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400 Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs and Startups

400 Awesome Free Things for Entrepreneurs and Startups

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RGB-to-Hex Color Converter RGB-to-Hex Conversion Question: How do I convert RGB values of a color to a hexadecimal string? Answer: The RGB-to-hexadecimal converter algorithm is simple: make sure that your values are in the range 0...255, convert R, G, B to hex strings, and then concatenate the three hex strings together. A Guide to Color and Conversion Rates Color is one of the most powerful tools in the designer’s toolkit. It should be no surprise that different colors evoke different emotions and draw users attention. But if you ever tried to design a new project, you know how difficult is to decide on a color scheme that works well for it.

Introducing Improvements to Titles, Subtitles, and Headings — The Story Introducing Improvements to Titles, Subtitles, and Headings Readability is about more than the structure of a sentence. Sometimes, it’s about words on a page. Our aim is to create a space that provides the best writing experience possible for storytellers to reach their audience. The Free Design Templates You Need to Create Stunning Visual Marketing Content Visual content is in high demand. Just about every piece of content you create can be enhanced by some kind of visual element. In fact, content with relevant images gets a whopping 94% more views than content without relevant images.

How to start taking advantage of autoplay videos right now “What is our Number One strategy for your Facebook marketing right now? Video.” says the Buffer Social Media Marketing Team. The statement is hard to argue with. The Genealogy and History of Popular Music Genres To begin our journey through the world of popular music, we must first answer the question: “What exactly defines popular music?” Despite popular belief that this is a highly subjective matter, a broad consensus has been reached of its definition. Etymologically speaking, “music of the people (=populos)”, would not make us much wiser. The encyclopedic definition (Encyclopædia Britannica) states: “any commercially oriented music principally intended to be received and appreciated by a wide audience, generally in literate, technologically advanced societies dominated by urban culture.” Meaning that the right way to interpret the term, is music which finds the most appeal of all large music groups, due to its commercial nature.

6 Ways to Promote Your Videos on a Budget Have you ever cleaned the house, made a home-cooked meal, dressed up, set the table, and forgotten to invite guests? Probably not. So why does a similar scenario happen more often than not in video marketing? Free Youtube Video End Card Templates & Tools: The Easiest Way to Add Clickable End Cards Youtube video end cards are custom created templates made clickable with help of Youtube annotations. The simplest way to explain how to create a video end card is: Grab a free template belowCustomize it in Photoshop (Or use an online editor)Use your video editor to add the customized template as part of your video* (at the end)Upload the video to YoutubeMake the template parts clickable using Youtube annotations (Spotlight annotation is the best annotation type to use because it allows transparent clickable background) * End cards should be part of your video file, so make sure to add them before uploading to Youtube.

Concept inbox Concept inbox makes the design review cycle smooth. Concept inbox is the best collaboration platform for creative teams and their external stakeholders. Whether you are a designer, a product manager, a marketer or an architect Concept inbox makes collaboration with your team and clients easier than ever and streamlines the creative process. Annotations for all types of artworks. Concept inbox supports real-time annotations and comments on videos, design image files and PDFs. There is no limit on the number of files you can upload nor file-size limits.