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This Sydney startup wants to reinvent your boring old Word docs The Sydney-based startup Qwilr wants to drag the decrepit document kicking and screaming into the 21st Century. Cofounded by Dylan Baskind and Mark Tanner, the platform allows users to create simple, well-designed webpages with data and interactivity, instead of the static documents you might know from Microsoft Office, Google Docs or Apple Pages. The idea came to Baskind when he was working as a freelance designer and developer, Tanner told Mashable Australia. Qwilr was born when Tanner, who had been working in New York at Google, connected with Baskind at a wedding in Sydney. According to Tanner, the basic idea is that while it is easy for anyone to create a document, documents are "fundamentally rubbish." "They haven't evolved, they haven't changed in the last thirty years," Tanner said. Qwilr now has client companies in about 30 countries, as well as several thousand users. The startup has had paying customers since launch, Tanner said. Have something to add to this story?

Metronic | #1 Selling Ultimate Bootstrap Admin Dashboard Template ReviewPro Guide: A Hotel's Guide to Facebook Do you want to begin promoting your hotel on Facebook, but need some advice on how to do this? ReviewPro’s newest tutorial – A Hotel’s Guide to Facebook – will give you some suggestions. In this guide, you will find information and examples for the following topics: Statistics on how people use Facebook todayWhat does (and doesn’t) work on FacebookFive different approaches to FacebookNew developments to be aware ofHow to design an engaging brand pageMoving beyond setup: integrating Facebook with your websiteBest practices for running promotions on FacebookCase studies from outside the hotel industryReputation management considerations for FacebookPutting it all together: Action steps for planning your Facebook strategy

FREE onboarding course for online products Good question. And truthfully ... talking about "concierge" onboarding is kind of weird. For the last 60 years technology companies sold products by implementing solutions through dedicated sales and support teams. (Picture a small army of IBM employees dressed like Dilbert...) Nobody talked about "concierge" onboarding because all B2B selling was done in a partnership with customers. In the last 10 years that has started to change as online products began winning the market. "Growth hacking", analytics, conversions, funnel, and UI have suddenly become the rage. As you've no doubt discovered ... your product won't sell itself. (a little louder now ... in case you're skimming this) In the real world, customers don't know what they want. These barriers have little to do with your product - and yet you're losing customers because of them. It's actually easier to overcome them by getting your (qualified) trial customers on a phone call. But ... but ... how do you ... ?

The best web text editor for everyone 55 great tools and resources for startups and entrepreneurs Between commuting to office, catching up with your inbox, to rushing for review meetings, it’s a hard life, as any entrepreneur will know. They are always on the lookout for ways to get the most out of their day. Running a startup is a daily challenge, but there exist tools out there to simplify almost all aspects of a business, enabling entrepreneurs to minimize distractions and focus on their ‘core’. Right from naming and registering a business, to managing teams, to handling marketing and customer relations, these tools can help you ease up the process of running your business. Here are 55 great tools that can assist your business in being effective and efficient: Asana: Asana is a Project Management and Collaboration Tool which helps keep teams organised, connected and focused. 99designs: 99Designs is the world’s most popular marketplace for graphic design. AngelList: AngelList is a website for startups, angel investors, and job-seekers. Have you subscribed to our newsletter? Share

43+ Unique Places to Find Remarkable Free Photos Looking for FREE high quality stock photo sites like Unsplash? Here’s a list of the best ones. You can use all of these photos for commercial purposes too. Too lazy to scroll? #1 Gratisography Gratisography by Bells Design is my personal favourite. #2 Moveast Moveast is a journey of a Portuguese guy moving East, who decided that every photo should be used free. #3 Photo Collections Photo Collections is a free high resolution stock photography directory with more than 192 photos of unmatched quality. #4 Tookapic Tookapic is a website that helps you develop a habit of daily photo taking in a fun and addictive way. #5 Creative Vix Creative Vix offers a wide range of free stock images for personal and commercial use in five categories – city, people, landscape, flowers and animals. #6 Cupcake Created by Jonas Nilsson Lee, Cupcake offers free photos to use in your projects. #7 FancyCrave FancyCrave is a collection of royalty free high resolution images for your personal and commercial projects. P.S.

Priceline launches new venture to invest in startups beyond travel Priceline, the world’s largest travel company, has launched a new startup investment arm called Priceline Ventures, Skift has learned and the company has confirmed. The new venture, technically not a separate fund, is fully financed by internal Priceline money, and run by Glenn Fogel, the Worldwide Strategy and Planning head for Priceline. According to Priceline, this new venture, founded earlier this year, will invest in “growth companies around the world that may be too small or early in their development to be acquisition candidates but are working in areas of substantial interest to the Group.” Which means companies anywhere from early to later stage startups — not necessarily directly involved in travel — in sectors such social marketing, mobile tech, local consumer market and analytics. Amounts range from as small as one million dollars (or even smaller for attractive seed rounds) to significantly larger sums — we’ve heard up to $20 million, though the company won’t confirm that.

User Interface library Checkboxes and radio buttons customization (jQuery and Zepto) plugin 50 Free Books for Web Designers & Developers There are thousands of books available for web designers and developers online. There has been no language, no point of discussion, or no trend that has not, at one time or another, been extensively explored and analyzed, and eventually published as an eBook. The great news is quite a lot of these books are available for free! And I have collected my favorites for you! I’ve completely rewritten and updated this article for 2017, adding quite a few new eBooks and updated the rest to reflect the latest trends in technology and web design. To help you quickly find what you’re looking for, I’ve organised the free ebooks into the following categories: CSS & HTML, JavaScript, PHP, WordPress, Git, UX, Miscellaneous Web Design and finally, a selection of Older, Yet Always Relevant Books. CSS & HTML Essential Learning Resilient Web Design By Jeremy Keith (HTML) Adaptive Web Design By Aaron Gustafson (HTML) Magic of CSS By Adam Schwartz (HTML) A Guide to HTML5 & CSS3 By Ashley Menhennett JS MythBusters

Top 12 Best Tools to Create your Own Well-Designed Infographics If you want to start creating your own infographics, you might be wondering what the best tools available for this task are. As people are becoming more and more interested in visual resources, and tending to share this kind of content more often is understandable that you are looking for the top options here. And yet, infographics can take a lot of work, if you don’t know how to create them, or if you try to do it by using traditional tools, such as Microsoft Excel, Adobe Illustrator or Corel Draw. So, without making you wait any other second, let’s tell you about the 12 best tools available to help you to create your own well-designed infographics. 1. Full of templates and easy to use, Canva is one of the most popular tools for infographics creation, as the home over 9 million users so far. 2. If you need something more focused on data and charts, you should have a look at 3. Let’s say that you don’t have the time or the expertise to create your own infographics. 4. 5. 6.

Amazing Revenue For Hotels - News - Easyonpad From now on you won't need any printed promos leaflets to offer the fresh new service to your guests! Send a message right on to the tablet, use any rules and filters, choose the exact time or/and place for your offers! Improve your sales and offer all that you can. Improve your feedback time and get all the requests right from the rooms: no more long conversations with receptionists, those are free to do their job! The EasyOnPad system is completely compatible with your PMS, or you could just use the special tablet pc for the reception. Plus there are options that you can use to increase your sales and the client's satisfaction level! First Time User Experiences