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NewBlackMan (in Exile)

NewBlackMan (in Exile)
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Modern Hieroglyphics | Full Print Magazine Coming Spring 2014… cursivebuildings for the amazing vsl editors & readers: hi. i’m happy you’re here. i have warm cookies on the table & milk. reaching for the out of reach is one project. there are many more. The Weekly Ansible Seabozu: the angsty self-aware monster of the dead themonstervault: “Monsters are tragic beings; they are born too tall, too strong, too heavy, they are not evil by choice. Seabozu is an odd monster to begin with for the Vault, but I’ve chosen him because he embodies the meeting of the camp aspects of monster films and the more serious side.Appearing in an episode 35 of the original Ultraman series titled, “The Monster Graveyard,” the kaiju Seabozu is unlike any other being faced by Ultraman. Jase’s 10 Favorite Sci-Fi Novels These are my favorites, not necessarily “the best” or anything like that. Woman on the Edge of Time (1976) by Marge Piercy This book has had more of an impact on me than perhaps any other. Read More Now I really will go see Elysium. A review of Elysium by me. Don’t forget Commissioner Gordan!!!

Interaction Institute for Social Change Blog The structural vs. transformational debate is alive and well. I’m glad that Curtis and Cynthia have been dipping back into it over the last few weeks. It is good to start at the end: the answer is a both/and, it’s not a good idea to get stuck in binaries. The print pictured above captures it for me. It is Nelson Mandela’s drawing of the view from his cell at Robben Island, where he was imprisoned for 30 years. Take that in for a second. Thirty years in jail for daring to stand up for freedom. The print’s beauty is undeniable. How is this perspective possible? There was something in Mandela’s mind, something in his soul, that could not be subjugated. Nelson Mandela is the icon that destroys the binary. I agree with Curtis and Glanzberg that “The pattern most in need of shifting is not out there in the world, but in our minds.” But there is something else happening here. We have an interior condition. Bringing our care and attention to what is inside.

INFORMATION CLEARING HOUSE Urban Times - Be the Change Woodstock, Vermont Area Chamber of Commerce BibliOdyssey Feminist Current Michael Parenti Blog Futility Closet Washington post article I was 18 years old when I landed in the kingdom of Bahrain, off the coast of Saudi Arabia, in the winter of 2005. It was the first time I'd ever left the continental United States. My joints ached after more than 24 hours of travel, but I knew that a new life of service and adventure awaited me on the other side of that aircraft door. This was the day I had been dreaming about since I'd enlisted in the Navy a few months before, on my birthday. I loved my country, and I knew that I was ready to prove myself in action. I also knew that I was gay. However, I chose to put service above my personal life. Once I joined the Navy, I was tormented by my chief and fellow sailors, physically and emotionally, for being gay. Within days of arriving at my duty station in Bahrain, I decided that I wanted to earn a place among the elite handlers working with dogs trained to detect explosives. I can't say for certain when the abuse started or when it stopped.

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