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How to bind your own Hardback Book

How to bind your own Hardback Book
The art of book binding is an ancient craft, but actually it is not very difficult to do and with almost no practice you can get really awesome results. If you are on the lookout for fun craft projects or quick ways of making nice presents and gifts, then this could be the project for you. I know that there are other Instructables on the art of book binding but this project is meant to be a simple quick project that will give a very acceptable finish, and a book that looks like it has been professionally made, yet without the need for any special equipment. All you will need is: Some paper Minimum really is about 32 A4 or US Letter sized sheets, to make a half A4 (half US Letter sized book), although smaller books can be made as can ones with more pages. You can use tracing paper, thick or thin paper and of course colored or even preprinted or written on paper. Some stiff cardboard or corrugated (fluted) cardboard Some fabric or leather Any old stuff will do for the cover.

15 Awesome and Easy DIY Mason Jar Projects » Curbly | DIY Design Community « Keywords: DIY, Craft, Inspiration, Mason Jars As Chris mentioned a few weeks ago, mason jars have exploded (again?) onto the craft and DIY scenes. You can't look anywhere without seeing some crazy new use for them! As it stands, we're embracing the trend here at Curbly. To make things easy on you, here are 15 mason jar projects all in one place! Enjoy! Related Video: DIY bathroom storage shelf from Liz Marie! Vase-in-a-shelf from theUncommonGreen - Buy one here or check out the DIY instructions on Flickr. Hand-drawn jars by Abbey Hendrickson of Aesthetic Outburst - buy them here! DIY candy-colored vases from mason jars by the clever girls at 100 Layer Cake. DIY blue / faux-vintage mason jars (or create any color you'd like - see pendant lights below). DIY hanging lantern from Holly of Chez Beeper Bebe! Romantic doily and burlap luminaries tutorial from Crafts by Amanda. Photo: Left - According to Kelly / Right - Hostess With The Mostess A great gift idea from According to Kelly: a cupcake in a jar! Phew! P.S. P.P.S.

BLOG Feb 11 This is my newest obsession – newspaper fingernails! Recently, I was reading Little Chief Honeybee‘s blog & in this entry, I saw a photo of newspaper nails. I thought to myself, “Omg, this is the best thing I’ve ever seen! Supplies needed: ♥ Light-coloured nail polish (white, pastels, cream, etc) ♥ Clear fingernail polish for a top-coat ♥ A newspaper ♥ Rubbing alcohol & small container to pour it into Directions: ♥ Cut out 10 sections of text from a newspaper. ♥ Paint your nails with a base-coat of the light-coloured polish (I used white.) ♥ Pour some rubbing alcohol into your small dish. ♥ Take a strip of your newspaper, hold it down firmly on your fingernail. ♥ Slowly & carefully peel off the newspaper strip. ♥ Repeat process for all 10 nails & then use your clear polish as a protective top-coat. That’s it. Leave a Reply

Khan Academy Bookbinding Tutorial by =JamesDarrow on deviantART Ryan Holiday: How to Write Any Essay: The Spartan System Writing the perfect paper is a lot like a military operation. It takes discipline, foresight, research, strategy, and, if done right, ends in total victory. It follows then that the best advice for writing a paper -- be it a high school essay, a college research paper, or even an office memo at a Fortune 500 company -- would come from the tactics of a brilliant military commander. I discovered these tactics myself as a student, reading in awe of the mastery of ancient military masters and put them to good use. I could then -- and still can, when necessary -- bust out a ten or even twenty page paper with a few days notice. What Was My Secret? In my reading of Greek history, I stumbled across an obscure military maneuver, one designed for troops penetrating deep in enemy lines. My essay format works the same. Forget your teacher's boring prompt. Here is the outline for a hypothetical five paragraph paper: Introduction: (see a complete intro example here) Begin with a broad, conclusive hook.

I Could Make That The dress I made Recycled Paper Butterflies Materials Colourful ad pages out of magazines work well for these butterflies - alternatively, patterned wrapping paper could be used, or plain paper with hand-coloured designs or markings. If you're making a large number of butterflies, it's probably most efficient to batch up the production so you make all the wings, then all the bodies, etc, then just assemble the parts. This is a great rainy-day craft and although it's quite easy, the results can be dazzling. Credit for this page goes primarily to my Mum, who showed me how to make these when I visited her in Spain in April 2011 (you may have noticed that the magazine page I used isn't from England). These colourful paper butterflies are great for brightening up a dull wall, or pinning on a gift - they're easy to make, using any colourful paper - even an ad page from a magazine. Materials You'll need: If you're going to make more than one of these, it's worth making card templates for the main pieces - so you'll need to make:

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