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City Silhouettes : JASPER JAMES - PHOTOGRAPHER - BEIJING CHINA (+86) 15910926348

City Silhouettes : JASPER JAMES - PHOTOGRAPHER - BEIJING CHINA (+86) 15910926348

Sleeveface - people holding vinyl record sleeves and covers in front of their faces Donner vie aux films cultes avec un iPhone Donner vie aux films cultes avec un iPhone Avec sa série “Réalité revisitée“, le photographe François Dourlen a utilisé un iPhone et un appareil photo pour replacer dans la réalité des scènes des films cultes comme Retour vers le Futur, Titanic ou le Seigneur des Anneaux. Mais il a aussi utilisé le même procédé pour sa série ”Réalité diminuée“, replaçant de vieilles photographies de Cherbourg dans leur contexte actuel. Dans le genre, je vous recommande “51 photos de films replacées dans la réalité” mais aussi “Ecole abandonnée à Détroit – Then and Now, 31 Photographies du passé rencontrent le présent“. Images © François Dourlen / via

ELI <p>We work closely with either photographers, creative agencies or the final client.<br />Below is a small selection of clients that we have had the pleasure of working with over the last 10 years.</p> Father Photoshops his Daughter into Impossible Scenes Kids can be both a blessing and a burden… and when it comes to these impossible images, those facts are taken to the extreme. Up and coming photographer Emil Nystrom has only been working in the field for about a year… but you wouldn’t know it from these brilliant Photoshopped compositions featuring his lovely baby daughter. On the helpful side, we see her climbing under the hood to fix the car and lending a hand painting the walls of the house. Probably less helpful, she also seems to love doing cannon balls into the bathtub and hitching rides behind airplanes. Trouble! The Umeå, Sweden-based Nystrom uses deceptively simple methods for creating the adorable images of his daughter, in most cases simply getting an assistant (like mom) to hold her up for the shot. These pictures are part of Nystrom’s personal work, but it’s just one aspect of his many photography pursuits; from commercial, to portraiture, wedding and conceptual photography. Via: 123inspiration & phlearn

A series of photos "Window to the past» (Ablak a Múltra) Mindig nagy öröm, ha Magyarországról vagy magyar tehetségekről posztolhat az ember a blogjára, Kerényi Zoltánnak köszönhetően pedig a két dolog ráadásul most egyszerre teljesül. A fővárosunkról szóló albumában régi helyszínek és alakok szerepelnek jelenkori környezetben, az eredetivel pontosan megegyező beállításban. A fiatal építészmérnök 2011 februárjától ötvözi a Fortepan online privátfotó gyűjtemény archívumából felhasznált fotókat a saját képeivel, melyek olyan bravúrosan sikerültek, hogy mára már a Redditen, a Business Insideren vagy épp a Buzzfeeden nézik ezrek a fotókat. Ötletes kompozíciók, melyek egyben Budapest hírnevét is öregbítik!

Flying Houses Flights in Dreams and in Reality by Jan von Holleben Born in 1977 in Cologne and brought up in the southern German countryside, Jan von Holleben lived most of his youth in an alternative commune and identifies a strong connection between the development of his photographic work and the influence of his parents, a cinematographer and child therapist. At the age of 13, he followed his father’s photographic career by picking up a camera and experimenting with all sorts of „magical tricks“, developing his photographic imagination and skills with friends and family and later honing his technique in commercial settings. After pursuing studies in teaching children with disabilities at the Pädagogische Hochschule in Freiburg, he moved to London, earned a degree in the Theory and History of Photography at Surrey Institute of Art and Design, and became submerged within the London photographic scene, where he worked as picture editor, art director and photographic director. View the website

Lviv photos from Ukraine For all English-speaking people, who have no idea what is this all about... This project is about Ukrainian city Lviv and its history and architecture. Sorry, guys, I have not managed to translate my texts to English yet (my English is a bit poor), but you can try to use Google Translate to get a clue what's going on :) Інформація до фотографій зібрана з багатьох різних інтернетів, тому якщо в когось будуть якісь уточнення, то буду радий їх отримати в коментарях до цих фотографій на Пікасі. Клікнувши на фотографію вона розгортається на весь екран. Всі фото всередині посту. Друга частина проекту і ще 22 фотографії тут: Відео репортаж про цей фотопроект: — Стопмоушн відеоролик про Моменти з минулого Львова Тепер у Львові можна знайти відкритки з цими фото! Вул. Проспект Свободи. Проспект Свободи. Початок вул. Вул. Вул. Площа Міцкевича. Вул. Проспект Свободи. Площа Міцкевича. Вул. Вул. Вул. Пл. Пл. Пл. Пл.

invisible man liu bolin at galerie paris-beijing jan 15, 2013 invisible man liu bolin at galerie paris beijing ‘mobile phone’ by liu bolin liu bolin: hiding in the citygalerie paris-beijing, parison now through to 9th march, 2013 galerie paris-beijing presents the return of liu bolin with a new series of his camouflage photo-performance images as part of his ‘hiding in the city’ project. the chinese artist perfectly disguises himself to match the surroundings of china and paris – a faint disruption in the image caused by his outline flirts with the visible and invisible. bolin combines a number of techniques to achieve the imagery without the use of photoshop – from sculpture to body art, and from performance to photography, he is able to model for hours without moving to achieve the remarkable trompe l’oeil. if you like what you see, check out more of bolin’s ‘invisible photography’ work here. ‘green food’ ‘family photo’ ‘beijing magazine’ ‘graffiti in beijing no. 2′ ‘art paris’ lara mikocki I designboom

Kyle Thompson - Fine Art Blog Archive Beautiful 70 Years Separates Them by Sacha Goldberger This beautiful 70 Years Series produced by whiz kid photographer Sacha Goldberger demonstrates us his granny Monika with a much younger model girl named Therese. This series tells the fairy-tale of passing time and shows two way story of the same person, a young and old one. The photos are extremely related but at the same time there is a massive dissimilarity among them. Related posts: