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Fixed or fluid width? Elastic! A question many web designers ask themselves each time they start working on a new project is whether the site should use fixed or fluid width. The debates on the subject are many and sometimes heated. This is not one more of those debates. Instead I’ll explain how I combined some of the benefits of both fixed and fluid layouts when redesigning this site. The result is an elastic width layout, a concept which is not unique – you may recognise the term Elastic Design from Patrick Griffiths’ A List Apart article by that name. For the purpose of this quick explanation I’m leaving out the header, navigation, and footer areas of the HTML structure, focusing on the remaining two column layout which consists of the #main and #sidebar div elements:

Live Chat - Choose A Plan That Fits Your Needs Chat Agents are members of your team who can chat with your visitors. Each agent account is associated with an email address. Extra agents are $25 per month per additional agent, and there’s no limit! So add as many as you need. With a click of a button, (okay, two buttons) transfer a chat to another agent, support tier, or department. 20 Useful Tools to Make Web Development More Efficient There are many available tools to help make web development projects quicker and more productive. Aside from a handy text editor or WYSIWYG editor like Dreamweaver, you can find plenty of tools and utilities that can greatly increase development speed, reduce debugging and testing time, and improve quality of the output. The tools described below are a variety of utilities, optimizers, testing, and debugging tools aimed towards helping developers create websites more efficiently. 1. CSS Grid Builder

Self Help Using Subliminal Messages - MindZoom - July 5, 2015 From: Dino F. Ruales Dear Friend, Cheat Sheets for Front-end Web Developers Cheat sheets are helpful to have around because they allow you to quickly remember code syntax and see related concepts visually. Additionally, they’re nice decorative pieces for your office. In this article, you’ll find 23 excellent, print-ready cheat sheets for HTML/HTML, CSS, and JavaScript (including MooTools and jQuery). So go ahead – print out your favorites and pepper your workspace with these wonderful references. 1.

17 Wonderful Free Tools To Make Designers Lives Easier! - Opensource, Free and Useful Online Resources for Designers and Developers Don't Forget to participate in a contest where you can win an amazing e-Commerce template from TemplateMonster. This is the wonderful list of 17 free and online web based tools for designers and developers which may be very helpful for you as well when you are at work. Designers and Developers will must like this list but you can also use them and will love whether you are office worker, manager, supervisor, student, home user, etc. Most of them are not very well-known but, they are really amazing in respect to their features. Just take a look at them and share your thought’s here. You are welcome to share if you know more free tools for designers that our readers may like.

70+ Cheat Sheet Resources for Web Designers Posted By Thomson Chemmanoor Cheat sheats, or reference sheets, are a helpful and quick way to remember things. Web designers, by nature of their work, are forced to cram their heads with TONS of information ranging in many different areas. In this particular post, we have created a dynamite list of 70+ helpful cheat sheets we found on the web to help web designer’s manage all this information. 25+ Web 2.0 Generators to rescue ( Be Lazy) Sometime there are projects or clients that need to be done in one days or so. When you need a quick striped background, a CSS menu, web 2.0 badges these tools are lifesavers. Recently, these generators helped me on one of the photo gallery I was working on.

10+ Web Resources to Make Web Designer’s Life Easy First of all, I added a news section, so feel free to submit any interesting links, articles. Now, this article is another edition of my earlier post, about tools/resources web designer’s can/should use. I hope these sites helps you in your everyday work and project. Patterrific Even though from the name you might think the site is all about patterns, Patterrific offers more to offer than patterns. Finding Images for Your Marketing Campaign Just Got Easier Finding great, fresh images to use on your blogs and social media campaigns just became a whole lot easier with the launch of Getty Images’ new Embed Images feature. The feature offers up to 35 million stock images free for non-commercial usage, providing an embed link you can paste into your blog that will make your chosen image appear, along with a bar on the bottom that includes an image credit, a healthy-sized Getty logo and social media links, as illustrated below. According to Time magazine, the move by the world’s largest stock photography agency is meant to combat rampant online theft of photos by people who take screenshots of photos or download them for use without paying for them. Including branding and social media also brings a great marketing element into the mix for Getty’s new feature. Before you get too excited, remember that the usage is non-commercial, which means it is allowed only for editorial purposes related to events that are newsworthy or of public interest. 1.

Expression Web SuperPreview makes cross-browser testing like moist delicious cake - istartedsomething Editorial note: If you’ve been following my tweets in the past 12 hours you’d have seen me hinting at something very cool for web developers coming out of Microsoft’s MIX09 event today. Well, it’s still at least 3 hours until MIX but it appears Microsoft’s own Expression Web team blog has let the dogs out early (their server is set to to New York time, not Las Vegas time), so consider the NDA broken “Expression Web SuperPreview”, the name is typical of Microsoft products, it’s technically self-explanatory but mind-numbingly bland and ridiculously long.

Packing List for Long-term Travel Traveling around the world for a year is a different beast than a one-week or short-term vacation; in essence there are a lot of similarities, but long-term travelers often need a few alternative things in their packs. When I left on my year-long trip I had a lot of anxiety about what to bring. This post shares not only my one-year packing list and the updates I added along the way, but also my current packing list and things I have added since then. Picking My Backpacks The red backpack is my main pack and it’s a 52L Eagle Creek Meridian (nearly identical to the one linked here).

In the Woods - Common Mistakes in Web Design Many rejected templates here on Themeforest suffer from the same few common mistakes: typography (font, line-height, letter-spacing, color), alignment (grid), and spacing (padding). In this tutorial, we are going to take a closer look at how to avoid these common errors. Typography You must understand how fonts affect the design of a page, and your readers.

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