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JSON Formatter & Validator

JSON Formatter & Validator

User Experience quotes and articles to inspire and connect the UX community | inspireUX from __future__ import * The browser security model dictates that XMLHttpRequest, frames, etc. must have the same domain in order to communicate. That's not a terrible idea, for security reasons, but it sure does make distributed (service oriented, mash-up, whatever it's called this week) web development suck. There are traditionally three solutions to solving this problem. Local proxy: Needs infrastructure (can't run a serverless client) and you get double-taxed on bandwidth and latency (remote - proxy - client). Flash: Remote host needs to deploy a crossdomain.xml file, Flash is relatively proprietary and opaque to use, requires learning a one-off moving target programming langage. Script tag: Difficult to know when the content is available, no standard methodology, can be considered a "security risk". I'm proposing a new technology agnostic standard methodology for the script tag method for cross-domain data fetching: JSON with Padding, or simply JSONP. Let's take the JSON API as an example.

25 great free UX tools There might be no such thing as a free lunch but thanks to the wonders of Open Source software, freeware and trial software there most certainly is such a thing as free software. In this article I list 25 great free UX tools, including tools to help with prototyping, annotating, screen grabbing, site mapping, usability testing, accessibility and analytics. Prototyping tools Pencil Pencil is a nice little Open Source tool for creating prototypes, UI mockups, and UX diagrams, such as user journeys. Pencil – A free prototyping and diagramming tool LucidChart LucidChart is an online tool for creating diagrams, UI mockups and prototypes. LucidChart – A prototyping and diagramming tool with a free trial version Balsamiq Balsamiq is another online UI prototyping tool and like LucidChart it’s not fee but does allow you to create simple single pages for free using the trial version (just click on the ‘take a tour’ link). Balsamiq – A prototyping tool with a free trial version Serena Prototype Composer

JSON TeleHash / JSON + UDP + DHT = Freedom AJAX / JSON Guide Are you at the stage in your AJAX development where using plain text to transfer your data just is not working anymore? And your fed up with all the <?xml buzz? First off lets create our PHP script that will query the database and then print out the data in JSON format. <? // query $sql = “SELECT * FROM table” $result = mysql_query($sql); while( $row = mysql_fetch_array($result) ) { $first_name = $row['first_name']; $last_name = $row['last_name']; $ajax_data = array(‘first_name’=>$first_name,’last_name’=>$last_name); // encode data into json $json = new Services_JSON(); echo $json->encode($ajaxData); } ? Now that we have the JSON being printed out from the above PHP script we can create our JavaScript to read this data and update the page. <! // now we have access to the properties we put in the array alert(person.first_name); } client.makeRequest(phpscript.php,”); I hope this little tutorial puts the fun back into ajax again. Below is a quick list of useful DOM functions for those new to it:

JSONLint - The JSON Validator. Silverlight Jounce framework js tools 在开发中,借助得力的工具可以事半功倍。今天这篇文章与大家分享最近发现的一些有用的 JavaScript 和 jQuery 的开发工具,库和插件。希望这些工具在你你即将到来的项目中能用得上。 您可能感兴趣的相关文章 TestSwarm: Continious & Distributed JS TestingTestSwarm是Mozilla实验室推出的一个开源项目,它旨在为开发者提供在多个浏览器版本上快速轻松测试自己JavaScript代码的方法。 Minimee在网络上,速度是很重要的,Minimee能帮助你将CSS和JavaScript文件进行自动压缩和打包。 Doctor JSDoctor JS 是一款帮你分析 JavaScript 代码的工具,测试你的代码在多态、原型、异常和回调方面写得怎么样。 Remy Sharp’s JSConsole一个在线的 JavaScript 控制台工具,对于测试、调试和演示非常有用。 JavaScript Library BoilerplateJavaScript Library Boilerplate 帮助你随时随地创建自己的 JavaScript 库。 jsdoc-toolkitJsDoc Toolkit 是一款辅助工具,你只需要根据约定在 JavaScript 代码中添加相应的注释,它就可以根据这些注释来自动生成API文档。 Jasmine: BDD for your JavaScriptJasmine 是一个有名的javascript单元测试框架,它是独立的“行为驱动开发”框架。 ObfuscateJS: JavaScript compressor一款 JavaScript 混淆工具,去除空白和注释,重命名变量等。 PEG.jsPEG.js 是一个JavaScript的表达式语法解析器,它使您能够轻松地建立复杂的数据或计算机程序语言的快速分析器。 JSONViewJSONView 是一款帮助你在浏览器中查看JSON文档的Firefox插件。 JSonduitJSonduit 是一个将网页内容转换为 JSON 格式订阅器的工具。 jsplumbjsPlumb 为开发者提供了可视化链接元素到页面的方法,可以结合jQuery、MooTools 和 YUI3使用。 JSON Editor这个编辑器可以帮助你方便的编辑 JSON 字符串。