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ArtsSchool Online: Color Theory & Mixing: 16 Lessons in Color Theory

ArtsSchool Online: Color Theory & Mixing: 16 Lessons in Color Theory

What is a Digital Imaging Technician - Interview with a DIT | ScreenLight If you work in production or post you have probably heard the term DIT mentioned. The DIT is a new job that that is on the rise with the popularity of digital filmmaking with RED & ARRI cameras. It is a hybrid of production and post production (part camera department, part post). The DIT ingests the media, consults with the DOP, and does onset color correction as the footage is usually shot in Log and appears flat. Wikipedia defines a DIT as: A digital imaging technician (DIT) works in collaboration with a cinematographer on work flow, systemization, signal integrity and image manipulation to achieve the highest image quality and creative goals of cinematography in the digital realm. I interviewed Griff Thomas (owner of Small Axe Media), a DIT in Atlanta, GA that specializes in commercials and working with the Arri Alexa. What is a DIT’s job? A DIT is essentially the liaison between production and post production. So ultimately, I’m like the backstop for the camera department. Gear

So You Want to Become an Artist? Painting is not just mixing colors, it is a combination of your drawing skills, combined with mixing, plus learning how to compose, and capture the subject. 1. Two Dimensions The first concept you must realize, and you found this when you were drawing, that you are attempting to translate and put a three dimensional subject, like a tree for instance (which has height, width and depth) onto on onto a a two-dimensional surface (paper, canvas, etc. which has height and width only). Your painting surface is flat! Simply put, the challenge is to use techniques of perspective, foreshortening and more to emulate what you see in reality. What are these things of perspective, foreshortening and more? 2. Art is a solo show and endeavor. Instructors are the ones who can really tell you what is good or needs correcting in your work. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Online Drawing Lessons - Learn to Draw Online for Free How to Build a Hackintosh - nofilmschool Build a Hackintosh with better performance than a Mac Pro — for half the price. A comprehensive, free, step-by-step guide. Last updated March 2013 with the latest Intel Ivy Bridge processor and motherboard recommendations (which, it’s worth noting, are not available on the out-of-date Mac Pros) and OS X Mountain Lion-native installation instructions. We’ve also refreshed the nVidia GPUs. Introduction What do you do when you need a high-end Mac — for editing video, retouching photos, recording music, animating 3D graphics, or just playing games — but you can’t afford a Mac Pro? Creativity shouldn’t be relegated to the upper class. Here’s a screencast (no sound) of my original hackintosh running flawlessly, loading notoriously slow applications like Adobe Photoshop and Microsoft Word in a jiffy. The new model represented in this article is quite a bit faster. This isn’t easy. For a comparison of the speed of this Hackintosh and the current Mac Pro, turn the page: (Apple photo by kyz)

Navigating comics: an empirical and theoretical approach to strategies of reading comic page layouts | Neil Cohn Cohn Navigating comics been found in right-to-left reading cultures. Given this, we mightexpect the left-to-right reading orientation to engender the use of a Z-path as well.A Z-path certainly makes sense for a grid organization of pan-els ( ), which is most similar to the rows of text, butlayouts may depart from or manipulate a straightforward gridin several ways. The borders of panels may become angled oreliminated, or panels might take strange sizes or shapes. Thesemanipulations are relatively superficial though, since they may not necessarily force a reader to question how to order the panels.Morechallengingmanipulationsmightvarythe proximity of pan-els with each other, either through separation of the panels fromeach other ( overlapping panels on top of each other( ). staggered Blockage occurs when pan-els are stacked vertically next to a panel that runs the distance of the vertical panels. ,following the Z-path causespanel C to be ordered before panel B. Never,4 manga ). ).

How to draw and paint step by step and videos tutorial learn from professional concept artists A Complete Guide to Setting Up a Home Color Grading Suite Cinematographer Ryan E. Walters outlines the parts and setup of a home based coloring station. As Moore’s Law continues to make technology more accessible to the masses, it is time to start exploring what it takes to build your own grading suite at home or in your office. Before reading the rest of this post, I recommend that you check out How To Get The Most Out Of CS6, DaVinci, & Your Mac Pro, as this article continues to build on what I’ve outlined. So let’s get started shall we?First off, I think it is important to acknowledge that this grading suite does not replace a high end professional suite.

Creatively Approaching Abstract Photography Photography takes many forms and incorporates many different styles, most of which either fall into the categories of documentary or fine art. It is in the second category that we find abstract photography, a means of visual expression that's purpose is not to inform the viewer, but to engage and excite. Step 1 - What is abstract photography? Handily, there isn't really a defined meaning or explanation of what abstract photography entails, and in the same regard to abstract art, the content of the work is essentially unimportant and often entirely ambiguous. What does take precedence is the form, colour, line and texture within the composition, to create a piece that is visually stimulating. Step 2 - It's all in the approach So how does one go about taking abstract photographs? Step 3 - Break the rules! It's important to consider what elements of your subject that you want to engage with in order to enhance your shot. Step 4 - Pattern & Line Step 5 - Form Step 6 - Colour

idrawdigital | Digital Drawing Tutorials and Reference psychology of colors So, I've spent a lot of the last decade thinking, writing, talking and speaking about color. One of the things that I thought would be more clear in talking to creative people about color would be the emotional impact of specific colors. While colors certainly deliver valuable story and emotional clues, the question among colorists and directors of photography is whether a specific color provides a specific emotional cue that is the same for all people. I've read that for Scandinavians, cool colors are more romantic, and the forced warmth of "Hollywood" romance goes against their cultural color values. Berit Bergström is the Managing Director of the Scandinavian Color School and President of the International Color Association. In addition to cultural differences, many of the people I spoke to believed that any color can act as a cue for any emotional or story point as long as the audience was clued in to the meaning of the color. Psychology of Color Infographic Color Preferences

70+ Stunning Abstract Photographs For many, the concept of abstract art breeds images of what appear to the uneducated eye as random swathes of color and shape tossed into a scene to create something the artists deems representation of a specific entity such as an emotion or situation. When it comes to photography, similar notions can occur as we are confronted with confusing images containing unspecific subject matter. But do not be afraid, there is an awful lot to be learned from abstract photography. Practical Tips Abstract photography is based on the photographers eye. We're looking to capture something in a way that it would not usually be seen. Techniques Abstract photography is not about abiding by the rules. Approach it from angles, move your feet, bend your knees, look up, look down, look for patterns and correlating colors. My favorite aspects of shooting abstract shots is the moment when someone looks at an image and says "I really like it, but what is it?" Photo Inspiration Hippie Extrajection Dimitridf Bill Gracey