847-1918, Canon of St Paul's Cathedral "Death is nothing at all. I have only slipped away into the next room. VIDEO: Aspen Highlands Closing Day Is One Of The Best Parties In Skiing 3.9k shares share tweet sms 1984 by George Orwell: A searchable online version at The Literature Network O'Brien Is O'brien a possible real-life villain ? Please state a reason for your reply. 1984 (by george orwell) I Am reading 1984 for the first time. [Infographic] Combating Mass Incarceration - The Facts June 17, 2011 The war on drugs has helped make the U.S. the world's largest incarcerator. America’s criminal justice system should keep communities safe, treat people fairly, and use fiscal resources wisely.

20-Year-Old Hunter S. Thompson’s Superb Advice on How to Find Your Purpose and Live a Meaningful Life As a hopeless lover of both letters and famous advice, I was delighted to discover a letter 20-year-old Hunter S. Thompson — gonzo journalism godfather, pundit of media politics, dark philosopher — penned to his friend Hume Logan in 1958. Found in Letters of Note: Correspondence Deserving of a Wider Audience (public library | IndieBound) — the aptly titled, superb collection based on Shaun Usher’s indispensable website of the same name — the letter is an exquisite addition to luminaries’ reflections on the meaning of life, speaking to what it really means to find your purpose. Cautious that “all advice can only be a product of the man who gives it” — a caveat other literary legends have stressed with varying degrees of irreverence — Thompson begins with a necessary disclaimer about the very notion of advice-giving:

Not Getting Burned Anymore - The Permaculture Research Institute Sometimes I wonder if all of the modern ailments, which seem ever more numerous as the years pass, are really just the result of adopting chemicals as a regular component in nearly every part of our lives. Can it be that simple? The sudden outbreak of peanut allergies, the increase in chronic diseases, the fact that cancer now seems more the expectation than unpredictable tragedy—have we just become more aware of them, or are these things really becoming more and more the status quo? What I know for sure is that chemical interference has decimated other natural systems, and with so many examples at our disposal, it seems completely reasonable to think they’ve done the same for us. In fact, much like with biocides, the immediate results often seem great: If we put on sunscreen, we don’t get burned, and of course, that means less risk of skin cancer.

1984 - Download Free eBook The thing that he was about to do was to open a diary. This was not illegal (nothing was illegal, since there were no longer any laws), but if detected it was reasonably certain that it would be punished by death, or at least by twenty-five years in a forced-labour camp. Winston fitted a nib into the penholder and sucked it to get the grease off.

Revolutionary Spirit In May 1968, the Situationist-inspired Paris riots set off a chain reaction of refusal against consumer capitalism. First students, then workers, then professors, nurses, doctors, bus drivers and a piecemeal league of artists and anarchists took to the streets. They erected barricades, fought with police, occupied offices, factories, railway depots, theaters and university campuses, sang songs, issued manifestoes, sprayed slogans like “Live Without Dead Time” and “Down with the Spectacular-Commodity Culture” all over Paris.

Krishna Das - Translations, Lyrics & Notes ALL ONE - buy this CD My guru always said, “All One”. One day we were at his temple. We had been there all day mostly waiting in the back of the temple for Maharaj-ji to call us. Sweet Potato Black Bean Burger Some days, you just need a burger. If today is one of those days, I’m here for you. This burger was inspired by my favorite veggie burger in Kansas City found at Beer Kitchen – the amazing restaurant that inspired this Whiskey BBQ Ketchup. Their “black bean burger” had a modest description but the flavor and texture are anything but. English Study Skills Areas William A. Shine Great Neck South High School Start by locating the title of the novel you wish to study.

Consumable Youth Rebellion Over the past 30 or so years, most people have chosen to pursue the rewards of conformity instead of the fruits of revolt. What they have been left with are ugly and stupid lives, ugly and stupid places and a planet pushed to the very edge of destruction by capitalism’s efforts to keep feeding them new promises of consumable happiness. But the thought that one is wasting one’s life is not a cheerful one, and respectable citizens everywhere have gone to considerable lengths to avoid it. They cling to these illusions with ferocious desperation; but the whole house of lying ghosts and grim parodies is a fragile one, and it is threatened by the depredations of delinquency. To the extent that delinquency prevents respectable citizens from misperceiving themselves as happy and free people who are blessed with rich experiences and who continue to grow as individuals, it provokes their fury. It threatens to take away the very little they have, and to replace it with nothing.

The Emperor's Three Questions - Leo Tolstoy The Emperor's Three Questions (By Leo Tolstoy) . One day it occurred to a certain emperor that if he only knew the answers to three questions, he would never stray in any matter. . 1. What is the best time to do each thing?

Durango Public Library has $30k in unpaid late fees for town of 17k Updated: 07/22/2015 5:48 PM | Created: 07/17/2015 5:46 PM By: Devin Neeley, KOB Eywitness News 4 When you check out a library book, you're supposed to return it so someone else can enjoy it. But it appears some book loves checking out books from one Colorado library are loving them so much they're racking up a lot of late fees. Durango Public Library Director Sandy Irwin says more than 400,000 items are checked out each year, but people aren't bringing them back on time. "We have over 10,000 people that have fines right now.