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Learn how to make your precious jewelry - FREE tutorials, lessons & articles!

Learn how to make your precious jewelry - FREE tutorials, lessons & articles!
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Slow and Easy Jewelry Making E-Courses Take your time with these jewelry making e-courses. There is no rush. Almost all these courses send you a lesson each week. Make Copper Clay JewelryThis 6 lesson weekly course will introduce you to working with copper clay, including how to fire the clay as well as a number of hands-on projects. Metal Jewelry FabricationThe term "fabrication" when it comes to metal jewelry making refers to the art of manipulating metal. Introduction to Metal Clay JewelryDiscover this unique jewelry medium called “metal clay.” Lessons in Jewelry LoveThis free jewelry making e-course is designed as a tribute to love. How to Start a Jewelry BusinessIf you’ve been thinking of starting your own jewelry business but aren’t sure how to begin, then this is the e-course for you. Chandelier EarringsLearn about chandelier earrings. Macrame Jewelry BasicsLearn the basics of making macrame jewelry.

Be Beautiful Manchester Based British Beauty Blog, Lifestyle Blog, Jewellery Blog, DIY Beauty Blog: DIY: Eye Make Up Remover - the best trick I've discovered! So a looong time ago I did a post about taking your eye make up off with olive oil. I've been doing this for about 6 months now and have noticed the skin around my eyes seems a lot more moisturised and supple. Recently however, I've added another natural ingredient to my olive oil and it seems to be working ever better. Olive oil on its own was great but I felt it tended to 'drag' the eye area a little bit, especially when I wore quite a lot of heavy make up for a night out. Removing false eye lash glue was a particular pain. So I'd done some research on what to add to olive oil so that its still as effective at removing tough, stubborn make up but with less drag and came across witch hazel. A few people will be worrying about placing an astringent like witch hazel around the eye area but I've checked with my optometrist who assured me that it would be fine but to take care with it as I would any other product that I applied to the eye area. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Rebecca x

Make your own precious jewelry; free lessons and tutorials by Eni Oken - ENIOKEN.COM Basic Bead Stitch Book (Read Online) The Guide to Beadwork online book has chapters with step-by-step instructions for learning the basics of seed bead stitching: It starts with a chapter on Fringework. It also has chapters on seven separate jewelry bead stitches: with printable pattern pages for most stitches: These beading stitches can be used separately or combined to create: earringsnecklacesbraceletsdoiliesetc. A Glossary of beading terms is also included! Designed to be used as a textbook in seed bead stitching classes, the book has been very popular for that purpose. Seed and bugle beads are the most common seed beads used in the stitches outlined in the book so it is written using these types in the examples, but these bead stitches are NOT limited to seed and bugle beads. Click straight to any bead stitch above you are interested in, or start with the Table of Contents to get more information on each chapter.

Links Companies search This search engine searches for electronics componentmanufacturers, distributors and dealers listed in this pageand related companies listings pages. This search hereis to help you more easily to find for example companieswhich manufacture certain products from this long list. Links to electronics manufacturer link pages Electronics component industry links This is a list of electronics companies. 123BEAD - Beaded Jewelry Making Instructions, Tutorials, Projects & Kits The jewelry you make from this design is yours do with as you please. You may make it as often as you like without any restrictions. For example, you can make this jewelry for yourself, for friends, or to sell. While I assert no rights over the finished jewelry made from these instructions, the photography/images and text on this page are copyrighted as follows: Copyright Erin Weik. This copyright applies only to the document above, and does not apply to the rest of the website content, images and text, for which I retain full rights.

Lots of Free Jewelry Making Tutorials & Lessons: DIY Jewelry Kit DIY Jewelry Kit We are starting new range of service here by gathering and offering Do-it-yourself jewelry kits. So come back often to check out to check out latest designs offered by our members or designers here.We will list all the DIY kits here. Elegant Pearl White Bracelet Beaded Ring If you are a jewelry designer and would like to contribute your designs to make it to DIY packs, just contact and we can work out on the details for the partnership. About Jane Chew Jane is the Chief Editor of Handmade Jewelry Club. For More Info, Visit my Google + Profile Share This Story, Choose Your Platform! Jane is the Chief Editor of Handmade Jewelry Club.

Free Jewelry eBooks | 15 Easy Ways to Turn T-Shirts into Jewelry You know we’ve got a weakness for repurposing just about anything. Today’s foray into style hackery comes in the form of t-shirts! With help from a bit of copper tubing, a few brass rings, and our trusty needle nose pliers, see how we turned 3 t-shirts into 15 pieces of jewelry, perfect for everything from summer festivals to fancy springtime soirees. Materials: - copper tubing - t-shirts (the soft ones work best) - brass rings of various sizes - copper chain - gold chain - gold key rings - cord ends - gold clasps + jump rings Tools: - tubing cutter - hand saw - needle nose pliers - fabric scissors - fine sand paper For materials, we hit up the hardware store to stock up on copper tubing and these cool brass rings. Old worn out t-shirts work best for jewelry-making as they aren’t as stiff as brand new ones. 1. To get your t-shirt fabric to curl, cut it into 1/2 inch strips and pull to stretch. This would be a great finishing touch to a maxi dress. 2. We love the linear look of this piece.

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