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13 Free Web Tools Students and Teachers Should Know About

13 Free Web Tools Students and Teachers Should Know About
Web-based tools continue to proliferate, giving teachers more to add to their arsenal, but it can be hard to determine which resources are worth spending time exploring. At the International Society of Technology in Education (ISTE) conference this year, Adam Bellow, founder of EduClipper, and Steve Dembo, Online Community Manager for Discovery Education offered a quick run through of some favorite apps. The two educators are early adopters of ed-tech classroom strategies and have a lot of experience with tech integration. 1. Padlet used to be called Wallwisher, but it got a makeover and a name change recently. It’s essentially a virtual board with sticky notes that can be easily moved, shared and embedded. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. 11. 12. 13. Katrina Schwartz Katrina Schwartz is a journalist based in San Francisco.

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25 Tips For Teaching With Apps 25 Tips For Teaching With Apps by Terry Heick We’ve done tips in the past for teaching with tablets. This one is similar, so there is some overlap, but this has more to do with apps specifically. Building a House of Love: Newest Creations and Classroom Preparation Lately I’ve been thinking a lot about my classroom and how I will have students in just 20 short days and I can’t even get into the school yet! AHHHHH! :) So I’ve been doing little things here and there. My newest creations are the absent student folders… During my first year of teaching (6th grade Social Studies and Reading), my mentor teacher used a lot of Kagan strategies and one of the many things she gave me was a copy of a “We Missed You” sheet. I loved it so much that I used it all the time.

Educational Minecraft Activities - Rachel K Tutoring Blog Educational Minecraft Activities by Rachel 14 comments If you have a child or student who plays Minecraft, then you’re going to love these free Educational Minecraft Activities! I have a couple of students who are totally into this game. Snap Circuits Review and a DIY Spin Art Machine Snap Circuits Review If you’re in the market for a toy for a child who likes to build things, tinker, or is curious about how things work, Snap Circuits SC-300 tops my list. We’ve had this toy for a year and I just bought a BUNCH of them for friends because I like it so much.

Top 5 Unexpected Apps for STEM Education - StratoStar STEM Education Blog In today’s world, we use apps for everything from managing our bank accounts to expressing our thoughts via tweets, so why not use them for our STEM education projects? StratoStar has compiled a list of our top 5 favorite apps will make tracking, solving equations, and creating reports simpler. 1. WolframAlpha This genius app focuses on mathematics, statistics, chemistry, and engineering. It produces instant expert knowledge to all your questions, computes an answer with a step-by-step solving method, and generates a report to help you track your progress.

7 Math Hacks That Will Change Your Lives! 7 Math Hacks That Will Change Your Lives! Share 7 Math Hacks That Will Change Your Lives! One Step Equation Worksheets Math Worksheets > Equation Worksheets > One Step Equation To solve the one-step equations, we need to isolate the variable by doing the reverse operation for the given equation. That is, if the variable is added with a number, then subtract the number on both sides in the aim of isolating the variable. Similarly, do addition for a subtraction equation; do division for a multiplication equation; do multiplication for a division equation. has paved way to practice free worksheets on one-step equations with different levels and types for the beginners and masters.

Environmental Inquiry, Sustainability, Natural Curiosity Natural Curiosity is a teacher resource that was launched in 2011. It's focus is on Environmental Inquiry, and how to bring inquiry-based teaching practices into the classroom. The resource offers elementary school teachers a guide to making both the content and process of learning about the world more engaging and relevant to their students. This is possible when students become personally invested in a collective learning process that is shaped by their very own questions and theories about the world - their natural curiosity - and a process that places them in direct contact and relationship with the natural environment.

29 Printable Mandala & Abstract Colouring Pages For Meditation & Stress Relief by Jade Small Adult colouring books are increasing with popularity, and while we could all do with some stress relief, not all of us can afford to buy them. So, we have gathered our favourite Mandalas and abstract colouring pages for you to print and colour at a fraction of the cost! All you need to do is right click on an image and save it onto your computer, print, and you are ready for your colouring meditation! Coloring allows to unlock your creative potential. Perhaps more important, it helps relieve tension and anxiety.

10 Game-Changing Chrome Extensions and Add-Ons for Teachers By Maria Sellers Google has a wealth of add-ons and extensions for Google Chrome, Drive and Gmail, but who has the time to comb through all of these? As an eLearning Specialist, I try to find what is truly worth the time and consideration of my teachers. Like my Google Tools search, my add-on and extension search involved these questions: Does it perform a task that used to demand a lot of my time?Is the end result worth the time in training?