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Statistics with R

Statistics with R
Warning Here are the notes I took while discovering and using the statistical environment R. However, I do not claim any competence in the domains I tackle: I hope you will find those notes useful, but keep you eyes open -- errors and bad advice are still lurking in those pages... Should you want it, I have prepared a quick-and-dirty PDF version of this document. The old, French version is still available, in HTML or as a single file. You may also want all the code in this document. 1. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 2.5 License. Related:  mapping & visuData Science

Z Vector | The depth camera visualization tool R by example Basics Reading files Graphs Probability and statistics Regression Time-series analysis All these examples in one tarfile. Outright non-working code is unlikely, though occasionally my fingers fumble or code-rot occurs. Other useful materials Suggestions for learning R The R project is at : In particular, see the `other docs' there. Over and above the strong set of functions that you get in `off the shelf' R, there is a concept like CPAN (of the perl world) or CTAN (of the tex world), where there is a large, well-organised collection of 3rd party software, written by people all over the world. The dynamism of R and of the surrounding 3rd party packages has thrown up the need for a newsletter, R News. library(help=boot) library(boot) ? But you will learn a lot more by reading the article Resampling Methods in R: The boot package by Angelo J. Ajay Shah, 2005

Fugio | software for artists and vj's Fugio (pronounced foo-gee-oh) is a software platform for building digital art quickly, with no programming experience required. Simple, clear design There are building blocks called nodes that have inputs and outputs. Link the inputs to the outputs using your mouse. You now know how to use Fugio! Learn useful, transferable knowledge Fugio calls everything by its real-world name and doesn’t introduce needless jargon. Make things first, learn programming on the way Learning to break an idea down into smaller steps that can be described in code is just as important as learning to write the code itself (and much less frustrating). Digital Preservation Creating digital art is challenging enough without worrying whether it will still be working in the future when you want to show it again. Digital Democracy Fugio is designed to democratise access to technology for anyone who wants to use it, regardless of existing technical experience. Open API Availability Pricing Further Information Fugio News

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R Tutorial — R Tutorial 321a Boyd Graduate Studies University of Georgia Athens, Georgia 30602 Introductory Materials¶ These materials are designed to offer an introduction to the use of R. Thank You! I have received a great deal of feedback from a number of people for various errors, typos, and dumb things. I have also written a book about programming R.