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The Best Gear For Guys

The Best Gear For Guys

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Digital Microscopes - Optical Microscopes - Laser Scanning Microscopes Microscope Introduction Videos NEW Watch a Quick Demo of Our Microscopes Latest Information Topics Download the most recent brochures and technical guides on our latest microscope products. KEYENCE Microscopes The smallest OLED TV for videophiles with limited space! If you’re looking for the smallest OLED TV available today, you won’t find any models smaller than 55 inches. The two major players are LG and Sony, with both brands having models measuring 55″. LG’s latest 55 inch model is called the C8 and Sony’s most recent offering is named the A1E. While both of these OLED TVs offer a state-of-art viewing experience, the LG is significantly cheaper and delivers incredible picture quality which is every bit as good as the Sony.

Writing the Dreaded Cover Letter I've written other posts about writing challenges connected to the job search: how writing anxiety can affect the job search and how writing samples add another layer of challenge to the job seeker. But of all the writing-related activities of the job search, the one task most universally hated is the cover letter. It seems to cause anxiety for many otherwise well-qualified job seekers. And there's a reason for that: it's not an easy document to write. You have to find a way to appeal to the employer, summarize your key strengths relevant to the position, convey your personality, express your interest, and differentiate yourself from every other candidate- and all in one page. Oh, that's all?

Truths That Men Have About Women As promised, like I mentioning in my earlier post on what truths women have about men, this post will be about the truths men have about women. Such as: I look at and am attracted to other women. Everyday.I will never tell you the full details of my past relationship.I sometimes enjoy hanging with my friends more than I do with you.I don’t really know if I’m happy in this relationship or not. So stop asking.I love sex. Human Urine There are commercial and household products that will help you pass the test. Some people are objecting to commercial products because they "are just trying to cash in on the War on Drugs." They also charge high prices and water alone tends to work for most. Also, be aware that Texas outlawed products with the sole purpose of creating negative results on urine tests.

19 of the best Instagram accounts for men to follow right now!!! With an average of 1 billion monthly users, it can be tricky to find accounts that are worth following so we’ve done a ton of research to bring you nineteen of the best Instagram accounts for men to follow today! Best Instagram accounts for men Beer – brewtographyproject First in our list of best instagram accounts for men is about beer. Photographer Dustin Hall has done an amazing job of bringing together incredible photography and the beer brewing process. After nearly four years of photographing Colorado craft breweries, Hall and his wife Marcia share every little detail about how to make beer with a beautiful selection of images.

Tools & Utilities for filmmakers You've now entered the Dependent Films Download Center. It's unbelievable 1) how much these files can help, and 2) how hard all of these tools are to find on the net. Thus, this is why we've assembled this compilation for all of you aspiring filmmakers out there. Best of all, they're all FREE (a favorite word for all independent filmmakers). These programs have really helped our productions, and hopefully they can help yours as well. Toasted Selfies One Face Per Slice - We have stopped making multiple faces on one slice of toast. Our success ratio with multiply faces is just too low. Tips for a best quality:

Prop 64 Pros and Cons (and everything else you NEED TO KNOW!) The arguments for and against proposition 64 are very complex and many of the points are a matter of opinion and personal preference. It is important to note that the views expressed in this article are ours and ours alone. We are neither doctors or lawyers and have written this article based on the facts as we see them, to help our readers better understand the Prop 64 pros and cons. What is proposition 64? SCHOPENHAUER'S 38 STRATAGEMS, OR 38 WAYS TO WIN AN ARGUMENT Arthur Schopenhauer (1788-1860), was a brilliant German philosopher. These 38 Stratagems are excerpts from "The Art of Controversy", first translated into English and published in 1896. Carry your opponent's proposition beyond its natural limits; exaggerate it. The more general your opponent's statement becomes, the more objections you can find against it. The more restricted and narrow his or her propositions remain, the easier they are to defend by him or her.

Gift Ideas for your Favorite DM Whether it's your Dungeon Master's birthday, you want to thank them for running a long campaign, or you're hoping some good old fashioned bribery will keep your character alive, there's always an excuse to find the perfect gift. The ideas listed below are sure to impress the DM in your life. Dice Rings: The DM will randomly make decisions in style with these dice rings. Do they prefer regular dice? 7 of the best places to travel alone for men that need to party... Holi holiday – Goa – India If you’re looking for excitement, want to meet cool people from across the globe or even if you’re on the hunt for lust and love, we hope you’ll enjoy our list of best places to travel alone for men. This single guys travel guide is your first port-of-call if you’re going to be “flying solo” on your next vacation and struggling to come up with ideas for where to head go.

12 Video Sites That Are Better Than YouTube There’s little doubt that YouTube is the go-to video site for many people. In fact, it’s one of the most popular websites in the world. But what if YouTube happens to be inaccessible? Or you simply want more options for viewing videos online? What alternatives are there? 8 of the finest tools every man should have in his garage or man-cave A lot of men take pride in a well-equipped garage and it can also make work far more enjoyable and effective. Choose the right tools and you’ll be get more done and in less time. Our list of tools every man should have in his garage contains some of the most essential items to have on stand-by in your garage or man-cave. A decent drill

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