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Nathan Fowkes Art

Nathan Fowkes Art

Gabriel Moreno :: Museo ABC :: Book Cover foras da lei barulhentos, bolhas raivosas e algumas outras coisas que não são tão sinistras, quem sabe, dependendo de como você se sente quanto a lugares que somem, celulares extraviados, seres vindos do espaço, pais que desaparecem no peru, um homem chamado lars farf e outra história que não conseguimos acabar, de modo que talvez você possa quebrar esse galho (noisy outlaws, unfriendly blobs, and some other things that aren’t as scary, maybe, depending on how you feel about lost lands, stray cellphones, creatures from the sky, parents who disappear in peru, a man named lars farf, and one other story we couldn’t quite finish, so maybe you could help us out), neil gaiman, lemony snicket, nick hornby, jonathan safran foer and others: cosac naify. _probably the biggest caption of this tumblr. the spies, luis fernando verissimo: maclehose press. _verissimo is one of the most popular of contemporary brazilian writers. the brazilian edition won the getty images’ best book cover award. #TeamObama

Illustrated Ladies Brought to you by Mallory. Also check out Illustrated Gents. Archive Older → Theme by Andrew edjbrown: Doin the mess around! elizabethbaddeley: Dasha and the Sandpipers. toon-books: Who needs friends when you’ve got Terry Gross?” Elise Gravel lydianichols: Vet, cat lady, or both? lpeng: my final piece for thesis~ colors might change and other things will be added so here’s a work in progress? imaginarythingsafterdark: peter pan / chapter 8 / the mermaid’s lagoon / alexander vidal hellohowdyhiya: This is going to be a “Please give me some work to do” postcard. naomiwilkinson: Here’s a swamp queen I designed for a pack of Top Trumps that have been designed by members of Puck for Pick Me Up which starts in just over a week! (Source: joshuacatalano, via cindylikesgifs) (Source: studiopilar, via cindylikesgifs) soulist-aurora: Mwah! (via cindylikesgifs) levaduraa: Proceso. :) (via cindylikesgifs) nanlawsketch:

Cartoon Retro Cartoon Retro 12 Apr 11 Apr Federico Ribas 11 Apr rdaskas:Bruce Timm (1996)When I worked at Warner Bros Animation a few of us would collect old Playboy magazines in search of Erich Sokol illustrations.If you dropped five or ten bucks on an old Playboy and there was not a Sokol this was usually the reaction.Bruce drew this for me after one of our lunch time outtings,I think I gave him a page I already had. 11 Apr drawblr:Original Tezuka Astro Boy page.(Source: 10 Apr rdaskas:SAMURAI JACK(2004) AcrylicCartoon NetworkScott thought it would be a cool idea to use the white of the board for the desert sand color.It took some planning ahead but worked great.Layouts by Justin Thompson. 10 Apr rdaskas:SAMURAI JACK(2004) AcrylicCartoon Network 8 Apr vinyl-artwork:Mud - Flower Power & You’re My Mother, 1968. (45rpm)(via hannahsfollies) 3 Apr 3 Apr wellnotwisely:Christophe Blain 3 Apr Next >>>

10 Antique Postcard Textures | Valleys In The Vinyl | Textures, Inspiration, & Exploration Enjoy this set of 10 vintage postcards. They will add some genuine age and personality to your work, as well as the potential usage as templates. Each one is super hi-res, with the average size of 2700×4000… File Size: 35.6 MB Childrens Story Posters | Square Inch Design Blog Classic Children’s Stories Vol. 1 Also available without text Related Work / Peter Pan Beauty & the Beast Jack & the Beanstalk Gulliver’s Travels The Little Mermaid Sleeping Beauty Chicken Little The Frog Prince Cinderella The Emperor’s New Clothes Enter your email address to subscribe to my blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Follow me on Twitter My Tweets Recent Posts © 2014 Sinch Art & Design. ©2013 SInch - All Rights Reserved - Sinch is the intellectual property of Square Inch Design.

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