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Global Incident Map Displaying Outbreaks Of All Varieties Of Diseases

Global Incident Map Displaying Outbreaks Of All Varieties Of Diseases
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OER Commons Nuclear Emergency Tracking Center hs Saaristolaistila Korppoossa näyttää tulijalle parhaat puolensa: ruusut kukoistavat, lyhyeksi leikattu ruoho kumpuilee vihreänä, ja rantaviivaa vasten piirtyy niin komea tervaleppä, että sitä voisi luulla tammeksi. Kirjastonhoitaja Monika Holmén ja peruskoulun rehtori Vesa Vuoristo hyörivät kahden suuren kasvihuoneen tuntumassa. Syksylläkin riittää kasteltavaa ja kitkettävää. Holmén on ollut koko ikänsä kirjoilla saaressa, 1980-luvulta Korppoossa asunut Vuoristo muutti tilalle kaksitoista vuotta sitten. Paratiisi, ehtii vierailija ajatella ihaillessaan Holménin Linda-mamman istuttamia ruusuja. Sitten olkavarsi alkaa kutista. Onko siellä punkki? Tällä kertaa se ei ole puutiainen, ihokarvat vain ottavat kiinni paidan kuituihin. Vaikka kesä on mennyt, pienikokoinen vihollinen on pidettävä yhä mielessä, sillä punkkikausi jatkuu myöhäissyksyyn. Holménin ja Vuoriston perheessä kaikilla perheenjäsenillä on ollut borrelioosi, punkkien levittämä bakteeritauti. Tämä perhe ei ole harvinaisuus.

educational content on ASO Developed by Education Services Australia through The Le@rning Federation, the education collection is designed to help teachers and students make the most of the wide range of moving image resources on the site. The clips in this collection are accompanied by teachers’ notes created by specialist curriculum writers. Expert curators’ notes also provide useful background material. Clips in this collection have been selected for their educational value and any clips that are considered potentially disturbing carry clear classification warnings. There are currently 1065 clips with teachers’ notes. symbol. Browsing by category These categories provide useful entry points for locating clips with educational content. You can search the entire collection at any time using the SEARCH functions.

One Harvest Food Ministries This animation shows what Earth would look like if all the ice melted Earlier this week, NASA revealed that Earth's oceans are rising faster than expected, and the space agency projected that we're now "locked in" to at least 90 cm of sea level rise in the coming decades. That in itself would be enough to displace millions of people around the world, but if this trend continues and all our polar ice caps and glaciers melt, it's been predicted that the oceans will rise by a mind-blowing 65.8 metres (216 feet). So where will all that water end up? Some of the areas that go under first are probably unsurprising - low-lying islands and already water-logged cities such as Venice are quick to disappear. But when the globe spins around to Asia around the halfway mark, things get pretty real, with huge cities like Calcutta and Shanghai disappearing into the ocean altogether (that's a combined population of almost 19 million people).

Transl8it! - understand SMS text message slang & chat lingo shorthand WELCOME to the Oklahoma Food Cooperative Activities & toolkits - Partners in Prevention The activity ideas and toolkits listed here can be used to support a respectful relationships program. Some can be incorporated into programs run with children and young people. Others may be better suited to prevention training with teachers, youth workers, early childhood educators, sporting club volunteers and other staff. These activities are intended for use in a whole of school approach to respectful relationships education, rather than for use in isolation. As material on relationships and abuse aimed at children and young people may lead to disclosures of abuse to any teacher or staff member at the school, it is important that all staff are trained and confident to respond to such disclosures before introducing these resources. Program delivery should be tailored to each school or youth setting to ensure the varying needs of each audience is considered and met. For more information on how to meet best practice, visit the Best Practice page. Things to consider: Gender equity quizzes

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