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Learn how to make your precious jewelry - FREE tutorials, lessons & articles!

Learn how to make your precious jewelry - FREE tutorials, lessons & articles!

Make your own precious jewelry; free lessons and tutorials by Eni Oken - ENIOKEN.COM Mountain Stream Bracelet Mountain Stream Bracelet Michelle’s multi-strand bracelet idea this week has rustic appeal with just a hint of daintiness! Brown wood rounds are interspersed with Matte Terra Blue Pony Beads and Gold Rounds, finished off with a Gold Zigzag Toggle Clasp. This is a fun bracelet to wear year-round! Materials: 1 Pkg. Tools you will need (change quantity to 1 if you need them): Crimping Pliers (#51004) Qty: Bead Stoppers (#51009) Qty: Directions: Step 1. Step 2. Step 3. Step 4.

Bizsugyár A sok magányos fülbevaló és medál után eldöntettem, hogy készítek egy szettet, amely színét és formáját tekintve vidám és különleges. Igyekeztem némi hasonlóságot vinni a fülibe és a medálba, ám nem szerettem volna egyformára hajlítani őket, mert akkor méretüket tekintve már túl sok lett volna a jóból. Így hasonlítanak is meg nem is. A medál elkészítése nem annyira egyszerű, mint amilyennek látszik, az ötlet megszületését követően több prototípust is gyártottam, mire megszületett a tökéletes darab. A füli és a medál együtt is hordható, illetve külön is – amennyiben túl sok együtt-, de szerintem még belefér az együtt kategóriába is. Medál hosszúságú 1 mm-es lágy drót hosszúságú 0,4 mm-es lágy drót átmérőjű kör alakú kagylóhéjgyöngy Fülbevaló 2 db hosszúságú 1 mm-es lágy drót 2 db hosszúságú 0,4 mm-es lágy drót 2 db átmérőjű kör alakú kagylóhéjgyöngy 2 db készen vásárolt füli akasztó vagy 2 db hosszúságú 0,8 mm-es félkemény drót Szükséges eszközök Oldalcsípőfogó Laposfogó Kúposfogó Reszelő

{DIY} How to make your own Eye Pins - Typical House Cat by mskristiina on April 6, 2012 I’ve been on the hunt for a good source for long eye pins. I’ve heard from a couple of you who aren’t able to find them long enough to wear the rings in my tutorial on anything but your tiny pinky finger. Luckily, I attended a beading class last Saturday with my sister at The Beaded Puma* and learned how to make eye pins myself. Honestly, it is so easy. You will need the regular beading tools: Needle-nose pliersRound-nose pliersWire cuttersWirePaper scrapSome sort of writing utensil First, you need to decide the size you want. Then mark a little further up to mark the circumference of the eye you are making, cut it off at the end. Once you have that done, cut a piece of wire as long as your guide. Next, holding it in your left hand, take your needle-nose pliers in your right hand and bend the top towards you where your dot was on your guide. Next, take your round-nose pliers and hold the tip next to the bent portion of the wire to measure it. Voila! xx ks

Tutorial: Shabby Chic Dangly Earring Display This fun little shabby chic earring stand, made from an altered picture frame, is a great way to hang and display all your beautiful, dangling earrings. I had the idea for this project after we talked about my love affair with dangly earrings and how to display them. I don’t know about you, but I just love seeing them all hanging in a row! :) The next day I made this earring frame, and it was so quick, easy, and inexpensive to put together, I knew I had to share it with you! :) I spent a grand total of $5.34 on this project. Cost: Less than $10 Time: 30 mins Supplies: picture frame, 12′ of picture wire, acrylic paint & brush, staple gun (or nails/tacks, etc) I started out with a black 8×10 picture frame from Walmart, $3. Since the frame wasn’t real wood, I was a little concerned with how it would turn out once I painted it. But as you can see from the above images, this little inexpensive frame did great! Next, I took a piece of wire and laid it across the back of the frame.

How to: Greek Isle Necklace Project N630Designer: Julie Bean The mixing of gold, silver, and copper makes it so this necklace can be worn with everything. Elegant enough for evening yet fresh and breezy enough for daytime, you will love adding this necklace to your collection. Tip: this makes for a 20 inch necklace. If you would like it longer, simply make your bead strands longer (you have plenty of seed beads in the mix to do this). If you wish it to be shorter, cut down your chain lengths before attaching them. Tip: Check package quantities for each component. All designs © Beadaholique Inc.

How To Drill Small Beach Stones Want to learn how to drill holes in beach stones? Well, I’ve got good news for you: it’s pretty easy and I’d love to tell you how it’s done! I’ve been making this Natural Stone Jewelry for several months with pre-drilled pebbles that I purchased from fellow Etsy artisans. It took a little bit of internet research and guessing to figure out the best way to go about drilling my own, indigenous Wisconsin stones. Some sites said one thing, some said another. I took the best advice from several different sources and did some experimenting and found that drilling my own, small river rocks is not only possible, but pretty easy! Choosing the Right Stone for Drilling Almost any stone that you find CAN be drilled, but I really recommend starting with softer sedimentary rocks (sandstone, mudstone, limestone, etc). Equipment You Need to Drill Your Own Beach Stones High speed rotary tool - (ie. a Dremel. Let’s Start Drilling! Now get out there and start making some fabulous beach stone creations!

Moving Your Bead Stash: A New Chance to Organize Your Beads - Daily Blogs As you read this, picture me packing up a U-Haul for my move across town. I've been in this house for nine years now, and sorting through all the stuff of my life has been daunting. For instance, why do I have two irons-did I think having two might make me want to iron? As I box up my beads and supplies this week, I'm organizing and condensing. Sift through unused beadsI have a lot of beads that just need to go. Jewelry Making with Beads, Jewelry Tools, & Wire, using Beads and Jewelry Making Supplies by WigJig How to Make Wire Wrapped Loops Leftovers for lunch: DIY Spike Jewelry Part 1 In my always planning ahead (but always running late) world, leftovers for lunch or dinner are what keep me running. It's thrifty and resourceful, just like DIY! Coming this week is a triple threat of DIY projects, all leftover based. Keep reading for how-to! Project 1 Knuckle Ring Materials: Two spike beadsRing blankTube bead (that spike rings fit snugly in) E6000 super glue Attach tube to ring blank with glue. Add glue inside tube and insert a bead on either end. Wearing it, I can only hold up my middle finger.